Dunkin' Brands / customer service

Canton, NY, United States

4/28/17 - Im writing to say that I have had my last visit to Dunkin Donuts today. I have been frequenting Dunkin Donuts in Canton, NY since it opened several years ago. As of lately, the same managers are still there, unfortunately. The customer service continues to worsen and today was the worst. The managers are rude, they yell at their employees in front of customers which then upsets the employees to distract them from their jobs of getting orders correct, etc... I feel that there needs to be some major changes in this store in particular, and there should be much more training on customer service with all of your employees, managers included. Several others that have been frequented this store have had the same complaints and are also getting their beverages, etc... elsewhere. I hope that you will seriously consider this complaint and rectify it immediately in order to continue with your business. Thank you.

Apr 28, 2017

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