eBay Customer Servicetrying to return an item to china that did not fit.

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On Sunday 1/22/2017, I contacted ebay needing help to return an item I purchased that was too small for me. I ordered it from China and the seller wanted me to pay to have it sent back. The first two ladies were very nice and walked me through what they wanted to try to do to get the item back to the seller and have him pay the shipping. I did what was needed (upload pictures showing the size from different angles and at 5:24 PM I called ebay back. I got a guy this time and he is telling me that the shirt is the size it is supposed to be because the measurements given by seller is in CM and not American sizes (which I believe he was wrong about the way he interpreted the sizes and then he said I should just try to sell the item to someone who could wear it instead of trying to send it back. It was really not his place to suggest to me what I need o do with the item because that was not the reason I called ebay. I could tell he really was not interested in offering any solutions as far as helping me get the item back. MAYBE EBAY SHOULD HAVE GIVEN HIM THE DAY OFF BECAUSE HE CERTAINLY DID NOT SEEM INTERESTED IN HIS JOB. Next time please tell him to stick to the script and if someone wants his opinion, we will ask for it.

Jan 22, 2017
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  •   Jan 22, 2017

    You bought something from China. China sizes run smaller than US sizes. If the size was stated in the auction, then you are responsible for paying to ship the item back. Next time, if you buy from China, Europe, UK etc makes sure you google the conversion for sizes. It is YOUR responsibility to know what size you need.

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