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Eastlink / not keeping their word

1 StJohns, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada Review updated:

I received a call from the Eastlink telemarketing company back in early December 2008 asking me to switch cable services. They told me if I would agree to get their digital cable and internet service they would give me 4 free months of the digital theme packs. I agreed and had the service installed. Ever since I signed on with this company I have had nothing but problems ranging from rude and disrespectful customer service agents to having to wait up to three weeks for technical support to come a fix any problem that was occurring with my internet or cable. BUT the most disappointing and angering of all is that fact that this company did NOT honor their promise to give me four free months of digital theme packs; I was cut off in March. I called and expressed my frustration and was simply told that they never ever given such a promotion to anyone, basically calling me a liar. I am not the only one that has experienced problems with this company. I hope that whoever reads this will think twice before trusting anything that Easlinks tells you as the truth.

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  • Mo
      14th of Sep, 2009
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    My roomate and I also deal with eastlink and they have the worst service of any company I know. We were being charged in advance which they tell you nothing about and then we told them it was cheaper to go with BELL. Which it is people!!! They did absoloutely nothing to save us as a customer and they were very rude on the phone. I 100% recommend BELL over eastlink. Cheers,


  • Ab
      20th of Oct, 2009
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    I agree, Oh my goodness my husband has been on phone with east link now for 2.5 weeks about the package they promise us..and they are saying no way no how...that it never happen and there was no such now I am fighting with them cause they say we owe over 400.00 and we have no leg to stand on !!! I think its time we all stand up and fight East LINK...dont change over at all they are thiefs and liar's stay with BELL...east link sucks!

  • Sh
      18th of Nov, 2009
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    I signed a one year contract with Persona for a 99$ bundle. Persona was then taken over by Eastlink who felt that it wasn't nessessary to honour the bundle price even though I was still obligated to remain with them for a year. Eastlink also has a policy that allows them to charge customers for service while their services are supspended. It is criminal how this company behaves and as mentioned above Eastlink has consistently provided the WORST customer service of any company I have ever had to deal with. The accounts recievable employees follow a different set of policies and one lady actually said to me that she didn't reguard herself as customer service and could talk to me any way she pleased. She then threatened to turn off all my services because my account was 1 day overdue. Absolutely disgusting.

  • Ca
      24th of Mar, 2010
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    When I switched my phone to them in Sept they told me 3 months phone free. it took them 6 weeks to get me switched saying the fist time it took 2 weeks it was Aliant that would not allow them

    Then they couldn't find me so had to wait another 2 weeks. Then they didn't have th right equippment to switch me and had to wait another 2 weeks

    I didn't get 3 months free I got 2 months

    Now since Jan I cannot email anyone who uses Yahoo and since last nite it is hotmail so now they tell me I am blockked because hotmail blocked one person but their filters blocked all eastlink users and it will take 3-4 days to fix

    I have had email with eastlink for years and never had a problem until all this starting last Sept or I would go back to Aliant

    Aliant and Bell do not have cable or high speed where I live so I am stuck with this kind of service.

    Rotton service again in Pictou County NS

  • Ca
      24th of Mar, 2010
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    To Moem

    I don't understand why I have to pay my bill one month in advance either.

    But be late paying a month, that is another story. One time I owed $9.00 on the previous month and they were going to cut my internet and cable

  • Mo
      24th of Mar, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I know I am yet to understand it either.. Also with a balance say goodbye to your cable, and good luck getting it back within a few days. I don't understand how a business as big as eastlink could be so rotten to their customers.. But a voice is all you need so i'm glad we weren't the only one's in this position.. Keep the comments coming, Cheers!


  • Pl
      30th of Apr, 2010
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    Let the buyer beware. It has been our experience with this company that begs us to warn those contemplating a business relationship with them to do so with extreme caution. Except NOTHING as truth unless it's in writing and clearly stated. In a word and our opinion "slippery."

  • Yv
      13th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I have Eastlink telephone service. They installed it on a Thursday. Two (2) days later on a Saturday it went on the blink. This is now Thursday evening and despite their promises to either fix the problem from their end or to send out a technician, we still haven't got telephone service! I certainly would not recommend anyone get EASTLINK services! You would be better off with Bell believe it or not! At least you always have a reliable telephone service with Bell! STAY AWAY FROM EASTLINK!

