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Dubai Airport / rude security and immigration staff

1 United Arab Emirates Review updated:

The security and immigration staff (specially the Arabs) at Dubai Airport are extremely impolite and arrogant. I understand that they have to run their security checks, but they can be polite in the way they talk. It took me 2.5 hours to get through the "Eye Scanning", and while we were standing in the queue, the security staff even shouted at some people for not standing properly in the line (is this a military parade going on?)

I would request and recommend every one to avoid Dubai airport at all costs.

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  • Ah
      25th of Feb, 2011

    iam extremmly disapionted and really very upset the way of customer service staff of counter dnata deal me like i dont khnow english and rell me in rude and ignoring shutup in ms911/25 feb 2011 i put official complain
    and really that counter staff in dnata not to be at checking counter her supervisor name jamil go peacefully telling but i insist to meet that duty manager after he brought her to his offifce telling sorry i loose my temper is this front staff for dnata and her name art passenger service agent just i want to take seriuos action with her to not not repeat this bad behaivor with other passenger thanks regars passenger:ahmed kahlil ismaiel complin number:o11141 listen to me program

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  • So
      6th of Jan, 2012

    hello im sohel from sharjah.i would like to inform to the dubai airport immigration
    to check a bangali abdul halim chanu miah.passport no. E 0591331
    he has a finger print and eye print so how he can enter to the uae when he caught by sharjah police! So my request to dubai airport immigration to check his finger print properly as he is coming today from dhaka to uae

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  • Sa
      2nd of Feb, 2012

    I went to Dubai recently with my wife and daughter . The Arab immigration staff at the airport was very rude and impolite to my wife and daughter . He had no right to speak to a lady the way he did . There are certain things only a lady staff can be allowed to do when dealing with another lady . This male Arab staff is telling my daughter to remove the belt from the pants . This is absolutely attrocious from a male staff . If they have security issues, this must be addressed by a female staff when dealing with my daughter . That male staff is telling my wife to remove all the bangles . How dare he ask such things . We have travelled round the globe and have not seen such cheap and unruly staff at airports while entering as well as leaving Dubai . No more Dubai visit ever in my life . Others please note and avoid Dubai .

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  • Ka
      6th of Feb, 2012

    Yes I agree with all the negative comments on Dubai airport immigration staff. They are very impolite, rude, arrogant and extremely inefficient.I think they think Dubai is a super power !!! the immigration staff inefficiency almost all the time stems from the fact that they think visitors to Dubai need Dubai !!! No.. guys, we come to Dubai to spend money because without the money of the tourists Dubai is nothing..
    The proecess of getting out of the airport is annoying. Coming from another GCC country which flight is less than one hour and spending 2.5 hours to be able to get out of the airport is stupid and not even worth visiting this country.The eye scan process is very stupid. you only have 2 people available to take the scan ( although there are 4 counters ) to serve about 1000 passenger !!! Is Dubai more important in tourism than Thailand where you get out of the airport in less than 1/2 hour. Thai immigration are so polite and effeicient. Forget a Thailand... why doesn't Dubai learn from Bahrain immigration. They are extremely polite, efficient and educated staff. At least they say to you when you arrive at there counter ( how are you ), and they answer your hello. I hope this comment reaches the concerned authority and most of all reaches Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid to see who can he handles the matter with the people he appoints.Last but not the least, treat everybody the same. Why do you treat westerners better than Arabs and Asians.Why and American or British does not need a scan whereas some decent Arab nationals have to scan each time they enter Dubai though the go to Dubai 5 times a years...??????

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  • Gi
      11th of Nov, 2012

    We have just had the most terrifying ordeal at Dubai International Airport. After going through baggage check my 17 year old son was pulled over and accused of swearing at a police woman, allegedly saying '[censored] you'. We were absolutely shocked as we were altogether, and had just had a lovely holiday, no problems getting through baggage control, why WOULD he swear? The only thing we can think is that he said 'thank you' as he came through. My son was taken off and interrogated for about 40 minutes saying that he would go to prison for 6 months!! It was absolutely ludicrous but we had absolutely no proof that he did not swear, it was their word against ours and we felt pretty helpless. All we knew was that we had to remain 'relatively' calm and polite as we could make things worse. Finally, the police officer was asked if she wanted to prosecute, and after a while she shook her head saying that she just wanted respect - a bit ironic being as we had shown this by saying 'thank you', and not what she said!!
    Does anyone know if we can make any complaint about this because it is just terrifying to think that something like that can happen when you have done absolutely nothing to deserve it?! To think that if the police office had decided to prosecute we would still be there now!! All I know is that I don't think I will EVER go back to Dubai again!!

