EasyJet / changing a flight

Easyjet is a bloody joke!
I phoned on monday 22nd to change a flight, was misinformed by an advisor so the manager said she would listen to the call and phone me back in 2 hours - no phone call,
I phoned on tuesday 23rd and was advised I had got through to the india call centre and I needed to speak to the cape town call centre so she would pass a message over to them to call me back by the end of the day - no call,
I have been messaging easyjet on twitter every single day and kept getting told I would get a call by the end of the day - no call.
I phoned again on monday 29th and was on the phone for 1 hour and 30 minutes, I got the flight changed by a manager called zed and an advisor called moensis, I paid the £180 flight change fee and it was all sorted.
Finally someone phoned me back tuesday 1st march to try and resolve my case, I informed them that I had phoned up the day before and had sorted it myself.
I log in online today only to notice my old flight appears instead of the new flight. I phoned up only to be told there is no record of my flight being changed, they can see I phoned up on monday but ;something went wrong' and the flight change didn't happen,
I asked to speak to a manager but apparently as the phone call had gone on for 40 minutes already and it was past closing time there are "no managers left in the building".
I have been told I will get a phone call tomorrow... Sounds promising.
Now I am £330.96 out of pocket for the original flight, £180 for the flight change fee to a new flight but I don't have a new flight?
Worst airline ever, con artists. I bet I don't get a response until this friday at which point I will be told it will be too late to change my flight as I am due to fly this saturday!

Mar 02, 2016

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