  • Tl
      21st of Jul, 2010
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    My roommate and I are currently being charged almost $400.00 for a digital box that they picked up TWO years ago! Apparently they have a record of coming to our house to disconnect the service, but no record of them taking the box with them. We don't have a reciept to prove that they picked up the box, so now they're charging us. If the box was not picked up, why didn't they contact us that day? Or even the next week? In fact, it wasn't until we contacted them with an unrelated billing issue that they even noticed the "missing" digital box, two years after the fact.

    If anyone has any tips on how to deal with EastLink or their customer service personnel, please share because we are getting nowhere!

  • Ve
      28th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Man this is serious BULL$#!T!!! Every damn day now for the past 3 months we've been subscribed I've had nothing but internet issues. They said it was a 15Mbps modem yet the fastest it's ever run was 1.8MB/s. and everyday I get disconnected from my internet AT LEAST 3 times a day sometimes even more. I called them and made an appointment to get it checked out and we told them front door. They told us it would be Saturday between 8am-3pm so we get up at 7am and wait. Nobody shows up so we thought they forgot and we were gonna call back but forgot to. 2 days later I come in the back door and what do I find, a tag saying they were here but no one answered. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! Please don't ever choose Eastlink as an ISP.

  • Gr
      4th of Dec, 2010
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    Hey fellow Eastlink Suckers, we now have Eastlink Rural Wireless HS. Should be Wireless BS. It did work extremely well for the first several months. Now it is not much better than our old dial up with Sympatico. May soon be going back to it. I called customer service last night to ask if any issues with the site we are on, and was told our speed loss is do to so many more hookups in our area. BullCrap. We are quite rural with a direct line of sight to the tower. No new hookups for the last month or so. We know all of our neighbours and were all connected in the same time frame last summer. We did have almost 3Meg down & .9Meg up for the last couple of months. Now I can't even watch small video clips from TSN without freezing, waiting, starting, freezing... Last week, down to 1.2 down & .4 up. Less than 1/2 of what we had & still less that we should have. I was told that I had it to good for too long & be happy that I have better than dial up. He had the nerve to say that he personally has 15 Meg down service, but only gets 13 meg. 2 meg off of 15 ain't bad. .5 off of our "up to" 1.5 is 1/3rd of our paid for, speed gone. I know that a minimum speed of 1.5 is attainable, but no help is on the way. Was told that if service stops all together, they may have a problem and send someone out to check. loosing 2/3rds isn't bad enough to worry about. I think he may have been playing solitaire while we talked. Didn't seem too interested. It just sucks to be an Eastlink customer with no competition in sight. Come on BellAliant and bring some relief to your old faithful customers who would love to take you back, if your HS service was available.

  • Ta
      7th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    I'm in Alberta and signed up with Persona Cable service which was taken over by EastLink...more like EastStink! While it was still Persona I returned a reciever used in my bedroom that stopped working and decided to just go with peasant vision in my room...good right? Not so. Now 4 years later I get a bill and sent to collections from EastLink for the missing equipment despite several attempts to explain that I didn't have the equipment...why would I keep one reciever that DIDN'T WORK and return the one that did????????
    Anyone reading this in Alberta...go with Shaw or Telus TV and internet. STAY AWAY FROM EAST-STINK.

  • Ca
      25th of Dec, 2010
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    As bad as Bell can be they are still miles ahead of Eastlink which is worst company I have ever tired to do business with

  • Ch
      5th of Jan, 2011
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    I have been on the phone to Eastlink for 2 days now they suspended my service without me knowing till i called to find out what was wrong since i needed a phone line for security system the basic of service is 94.00 a month i was only using the phone line for security system only we moved to Manitoulin Island November 12 got service at the new place dont understand why it is there policy to charge a month in advance they dont tell you this i have been with them for along time also have had problems with BELL which i will never ever ever go back to them Eastlink is turning into BELL what a joke

  • Do
      20th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Yes, awful. I ordered a digital box for self-installation 2 weeks ago. At that time they say it would take a few days… Still waiting. Nothing compared to most of these stories but indicative of poor customer service.

  • Ea
      23rd of Jan, 2011
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    Simply put...STAY THE [censor] AWAY FROM EASTLINK...THEY SUCK !!!

