Dubai Airports / Dubai International Airportwheelchair access for senior citizen

This is for the Airport authority who handles wheel chair assistance for senior people and the disabled. My mom, a 66 year old woman recently traveled from New Jersey to Kolkata via Dubai and she had the most dreadful experience at the Dubai airport. She had a wheelchair access mentioned but still was made to walk around the airport with an airport personnel who took her boarding pass, making her sit at the airport promising to return soon but never did. She had to literally hunt for that person asking every other airport assistant she was coming across only to hear 'we'll do something.' She was assisted by one of your persons finally but she was made to walk the whole airport and he was extremely rude. He told her that she has time left for her next flight so why is she bothering people?

I mean is this kind of a crazy joke? I did hear horror stories before about how sick and disgusting you guys are in handling wheel chair people but I never knew u guys could stoop so low to have insulted and harassed an elderly woman like this. I feel like going to the city and lodging a police complaint against you all who are doing such cheap stuff with helpless people everyday. I need an answer to this. Why was my 66 year old mother who was traveling alone was treated like this? And it's not only her, there were other senior people who were treated the same way from what I have heard.

Dec 12, 2018

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