EasyHomemanager at hawkesbury ontario

L Nov 21, 2017

I have had a rewrite on my account because I lost a baby in august since then I have paid monthly without missing.. I feel the manager is harassing me and calls me at 8 am in the morning pn my check days... Are you kidding me... Targets my number dont even give me the day to get there... Most people can be late and pay a fee I dont have that option with that guy he is a real [censor] with us..
Now its christmas season and he is worst with us and im sick of dealing with him I almost dont even wanna go to that store to pay its very inconfortable I hope you deal with this as I would like to keep my things... And continue to pay... I asked him to change my account to weekly so I can pay online and he refuses at least that way o can pay ahead and I can also pay a week at a time if my income only allows me to do that... Francois at easyhome hawkesbury hung up on my face 5 times in a row when trying to arrange something with him with late fees.. And even if im 1 day late charges me the fees every time this is why I cannot get ahead with him.. I am calling better business bureau about this as well

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