  • Re
      14th of Feb, 2011
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    I'm in Alberta, Eastlink are [censored]bags, they Cap my speed or throttle my torrents, at daytime, my torrent speed never gets up over this almost exact speed, , 330 kB/s..sometimes they would cap that to 100 kB/s, and these torrents are the most seeded everyday, because before they have been throttling, these torrents(private tracker) download speed were 1.5 MB/s(1536kB/s), that's what I normally get during the daytime, even at peak hours..and that is the speed i signed up for 15 Mbps.close night I decided to check my torrent speed, to see if it will get up over that maxed out speed 330kB/s, and guess what at around 12 am or 12:05 my speed went up to the normal speed i been getting normally during daytime before, up to 1536kB/s(1.5MB/s), so thats when i suspected they throttle my torrents at daytime,
    It is annoying and crazy, I have to leave my computer on all night til morning to finish my downloads..when I normally finish the downloads in hour or less during the it takes hours..I even got the modem changed and they checked the connections nothing, i tried with different computers, nothing...I wish I could switch to another company but the other services are dsl and have data limit, in which im not even sure is

  • Ca
      12th of Mar, 2011
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    I don't understand why I have to pay Eastlink a month in advance either
    Want to hear a dilly that happened with me last summer

    I took my puter to a company in a near by town to have a new fan put in. They showed me my puter worked great now. Now I waited 3 weeks to get it back AAAh another story I won't bore with with now.. The push was on to me to buy another from them.I got home. no internet. I called EL. They couldn't find the problem. This was a Fri. Mon they sent a repair man. He says nothing wrong with the lines oh it was my puter. I made him call while he was in my home to the company who put the fan in. They told him my computer worked fine. NOw my work is on my puter do I needed internet. Another weeks goes by and Eastlink still says it is my puter. I took the machine back where they fixed it. They showed me it worked just fine there. So back home still no internet. So oanother week goes by and I spoke to 4 different tech as they all seem to know something different. yep still can't find the problem Back to the company who worked on my puter, nothing wrong with it so I put it in UPS to my son in Ont. waited another week, he cleaned it etc but nothing wrong with it. This has cost me almost $600 by now and 7 weeks out of work. I get it back and still no internet. I call EL again. He can't find the problem, Next day called thema gain. Same thing. I took it to my neigbours and it worked fine and oh yes my bill was paid. She brought her brand new puter to my place still no internet. I called EL again and my boss didn't beleive one word of this in the meantime.
    EL stil couldn;'t find the problem, so I was just getting ready to go buy another computer when my phone ran. It was EL. He says try internet now. Bingo it worked. I asked what was the problem and told him I lost 7 weeks or work and approx $15, 000 in income.
    (no I do not work for one of those job on line sort of thing)

    Here is what EL said. yes I found the problem. he goes on the say he is more experinced than other tech and knew what to look for. They had me shut off from service all this time and he apolized. APOLIZED!!! that's it. I wanted a refund for 3 months plus my pay cheque

    It took them 3 months to give me 3 months refund for internet use I couldn't use. Did I get any more out of them, of course not but I should have taken them to small claims court but didn't
    And it really upsets me that I have to pay them a month in advance for service I don't get.

    If I could go with Bell I would but they do not have highspeed or cable where I am, 12 min from town can you beleive that but true. But no I cannot switch to another company and would if I could.
    So all this proves to me their techs do not know what they are doing 90% of the time. I almost lost my job over this.
    Carolyn in Pictou Co

  • Ca
      12th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have done this. I find Eastlink is down quite a bit and when I call the accounting dept and ask for discount for no service for 2-3 days I get it.

    They are rude yes and say oh it is only $ 3 and something, I say that is as good in my pocket as yours so why should I pay for service I don't get
    and yes they have to give you the discount
    They do complain about it as if I am the cheap one but folks ask for it. they HAVE to give it to you

  • He
      23rd of Apr, 2011
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    I am in NL I have had problems since they took over from persona I also have been called a lier and that the promises they made were not made that no one has the right to make any promises, also told by manager that he was writing in my file that he had spoke to me and handled the problem in case I should call back again (that was a few yrs ago), then last month one of the girls there told me it was marked in my file that they were not to offer customer anymore discounts or promotions because I have had too many and they are not in the business to give back to back promotions, after several complaints from me demanding an explanation they put me on to a resolve manager who said that it was not on my file which means after being told the same thing from several different operators someone removed it from my file...had I a choice I would not stay with this company and when we move I won't be with them as I will have a choice thank you for your time, not that anything will improve :(

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