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Dubai First earn by misleading their clients. They won't tell you about the credit shield. You'll just know it when they charge you on your first billing. Then when you want to cancel your credit card they will charge you with 100 AED. When you make a request through their help desk, they will tell you they don't give reference number. So when you tell them you already requested for cancellation, they will tell you "we checked all your calls to us and we don't have record. Sorry!". Be careful in dealing with this Bank.

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  • No
      Feb 19, 2013

    Dubai first salesperson always pay this gimmick. At first they didn't inform me about any credit shield charges and told card is free fro 1 year. at the time of taking the card when I categorically told I didn't want any insurance. Then in my first month statement i see credit shield being imposed. When I called their customer care they told "Sir it is there in our Terms and Conditions. Didn't you read it carefully before signing the application for credit card. " When I called the sales agent again, he says "You should have informed Dubai First customer care that they should not put credit shield charges at the time of activation of card" . What an experience!!! God only knows what else is there in their terms and conditions and which additional charges they are putting in next statement...

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  • Ya
      Mar 14, 2017

    @Noname2013 yes i faced the same issue. they cheat the people and they know how to sale the product. As a well wisher i suggest not to go for Dubai first credit card

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  • Dr
      Apr 23, 2016

    yes I faced the same issue. ..government must take action

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  • Dr
      May 12, 2016

    same issue here, disgusting people, they simply make fool of us.but where to complain about these fraud people.

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  • Mo
      May 23, 2017

    yes I am confirming the same happened to me, they are wasting our time and on cancellation when you request it from call center they tell you we will process your request, then they do nothing, when I called back they told me download the form and send it by mail, after few days they contact me and told me that I have to visit their branch in Burjman to submit the same form manually, then after 30 days go to the collection department to request a clearance, then come back to receive the clearance letter, so they wasted a lot of days of my time just to cancel the credit card.

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  • Co
      May 23, 2017

    hi guys!
    Anyone tried to request for an annual fee to be waive under DUBAI FIRST?

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