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  • Ma
      11th of Nov, 2012

    I got the same thing from Givon Data. Don't make the mistake of buying the software.

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  • Ma
      11th of Nov, 2012

    sorry, wrong complaint page

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  • Vi
      16th of Feb, 2014

    I just back from Dubai last 2 weeks, I could tell you that was a trip that I'll never forget in my whole life. Beside all the advance skyscrapers and 5 star spending, Dubai is nothing but a city to show off their wealth and they were no basic manners or respect apply regardless your race or your nationality.

    Yes. Just like the rest, when I step down in DXB airport, there were no clear signage to custom clearance and yet the officers use this as an excuses to shout at you randomly. They shouted at you in their language and making you feel like a stupid. There were another one when I'm leaving Dubai, shouted at a group of family (Caucasian) and pretending wanted to throw the tape dispenser on his table towards them.

    Do not expect services are provided in Dubai, even if you spent in a branded shop, most Pinoy or North African workers will give you a kind of look. Taxi driver are driving recklessly and constantly honk each other on the road.

    I hope if anyone from United Arab Emirates read this and please self reflection what kind of image that your country project to tourist. It is simply not tourist friendly and one hell of the experience in life. Do you guys studied moral during your pre-school?

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  • Ku
      11th of Mar, 2016

    Uneducated officers arrogant proudy misbehaviour all this things u can expected from dubai government officials.

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  • Sh
      22nd of Apr, 2016

    I have just returned from a trip to Europe as we flew with Emirate airlines my wife decided to stay 3 days in Dubai on the way home.
    On arrival in Dubai after going through passport control which was a whole other issue we had to have our bags scanned i was busy loading the bags onto the scanner whilst my wife was there at the other end to receive them.
    my suitcase came through and then the customs man checking them asked her if the case was hers she replied yes then he started yelling at her what was in the suitcase she asked what do you mean exactly he then agin screaming like a lunatic said what device di she have in there.
    I then cam over and asked him to stop yelling and just settle down he totally ignored me and just kept getting his kicked from speaking to my wife like she was dirt.
    My wife said she is happy to open any bag which he replied why is in the bag you are traveling you should know there is an electrical device in there.
    A lady customs officer then moved us aside and i opened the bag she pointed straight at a box in the bag i said is this the electrical device she said yes i said it is a you crane for my son.
    she then quite casually said ok but i asked her again if this is an electrical device she did not reply i then asked her lunatic partner if this was the electrical device he would not even look at me let alone reply,
    I said to him if this is your welcome i would rather get back on the plane and keep going.
    Dubai say they are working on tourism for the future as their oil will run out in 2040 well good luck with that from a country that gets its kicks from speaking to females like they are rubbish you will not see me or anyone i can persuade to give Dubai a miss.

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  • Ra
      15th of Aug, 2016

    I was traveling as a transit passenger on 2nd August 2016. I had a terrible headache and was throwing up at Dubai Airport. I stopped at a booth inside without a name and had a cup of water. Immediately a security guard came and asked me as to why I had come there . I said I had a headache and was vomiting profusely. This vile ### was rude and let me go only after an apology. I made a written complaint to the Dubai Customer care center and all they did was repeatedly ask me again for details as to Gate No, terminal number etc. Useless airport, Better to avoid this useless Gulf country

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  • Co
      24th of Nov, 2016

    I travelled recently to Dubai for the first time with my family. The immigration staff (two Arabs) were exceptionally off hand upon arrival, after we queued for 45 minutes. They were very slow an inept; they were deliberately rude - to the extent that they did not even look at me or reply to my 'Good Morning' when we arrived at the desk. I also had a very unpleasant treatment from immigration upon exit. There was nobody ahead of me when I approached the immigration desk. Despite this, there were about 10 lanes of the tape used as queue control barrier. To save walking around all of them, I stepped under a couple of lengths of barrier tape. When I arrived at the immigration desk, the Arab gentleman official berated me for not following the rules and walking all the way through the the queue system. He said I was disrespectful and that in London airports they had similar rules. Not true, of course. In the UK, we know all about queuing - you won't find a British person jumping the queue... something which would be disrespectful. We would certainly not be berated for using our common sense. This man was very frightening and it is easy to see the power trip these people enjoy. I think the higher authorities in Dubai know all too well that this happens - but only likely in the economy queues. Rich and influential people would be fast-tracked, so they allow it to continue. This reinforces their culture of fear and protection of the Arab elite classes. Yet, any educated Arab, must realise that this kind of attitude - and the kind of thing seen in complaints above - only serves to make people avoid Dubai in future. I certainly think these people need to better understand the true definition of respect.

