Dubai First / unauthorized credit card charges

Abu Dhabi, AE

Dear Sir,

I have been a customer of Dubai First since the year 2008. I have had lifetime free credit cards from Dubai First as I do not believe in paying the annual fee for any credit card.
To my surprise, I received 2 new credit cards in 2016 (one visa card and one master card) which I have not activated till date. I was given to understand later that Dubai First had upgraded me to a Platinum card. PLEASE NOTE THAT I HAVE NEVER REQUESTED THE BANK TO UPGRADE MY CREDIT CARDS AND THE UP GRADATION WAS DONE AT THE BANK'S OWN FREE WILL.
I received a statement in which Dubai First had charged me an Annual Fee of Dhs. 750/- for the visa card. I immediately informed the bank to cancel my card. When the cancellation dept. called me to find out the reason for the cancellation, I mentioned that it was the Annual fee. They then reversed the charges of Dhs. 750/-. I was happy and thought that the issue was resolved.
But, later on I was called by the customer care of Dubai First who insisted that I should pay the Finance charges & Credit Shield charges which amounts to Dhs. 26/-. I refused to pay the charges as these charges have been incurred ONLY due to the annual fee charges. I then complained to Customer Service who informed me that they would make a request for the same. To my surprise, I received a call today and the person from customer service who spoke to me informed me that I have to pay Dhs. 100/- in order to reverse the charges of Dhs. 26/-. I repeatedly asked him and he insisted that I should pay Dhs. 100/- to get the charges reversed. Does this make any sense? I was even threatened that if I do not pay Dhs. 100/- I am liable to get additional charges for late fee, finance charges etc. Is this how Dubai First treats their customers?
I have also requested Dubai First to cancel my Master Card bearing No: [protected] Exp 04/19. The request has been registered a few days back. I have been asked by the bank to visit one of the branches and sign the cancellation form in person.
My visa card details is as follows:
[protected] - Rajan Sudarshan
Paying Dhs. 26/- is not the issue but do you think it is fair to charge finance charges and credit shield charges when the Annual Fee itself was reversed. I have NEVER made any purchases with a Dubai First card for the past 7 years. Why should I pay any charges at all?

I hope to receive a positive reply from the bank at the earliest. I look forward to the bank solving this issue amicably.

Thanks and best regards,

Rajan Sudarshan - [protected]

Apr 01, 2017

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