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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates
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My credit card is supposed to be replaced this month as its expiry is this month 9/18. I rang them and informed them when will I receive my new card and has informed me that I need to initiate that and pay them AED 100 plus TAX. Their agents on the phone are useless talked to this guy Rolando or Ronaldo? he seriously talks like a robot and every response I get from him sounds like he's really unhappy doing this job.
I admit I asked them to close my account last month because I am unhappy with their services and they phoned me and I got convinced to keep my account since FAB has bought them and assured me services would improve. Ugh! Terrible terrible bank!
now I need to wait for 4 biz days to get a replacement of this card and pay GOd knows how much cos they love overcharging their good payer customers.

Sep 19, 2018

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