    In my view, ironically, this kind of treatment is a healthy reminder as to how the country operates. The UAE respect culture only works in one direction, something you will see everywhere if you look beneath the surface. In general, Arabs in the UAE expect everyone to respect them, but this is not reciprocal to non-Arabs. Ironically, wealthy Arabic families send their boys to be educated in the British public school system and in our universities. Many struggle at this point, but most manage to adopt double-standards and behave in one way outside of their country and another inside. So, when you are mistreated (disrespected, actually) by Dubai immigration, just remind yourself that this is how they really behave. Personally, I won't return there unless I have to do so for work. There are plenty of other Arab and Muslim countries where the people show warmth, friendliness and professional courtesy to visitors - such as Iran and Jordan.

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  • Fi
      29th of Apr, 2017

    I just came back Fromm dubai. I charterd a yacht for my wife's brithday. A few hours in a cost guard came over and boarded our yacht. The skipper seemed very scared as the the guardsman was shouting and demanding to see documents. He was so rude . I had my wife, kids and other family members onboard so I calmly and respectfully asked the guardsman to calm down. He went crazy demanding to see my passport and that he would throw me in his 5 star hotel . (Jail). He was on a serious power trip! He was telling the skipper to jump up and down and he will make him cry next time he sees the flag dirty on the ship. He was vile and would not listen. These guys need to take a reality check! When the oil runs out these guys will rely solely on tourism. If this is how they treat tourists they won't get any!

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  • Mo
      14th of May, 2017

    Today I arrived into Dubai via Emirates Terminal. This could easily be my 30th trip to Dubai. I was first in the immigration Que. A very old Indian origin guy with Singaporean accent who was diverted by another immigaratimion officer to Counter 1 asked the officer where is counter 1. And this arab officer was very rude and arrogant with the old guy and told him "can't you see"

    Then it was my turn to face this a uncivilized arab. He began asking me on what basis I have arrived. Just when I started to respond with details of my travel documents, he very rudely and arrogantly told me " next time I speak you don't cut me off, you have to allow me to speak first" he kept on repeating this several times. And was mocking & abusing in Arabic to his other friends. He kept sulking and blubbering for 5 minutes. My blood was boiling but knowing their reputation didn't want to spoil my trip. They can frame you on anything and their nearby friends will support the falsehood no matter what.
    I want everyone to know of this who cone to Dubai and spend money. We create and feec these animals by Our hard earned money. I travel 200 days a year across the globe but never seen such arrogant people.

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  • Ab
      20th of Sep, 2017

    Am writing regarding the supposed "ownerships property I bought from an Egyptian called Samir and Hatem they sold to me fraudulently at a company called Arabian Falcon which they lied was Citi bank!I came on holidays with my 2 children on the 21st of August, 2017 and I was accosted by a certain Mohammed(their accomplice) who called himself a tour operator at the arrival terminal immediately after immigration INSIDE the Dubai airport.He was extremely persistent and was bothering my children and i(after being jet-lagged) that the UAE was having an anniversary and giving free tours! He targeted most of the passengers that came from that plane from Nigeria especially people with children to cause distractions.He told me he had been to Nigeria etc and removed my Nigerian sim from my phone and put his own.He used my phone to take a selfie with my children and i.

    Throughout that day he kept calling us to come until about 4p.m where we gave in, claiming Dubai is the safest place in the world etc We went on TRUST.

    He told us to pick a cab to Burj Khalifa for tour only for us to end up in Arabian Falcon which we thought was Citi bank!He told me to give the phone to the driver, and diverted the driver to the Citi Bank Building and not Burj Khalifa.Samir kept pestering me to BUY a property and I insisted I had to consult my husband.I left in anger!

    I then called Mohammed who I thought was an angel why he lied to us about a tour.He defended himself saying he was trying to help us to own a property that no one can cheat us in Dubai because of the Sharia laws etc.

