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Yarmouth, NS, Canada

I am very unimpressed with my services. I called to make a visa debit payment because i could not make it in the yarmouth nova scotia store . If i did not call over the
Phone and make the payment i would have recieved late fees..three payments were taken out my account one for 263.00 and one for 243.00 and another for 20.00..this error happened because a male answered the phone and took my payment and i could tell he didnt know what he was doing . He told me my payment was declined and then put the girl on the phone. She went ahead and took the payment again. Both payments went threw. I was told my money would be back in my account in a half hour.. Then i was told monday..and today i am told five to ten days and then depending on my bank. I am a single mother with 3 kids and i start back to work in one day. I needed this money for errands and my daughters glasses. Things i needed done before i start work .. I am beyond upset and out of this all no one has offered me anything . This was not my fault and i feel like something more should be done or offered here besides a sorry. $520.00 is alot of money to be removed out of someones bank account. I just referred you a customer last month, but i will not be doing it again . I might even return my things

Oct 23, 2017

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