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Airdrie, Scotland, Strathclyde, United Kingdom Review updated:

we flew into glasgow airport on sat 1st may 2010, as soon as we got to luggage carousel we phoned the airparks bus to come for us and take us to our car, the luggage took ages to come out, i had my 2yr old grandson who was not happy, our luggage finally appeared but one of our matching cases was practically missing the top of it, the extending handle had been ripped completely out of it, the bus was waiting with other people on it so i had to go to bus, the bus driver and passengers commented on the state of the case and so did the man at the desk in the airpark, i tried phoning when i got home, calls cost 10p a min, but after about an hour got nowhere, even getting through to a human was not happening, as it was a bank holiday monday i decided to wait till tuesday, i phoned and was finally given the number for the luggage handlers who are calledMENZIES BAGGAGE who are situated next to domestic arrivals, the yong man listened to what i told him and then told me to bring my case in as they would need to see it to fill out a claim form, my husband took the case in that night when he came in from work, the girl on the desk refused to take it and said if she did she would be admitting the blame for damage she even went as far to say we damaged it ourselves after we left airport, there was not any signs that i seen to say we had to report it before we left airport, which we could do as we would have held everyone on bus back, i phoned the next day and spoke to same young man and told him what happened also we used 15mls of diesel driving in and paid £1.50 short stay and was told if his colleague would not accept it then he couldn't either so now i am out of pocket for my case and money for fuel and parking and all for nothing i am so ANGRY at the way we have been treated as they are practically calling us liars i mean to say they probably still have the handle and pieces of it in the airport at glasgow or malaga in spain.


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      5th of May, 2010

    all I can say is BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! FYI try to talk to a manager or supervisor, I don't know how it works in the UK but when people call and give me a hard time about something my workers did, I just give them thier money and tell them to go away :|

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  • Ba
      9th of Aug, 2011

    En route back from a weekend in Paris via squeezyjet, we got our hold luggage back badly damaged. The initial process of registering a complaint with hround staff at their Customer Services desk was easy, polite and reassuring. We were told to wait a wee kand if we had heard nothing, to ring a number we were given or email them.

    After about 10 days we had heard nothing, so my wife called them. She got the 'engaged' tone then and on every other attempt for the next 4 days. In the end, my wife emailed them to ask when they were going to pay for her damaged suitcase and contents. She got a reply saying she would not be paid as she had not claimed within a seven day period and that the airport complaint "did not count" !!

    This p'd me off so much I gave them one chance to pay and gave them 7 days notice of court proceedings... they didn't even reply!

    I went onto and lodged a county court claim for about £30. Three weeks later I succesfully otained judgement and sent the bailiffs into 'easyland' at Luton Airport. We made a full recovery of our money, along with costs and interest.

    I tell you all this story as a) I detest easyjet, and b) It is really easy to win against them in court as they do not even submit a defence or turn up - then just pay up. I figure it is because not many people actually bother to take things so far and give up, but with the internet its so easy to take this action and beat them at their own game!

    If they, or anybody else has ripped you off and you can prove it rationally... take them down!!

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