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Eastlink / technician gave me the bums rush

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Good evening,
This complaint is more commentary than hard core [censor]ing. I have spoken to your customer service department in regards to the situation.

We had a technician service guy come to our house this morning. Not the usual fella that comes. He was punchy and choppy in manner which was fine, I understood it, he wasn't rude or anything, just under pressure. He said he was doing both service calls and maintenance today and had a full day.

He came to fix our pixelated, interrupted television service. He said the signal was weak and he did his thing inside and outside to boost the service both with the internet and television issue. Wonderful! He explained the waves of strength and where it needed to be.

I asked him if he was going to change out the PVR before he left, a request I made when I called, since he was coming anyway, to swap the two, the basement one with the living room tv modem and he did that. He however left a plug hanging out of our pioneer sound system and said this plug (for I don't know what) shouldn't be in there anyway. Yadda, yadda, yadda...technician speak. I asked what it was for and shouldn't he plug everything back in and he basically eluded he was doing me a favour doing this switch, because usually Eastlink charges $27 for the service of moving the devices. Well, I said, "what if it doesn't work the way we had it?", he asked how old my kids are, (17 and 23) "they'll figure it out." was his response. He wasn't there to put other systems back in play, he said in words to that affect.

I have three accounts of varying sorts with Eastlink. Two of them are business related. One thing I do with people in my business is, under promise and over deliver if I can. Today however, I got the bums rush, so to speak. I could see he was overbooked today and stressed but by the end of today, I do not have Netflix back up (likely a password issue) and my sons Xbox has no picture because this fella could not give me a few more minutes of his time and make sure all the ingredients were working whether they were Eastlink products or not. Not cool.

Like I said, he was an okay guy, he just needed to make the experience better so I am not calling you back with a problem of his making because he couldn't be bothered to help me with the other components and plug everything back in. You just don't leave it to the customer to muddle through the rest.

That's my rant. Not pissed or anything but not happy either. ...nor are my sons.

Gudrun Gallo
My eastlink accounts are at:
19 John street,
126 Main Street
167 Main Street

Sep 25, 2017

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