    My children and i then went back there.Samir insisted I MUST pay first before seeing all the documents he wanted me to signclaiming Dubai is safe, honest etc Hatem corroborated his story.Samir led me to another person's office after I had transfered money (N6, 300, 000 Nigerian currency)to their Nigerian contact to Dubai.The account details:FIAAFARM NIG.LTD.ACCOUNT NUMBER:2030995653.FIRST BANK NIGERIA.He took me to their other boss (in their Arabian Falcon office) when he confirmed the funds had been transferred.After the transaction;Hatem took me to his office and gave me an IPad as a gift for the transaction claiming he didn't want the other customers to be jealous(because the place is an open office).There were 2 sets of documents.One with no particular information except my details and little details about the property, which I was given before I transferred the 40% money(N6, 300, 000) from Nigeria, and the second sets of documents had detailed information which I was insisted to sign in a closed office with their boss, .he did not allow me to read it.My husband and I only went through the documents last week for the first time!

    Their other boss did not let me read the documents and insisted I must sign.

    After all said and done.i put all the documents in my suitcase and did not go through it until last weekend when my husband requested to see them!I WORKED ON TRUST!

    When I called Samir last week to inquire why I had to wait till the 5th of October to occupy my property;he said I should call Hatem.When I called Hatem he sent me back to Samir!Then I called the Royal Club(B&G)hotel, the manager was not around till the next day. I was not called!I called there myself only to be told I had been sold SHARES not ownership of a holiday home and I could only stay there for ONLY ONE WEEK in one year!.To add insult to the injury, I must pay yearly maintenance fees plus AEd3, 200 every 3 months!
    Samir was calling me persistently when I got to Nigeria, to be sure I had REACHED Nigeria, because I just realised there is a clause in the signed agreement that said you can cancel the contract within 10 days and you will lose some money called MAINTENANCE fees and refund your balance.Unfortunately, they engaged me throughout the remaining 3 days to avoid arousing my suspicions and 10 days passed!
    What made it worse, I finally got Hatem last week who had refused to pick my calls anymore.He finally confirmed what he had been hiding since I left Dubai that it was shares not ownership, that it was Samir who misinformed me not him.LIES!They both did.Hatem was the one who told me(because I have phobia for water)that I can put a tenant in the flat I bought for investment if I did not want to stay there.I wrote Hatem and Helen a few days back to add my husband's name to the ownership of the Royal Club property they sold me.They never replied.

    I have talked to Samir to return my money, he claimed he was in Egypt, he claimed I can get a gold card and have a long stay for $200 per week to avoid losing out totally.When I called a certain Mrs Bushrah of Royal Club holidays she refuted Samir's claims claiming I will be charged $1500 minimum and they do only 3 months(if they can), stay.She said they do not have investment plans for ANY holiday home nor ANY re-sale plan for ANY client!

    I have decided to make a report and prevent these Egyptians(Hatem and Samir), not sure of Mohammed's nationality from defrauding ANY other foreigner coming into Dubai INSIDE the dubai Airport on the pretext of Tourism.
    They are FRAUDSTERS who prey on innocent families with children.BUYERS BEWARE.I hope the Dubai Immigration will investigate these fraudsters because I believe they have gone far in soiling the UAE reputation under the guise of HONESTY and tourism.

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  • Oc
      24th of Dec, 2017

    Been to Dubai many times over the years, I have family who live in Dubai. I am an Arab Muslim, born and bred in London UK. I will NEVER return to Dubai after my last experience at Passport Control. Such power-tripping and unwelcoming officers! Even as a business class passenger in Fast-Track. My family will be visiting ME from now on. No wonder my family are all clinically depressed after years of living here. My officer kept telling me to open my eyes wider and wider and wider and kept mumbling stuff in Arabic under his breath, and then addressed me in an angry tone by my name as if I wasn't listening to him. To the point where my eyes were watering because I had them wide-open for so long, yet he still kept saying WIDER. I felt like I was almost being bullied at a military camp or something, as I couldn't physically open my eyes any wider. He then told me to stand on a marker (which I was standing on) and kept repeating the instruction angrily as if I wasn't doing it.

    After finally going through, my brother had told me his officer had done the same to him, constantly telling him to keep his eyes wide open and that he was doing it wrong, only his officer threatened to take him "to the office" if he didn't do it right. A frightening threat to someone simply following instructions! What is that?! Then the officer tells another officer to take him, and says in Arabic that my brother was getting angry, yet my brother remained calm and didn't say anything to him! My brother knows better than to show any attitude to Dubai officials. Then he began laughing at his passport photo and showed his colleague, who began to laugh too. Talk about humiliation. And thats makes it more frustrating: even when you approach with respect and kindness, they will (figuratively) spit all over you.

