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Eastlink / services

1 Sudbury, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

Ever since this company took over Persona Communications our phone, internet and digital cable are always down!!! On friday may 8th 2009 we had no internet or phone from 6pm until who knows when because when i went to bed at around 1:30am we still had nothing!!! Not to mention that they have the billing all messed up and are charging the customers when the bill has been paid! I am really thinking of canceling and going back to Bell! (that's bad)

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  • Wi
      30th of Jan, 2010
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    eastlink is operating illegally they are pre-billing customers then if i dont pay up front they cut off my services then i still have to pay for them. they are using inventory accounting( LIFO system) for accounts recievable. this is an unacceptable accounting practice if they want me to pay in advance i should recieve intrest on the money of mine that they are holding until i recieve my services for it. i dont understand how they get away with this i urge people to file complaints with acess nova scotia and the better business bureau. there is currently and investigation about this but the more people who voice a concern its more likly to be addressed.

  • Be
      10th of Feb, 2010
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    i think eastlink always screwed up why...every month ..all tv channel freeze every 2 weeks per month, and it still continue for 3 i did ..i whent back to shaw direct and for the internet and phone servise i whent to vianet ...and now im so happy i whent back to them i recieved eastlink bill ...i won, t pay that damn why all good people get that kind of bull ### get either rip off or anything like that ...i think all good people who was with eastlink do like i do and the hell with eastlink ...i hope eastlink will lose their business
    i will be laughing .

  • Pu
      6th of Apr, 2010
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    So far Eastlink service has been useless. I wish they had stayed out East. I have had high speed internet going up and down since November. Every time I call repair service they book and appointment 3 days latter (with luck). By the time they come the problem disappears Then reappears over the next couple of weeks. Phone repair and they book the repair for three days later again. Try to get a supervisor and have been told every time that there are no supervisors that can help. Hem, maybe thats the problem, there is no one actually running the show!!!
    If we had other options I would switch. Absolutely sick of this.

  • Be
      7th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    yea i know ...i call east###

  • Re
      14th of Feb, 2011
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    I'm in Alberta, Eastlink are [censored]bags, they Cap my speed or throttle my torrents, at daytime, my torrent speed never gets up over this almost exact speed, , 330 kB/s..sometimes they would cap that to 100 kB/s, and these torrents are the most seeded everyday, because before they have been throttling, these torrents(private tracker) download speed were 1.5 MB/s(1536kB/s), that's what I normally get during the daytime, even at peak hours..and that is the speed i signed up for 15 Mbps.close night I decided to check my torrent speed, to see if it will get up over that maxed out speed 330kB/s, and guess what at around 12 am or 12:05 my speed went up to the normal speed i been getting normally during daytime before, up to 1536kB/s(1.5MB/s), so thats when i suspected they throttle my torrents at daytime,
    It is annoying and crazy, I have to leave my computer on all night til morning to finish my downloads..when I normally finish the downloads in hour or less during the it takes hours..I even got the modem changed and they checked the connections nothing, i tried with different computers, nothing...I wish I could switch to another company but the other services are dsl and have data limit, in which im not even sure is

  • Ch
      14th of Jun, 2012
    -1 Votes

    I have had no problems with Eastlink. My internet is with them. I would like to hear from people who have their phone with Eastlink, clarity, etc.

  • Al
      12th of Jan, 2013
    +1 Votes

    East Link Sucks For All These Reasons.
    1) Main Server to satellite back to another server then to a cable then to your house. Can get knocked off or slowed down because of that satellite.

    2) Internet speed fluctuates wildly because of that satellites.
    3) The Only Company That Charges Its Users For WIFI. Your Default Gateway is disabled till you pay meaning you can not enter your modem or use a router attached to your modem leaving you on a LAN Connection Till Your ### Pays That ### Of A Company More Money That They Are ALL READY CHARGING YOU LOTS FOR NOTHING. [censored] YOU EASTLINK YOUR ### IS JUST AS BAD AS THE COMPANY YOU TOOK OVER CALLED PERSONA COMMUNICATIONS.

    4)Caps off at max 20MBs Download 1MBs Upload any higher has a charge of 1GB = to $1.00.00can
    5) They Dont care about there clients unless you have more money to though at them.

    6) Stick with Telus Communications They have no cap up to 25MBs Download that's at 500GB Max and there DSL Phone Line. There cheep and they help you. Use them don't buy into this company i snipped there ### line off my house and i would do it again any day!

  • Im
      22nd of Mar, 2016
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    Hi, my mother is staying at a retirement residence in Picton Ontario, and if you want to have TV and internet service there Eastlink has the monopoly, first the service is not that great, the price is expensive, there are no lite options, and I just had an issue with them that made no sense.
    My mother was moved to a different room and Eastlink took over a week to move her services (unplug and plug in a wire), I did manage to have the moving fees waved, and they did not tell me the account number would change, and I make my payments (when I get the email for billing, I missed once or twice when I never received the billing email) I made the payment last month on time, but not realizing the account number changed it went to the old account (which I have made the last 3 payments to that account after the change) and I had to argue with them to get the credit applied to the proper account and to remove the late fees, they made it look like they were doing me a favour, I think that the CRTC should force the retirement residence to open the doors to other suppliers and we could move away from Eastlink.

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