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They had me using a dynasplint device to flex my big toe joint after replacement surgery, but now after all this I need orthotics for my foot since it forced my toes to misalign and lift. My orthothic costs $312.00 and they still want 54.00 for rental of unit. Disgusted!

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      23rd of Mar, 2010

    Be careful of this company and their reps.
    They supply a product, come out and fit you and adjust you...then leave.
    They do not inform you that the product has to be returned and is a monthly rental.
    Which to me is kind of disgusting for a unit used on the body...but..whatever...
    Anyway, they told me two different times I didn't have any new product coming then sent me a letter saying to return it or I "may" be charged...
    Guess what...I was charged..300.00 plus.
    I haven't even used the product since last year..if I had known i would have gladly returned it...
    So, be careful out there...cause when you call them, they will not work with you in anyway...they just give you the well you signed the up...and with an attitude...
    Be careful and be sure to read everything and be sure your rep tells you everything or you could be out big bucks!!
    Not a good customer service company.

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  • Vl
      6th of Aug, 2012

    I am really happy to hear I am not alone. I too have been harassed by this company for months. To make matters even worse,
    my purse was stolen with my finger extension device in it, so I can't even return it. I haven't really used my device in months and my physical therapist had said that I had rented for so many months, that I had really "bought and paid" for it. I am currently being charged $395 each time I met with their sales rep at a coffee shop (she treats) to see how my progress is and taking some measurements.
    That's really expensive coffee, if you ask me! Why isn't there some kind of class action lawsuit against these guys?

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  • Pg
      13th of Jul, 2016

    We were told our knee brace would be $22.50 month. After two months we received a bill of $247.50. They are scam artist... Stay away from them!

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  • Ch
      28th of Jan, 2018

    Rep first shows up with device for wrong body part and side of body. Returns with the poorly designed arcaic device. Rep demonstrates with difficulty. Advised that I had a $37.00 above and beyond what was covered by insurance. Ok. Paid, signed an ipad for payment, turned out to be an agreement, which I wasn't permitted to read, that I discovered later stipulated may incur additional charges. Went online to view how to correctly apply device which turned out to not be how the rep applied. Wore as directed, no results, try an additional month, extra $37.00? NO! When I get the invoice I'm charged $155.00. I immediately return device and receive a bill for $395 + the $155.
    Called company who refused to admit being totally forthcoming in terms and fees.
    I wrote a complaint and mailed the company.
    For 1 year they sent the same bill which I returned with the same letter. After 13 bills/letters I agreed to the $155 if they absorbed the $395.
    Finally received an agreement.
    Advice : Scrutinize all medical bills, question any charge you don't understand or agree with.
    I have literally discovered dozens of errors which turned out to be a billing code error on the part of the many hands involved in the processing which I would have paid thousands for had I just accepted the company is always right. Never pay a change that does not make sense.

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  • Ka
      19th of Dec, 2018

    Dynasplint has been nothing but a headache! My son NEEDS (has a medical necessity letter from Dr.) finger splints for swan neck deformity which causes him extreme pain in his fingers. The company wouldn’t issue the paperwork necessary for insurance to continue payment in a timely manner. After that was taken care of (by me), now they’re saying I owe them the full amount of all finger splints if I do not send them in today! Dr. And insurance are on board with getting the information and payment, but I am so exhausted from all the harassing phone calls, messages, and texts that I am sending them back and going through a different company. I explore anyone that is thanking about using this company... PLEASE DON’T!

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