    Then, when getting to the Emirates Chauffeur desk, the Indian lady behind the desk had such an attitude with us off-the-bat. She asked me for my last name, which I gave and spelled out to her politely. I then quickly spoke to my brother as he mentioned he forgot his wallet on the plane. While I was talking to him, she talks over us asking for the surname again, and as I am spelling it out again she just rips my boarding pass out of my hand (which was sandwiched in my passport) to look at the surname. Honestly shocking customer service when they are dealing with First/Business class passengers. Honestly though, I could only feel that she and others like her probably get the same treatment on a daily basis by local Emiratis that I did at Passport Control, and she has reached the point of being fed up with life.

    Seems to be the general atmosphere that is developing in Dubai nowadays. I don't care, you will never see me back here. Plenty of much more welcoming countries in the Middle East and around the world. Its as though Emiratis have become extremely self-entitled and look down upon non-emiratis. They welcome visitors and tourists, but now that Dubai established its name globally, it seems locals have a very "We don't need your pathetic contribution anymore to our incredible city" vibe. They feel as though you NEED them, and they are doing you a massive favour by allowing you to be there... when in reality, they need the tourism to survive. There is no income tax (that's how much they needed people) and oil is running out. And now it seems like Labourers from India/Pakistan are getting fed up of being treated like 3rd class citizens and are more ready to vent their frustrations out onto innocent tourists. There is definitely a "divide" in the air which has created a very strange and uncomfortable tension that is beginning to manifest nowadays in Dubai.

    Every rise has its fall, I guess. Shame it was so soon for Dubai.

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  • Mi
      5th of Jul, 2018

    My daughter had the same bad experience at Dubai airport. The lady (arab) was very rude and talked like she was gestapo. I remember passing through Dubai airport and they were never rude like other arab country security. They were always polite . Now they are so rude and my daughter says that she will try to avoid Dubai airport . Folks avoid the airport. There are many other countries to visit.

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  • Wo
      1st of Aug, 2018

    I am pregnant and was travelling today with my two kids; 7years old and 3years old. we are just on transit and no one told us anything about prohibited kids soccer ball carried in our hand luggage to the plane. we were obliged to transit in Dubai and go out and come back the next morning at 5am for the next flight then the security check guards took the ball and said it is a dangerous item and they have to take it or take the air from it. I asked them to show me where is it in the prohibited or restricted items in the list they have, they didn't have any list and when I asked to show me the desk where I can complain cause there is no such thing they are talking about. they accused me of not respecting the police officers and they followed me to the airplane door and took me with my two kids to the police post. they made us miss the plane and they kept us there for long hours cause I refused to sign a paper they said I have to sign it if I want to go out. after waiting until 12 am and calling the embassy and having hungry and sleepy kids with me I was obliged to sign the paper without being convinced to do it and just because I didn't have any right to keep saying no cause whoever was coming there was by the side of the colleagues and looking at me like someone disrespectful disobeying their rules and culture.
    I will never use this airport not come to this country for anything I can have a choice to make. disrespectful people thinking of other people below them and that you dont have the right for any questions .

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  • Ke
      9th of Jan, 2019

    I recently travelled through Dubai international airport I am a male was travelling alone on route back to Glasgow and I was subjected to full search of bags and person and was spoken to in rude manner but noticed two Muslim ladies wearing traditional wear [Burka] approach same officer who seconds before searched myself, he just gestured ladies through only to stop two European ladies and subject them to selfsame search conducted upon myself . My point is if security is paramount then why is he discriminating ? I asked security officer later only to be shouted at [ in Arabic ] myself and others on flight were extremely angry with this

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  • Je
      22nd of Jan, 2019

    Just reading through the complaints and found all of the claim are still very valid in 2019! Understand that coming into a country and they have their rules and regulations, but as a global traveller and a business woman, I felt I was really being mistreated and disrespected in this airport’s security lane, staffs from low down to full uniformed officer had such rude, condensing and ironically a disrepectful manner and attitude toward while shouting that I am loud and disrespectful towards them, if the whole process would have started with a friendly manner, none of this would have happened. They constantly tell to me calm while talking to me like a criminal, finger pointing by a female officer, a male officer even said to me this is not a shopping mall you don’t come in here like you’re shopping! Freaking ridiculous, damn well I know it’s know, just because I am Asian and a woman they think they can talk to people like that, I am not their people and just feel really lucky I am not, I Would never ever come back to this country, nor would I ever recommand anyone to come here for anything. An overrated, self centered city with culture that I would never understand.

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