Dubai First / delaying of cancellation - credit card

United Arab Emirates

I have a really bad experience with this Dubai First. This is an issue of cancellation request of the Dubai First credit card. I don’t get the idea why they can’t cancel a single credit card and why do they need me to chase them for this request for 3 years!
Every time I will call them for cancellation, they keep on informing to wait 6 months for them to cancel this card, for in fact I haven’t activated this card and I have paid an annual fee which is unfair. I even went to their office to sign the cancellation form and subsequently their agent called me that I am not yet allowed to cancel the card. This coming July 2017 is the renewal of my credit card annual fee, should I pay them again? even though I haven’t activated the card and used their poor costumer service. This delaying tactics is so desperate and their inexplicably bureaucracy is so horrible.

I am really hoping that you will help me to conclude this issue.

Jun 27, 2017

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