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If you are a patient and the Dynasplint reps comes to your home to give you a splint DO NOT SIGN ANY FORMS. I'm a lawyer and needed a splint that of course my insurance wouldn't cover and the rep wanted me to sign this form. Legally it binds you financially responsible for all costs assocaited with the Dynasplint. A good company would write off what was not collected, medical companies do it all of the time. Don't be scammed into signing this form. I have posted the verbiage so you don't get taken for a ride. Here's the wording:

I understand that the insurance benefit plan under which I have health coverage will only pay for the use of the Dynasplint® System that has been prescribed for me by my physician for a period of up to four (4) months.
Furthermore, I acknowledge that it has been explained to me by Dynasplint Systems, Inc. (DSI) that I may require the use of the Dynasplint® System longer than four (4) months. Therefore I, _________________________, agree to accept financial responsibility for the use of the Dynasplint® System that I have received today for anyperiod of time for which my insurance will not cover its use under the following terms and conditions:
I agree to rent the Dynasplint® System with serial number ___________________ for $__________ per month for any period of time that I utilize the Dynasplint® System for which my insurance will not authorize or pay for its use. For every month or portion thereof until I return the Dynasplint® System to DSI a claim will be submitted to my insurance. If the claim is denied as it is expected to be, I will be billed for the charge that is
not covered. I understand that all billing will occur in accordance with the terms of the contract between DSI and my insurance, if one exists, or in accordance with DSI’s standard practices.
My signature represents understanding and agreement with all terms stated herein.

Don't be taken for a rocky financial ride. My ortho will be getting as copy of this and I believe will cease his ordering of this product.


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      Sep 11, 2009

    We are just now finding out we are running into the same issue. Any surgeons out there reading please be very leery of using this company. Their billing/business practices are suspect at best, and honestly the product was hardly used in the first place and not very useful to begin with.

    After reviewing the document that I was asked to sign (while I was under heavy narcotics I might add) I am disgusted. This company is quite simply looking to take advantage of people. The sales person never mentions the cost or the limited insurance benefit.

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      Jan 11, 2010

    Dynasplint is an evil company.
    I'm struggling now for over 3 years to process my claim for Dynasplint extensions with Anthem. Both of them claiming they are not receiving something from the other party (for YEARS - I do not know how it is possible with US robust communication system...)
    Besides deceiving tactics of signing you up for their devices, the company representatives are simply RUDE and not even TRYING to show respect for customers. Looks like the only thing they were taught is how to get money out of customers no matter what.
    Please, avoid this company by all means. It is amazing how much nerve it cost me!

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      Apr 12, 2010

    I am a physician who prescribes Dynasplint on a regular basis. Most insurance covers the splint. But my reason for prescribing the splint is not whether or not insurance covers it but rather what is in the best interest of my patient's recovery. So if I'm understanding you want to receive a therapeutic medical device and basically not pay for it. When was the last time you went to a hotel and asked to stay the night and not give your credit card before you even walked up to your room. Patients are advised of the cost and may choose to either receive the medical device or not. But don't expect any company to simply hand over a medical device to someone who they may or may not receive any reimbursment for. Of course if a patient truly cannot afford the device and urgently needs it, I have had no problem with Dynapslint providing the splint at no cost to the patient.
    By the way, I have a few legal questions about a traffic ticket, do you mind spending a couple of hours with me discussing my case...oh and by the way...I may pay you and then again I may not...but you can just write it off, right?

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      Apr 13, 2010

    Give me a're not a physician you're a mouth piece for the couldn't be more transparent. Give me a break! No one is asking for something for free. The complaints center around a predatory sales approach that is dishonest, and takes advantage of patients who are at a vulnerable point.

    If you want to defend yourself do so...but don't pose as someone you're not...

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      Apr 15, 2010

    Dynasplint is a scam of a company! They manipulate the insurance system to rip off people who need help but take advantage of them instead. I am looking at putting together a class action suit against their business practices and subsequent insurance fraud. They are in collusion with doctors to ultimately get insurance companies to pay for patients use on this "experimental" device and if they don't get approval, which typically happens, they go after the patient to pay the invoice. This happens after the sales rep assures patients that they have gotten approval to use the device when in fact they haven't. They tell you you have been approved and insurance will pay 100% of the cost, tell you this along with the doctor in the room abd get you to sign the papers when you get fitted
    that says you have to pay the cost if the insurance doesn't. Well, insurance never does but they tell you they have gotten approval so after you use the Dynasplint for a few months, the billing rep calls and writes you stating your insurance has declined payment so you have to pay it. This is their business model so beware of this company.

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      Sep 13, 2010

    I have not dealt with this company but am really surprised. DME companies do the same thing, as do most others. Usually if the company is considered in network with your insurance company they are legally obligated to write off any amount that is higher than what they have signed a contract to charge with the insurance company. If they are considered out of network they are legally allowed to charge whatever they want, charge the insurance company and bill you for the remainder. This to me is not ill practice, this is the way the system works! We have recently done the same thing with my son's w/c for the parts that were not covered by our insurance, as well as his stander. I will do the same thing with any additional equipment that he needs that insurance doesn't cover. Insurance isn't obligated to cover everything 100% but the companies do need to get paid fairly for their services. I will look into this further before I order from them but seems to me this is just normal business practice.

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      Feb 24, 2019

    Again same issues, and again my response is how can in this day and age a scam company like this operate and do business in the hospital where I had surgery??????

    At this point in time, a year later the hospital blames my DR who they say is basically an independent contractor. My MD says sorry, "I was unaware of how shady and fraudulent they were, I no longer use them."

    Meanwhile I'm stuck with their insane fraud scheme and lies.

    I have also noticed a huge number of phony claims and reviews on other sites all with fake profiles and "miraculous" claims of efficacy and success, " I GUESS THERE TRULY IS A SUCKER BORN EVERY MINUTE.

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