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DTE Energy Electric Utility / faulty meter overcharges

1 2000 2nd Ave.Detroit, MI, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 18004774747

I have lived with my husband in our mobile home for 14 yrs. I have been seriously ill for about 12 of those years, so my husband did the bills, which is not his strong suit. And he doesn't keep receipts or copies of bills.

In 2005 when I took the bills back over, I noticed a balance even though we were paying all our equal monthly payments. I called them and they said it was normal, don't worry alot of their customers have this. Some of it was because at that time, they didn' t balance your account at the end of every year. But of us that wasn't it.

Once I began checking into it, I started looking closely at our bills. We were/are being billed almost 3 x the amount of other homes our size and with the same number of people! I paid attention to how much electricity we were using, and it wasn't enough for that. I compared to neighbors and they were using about 650 kwh / month while we were getting bills for anywhere between [protected] kwh/month and it would fluctuate wildly!

I called dte 3 times between 2005 and 2008, before they would help me. When they did, they told me we owed it and had to pay it. By now it is over $3000 !!

We called the mpsc office and got an agent to work with us. He is really more on dtes' side than ours. He is always calling the dte customer service team, his 'people' and telling me I should trust them because they have my best interest at heart.

So I began researching and got on the net and spoke with electricians and engineers. I also had an electrician out and he siad allwas ok with what we are responsible for, but he didn't know why the bills are so huge. Their electrician checked the meter and said it was ok. But the meter had been involved in a lightning strike shortly after we moved in. They refused to replace it anyway unless I would agree to sign an agreement that said I would pay back the back balance even if the new meter showed our bills were a lot less, which would be proving that I was right all along! I told them to keep their meter, I was going to a hearing.

] i asked why we had to sign an agreement and the woman said because others have complained their meter was too high too and they were just trying to rip off dte! I aksed how she knew and she would't say, but she said that the reason you have to sign is because otherwise, when you get your new meter you'll do what others have done: you'll use a lot less so it looks like it was the meter, when I n reality you were cutting back. I told her I seriously doubt that anyone can cut back as much as I would have to do to get my readings down to the normal range. And I had an electrician agree that there was no way we could alter our energy use that much!

Mpsc works like this: if you can't resolve the dispute, you go to an informal hearing with a hearing officer who is chosen by dte from a pool of people who volunteer. Supposedly they aren't in dte's corner, but where do they come from then?

If you don't like the answer at the hearing you can appeal to the mpsc supervisor, then to the mpsc board, then to the appeals court. Isn't that ridiculous? And no one has any authority to make dte do anything until yo u get to the mpsc board! Why bother with the other two then? To make the customer give up that's why.

So I am waiting for my informal hearing. Oh, and you cna't have an attorney with you until the appeals court. Does't matter, an attorney turned us down because it wasnt worth $10, 000!

So I am researching and getting as much info as possible.

I am posting on here because I have had a hard time finding dte complaints and I know that they exist. I wonder if dte got an order sealing the complaints so ono one else will try it.

They are an underhanded dishonest company that is trying to stick it to the customer!

And this is important: they and all the other utility companies want you to believe that your meter is practically infallible. They say it can run slow, but never fast. That is ridiculous! I saw my meter speed up and turn so fast I couldnt' count it. I also saw this happen to both my neighbors meters. But with mine, I knew what I had on in the house. And my husband was standing right near the refrigerator and it hadn't come on, so there was nothing else that it could be. But meters aren't supposed to do that, so I am lying.

They are also hyping the new digital meters and saying they are even more reliable than the ones we have. They are wrong again! Connecticut attorney general had to step in when customers started complaining about high bills when they began putting in the new digital meters. The electric company told them it was because the digital ones are so much more accurate, but that wasn't true. They were terrible. They had to have hundreds of them fixed.

So, dont' believe everything that dte or any utility tells you. They can and do manipulate your meter readings. In fact, they do their own lab work and maintenance on the meters! They should have an independant lab doing it so that everyone knows they aren't setting the meters to run too fast, but they don ['t. They think they can do anything they want.

Start watching your electric and gas bills and make sure you know where your money is going!

I would really like to see other dte complaints here.

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  • An
      25th of Nov, 2008
    +3 Votes

    I have a similar DTE story. About 5 years ago I recieved a letter from DTE stating that they found a glitch in the system and realized that we had been billed incorrectly by them for the past 2 years and we now owed them 2500.00. During this time my husband was laid- off from work and I was the only one working. so you can imagine how upsetting this was. They sent a new bill requesting payment, and soon after a shut-off notice. I called the attorney generals office to see what my rights were, I was informed by them that we had to pay. I called DTE for answers, first I spoke with the customer service department who was unable to offer me a solution. My calls were then re-routed to the low-income department, where I explained the situtation and my concerns once again. During the conversation my rep said to me that this was not a big deal and they were more important things to worry about. A budget plan was arranged, keep in mind that we had a huge balance so the plan was for $325 per month. Although this was too much for us I had to accept it to keep our utilities on. Since then the bill has increased to $425 per month.

    We have been on our house for 14 years and from the beginning I would question the amount of the utility bills, they have always seemed high. The reps at DTE would just tell me that they were correct and we must use and exorbitant amount power. They would send techs out to check the meter which, according to them was fine. I never understood how this could be possible when our house is only 1100 sq. ft.and it doesn't even have a basement. The bills have continued to read high. This Summer I recieved a gas bill for almost $300, all of our appliances are electric. The winter electric bills are also high, $150 to $225 per month all. With all of this DTE claims that with lights and gas combined, we now owe them a WHOPPING $9000.00. This past summer I paid my bill on the due date and was removed from the budget. According to the reps you can't pay on the due date, and for me to be put back on the budget I would need to pay as much as 1000.00. Since I was fed up I took this as an opportunity to file a complaint, I needed someone to look at the situation and explain to me how this was possible. AT the time we were paying $365 per month, EVERY MONTH. Every month the bill continued to grow. DTE came out and replaced the meter. The tech told me there was nothing wrong with the th old one. I then contact DTE's custumer complaint department and am told by them that what we were paying every month didn't touch the amount we supposedly use every month, this is a valid bill. My battle has earned me a $425 per month budget bill. And to add insult to injury the FULL amount owing, per DTE, showing up on my credit report as late. Even with the increase budget bill the amount owing has not budged. I know for sure that something is wrong. If anyone has any advice please post it.

  • Bo
      24th of Feb, 2010
    +2 Votes

    Just when life can't possibly get any worse... I just received my DTE energy gas bill normally I pay $40 per month but increased to $167.00 per month. DTE said there was a gas rate change and I have to pay this or they will shut it off. This is just wrong, I am unemployed right now in Michigan like many others here. I don't recall ever receiving a notice letting me know my gas would go up this high per month due a gas rate change. Talk about kicking somebody when their down... God knows I will be boiling water soon. Can anyone else shed some light on this subject?

    Michelle in Trenton Michigan

  • Th
      15th of Mar, 2017
    0 Votes

    @Boots call me we need to stick together 2484393000 i am kelly

  • Jo
      19th of Aug, 2010
    +2 Votes

    File a complaint with the The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) If enough people file their complaints against DTE Energy and DTE Energy has to pay enough fines they will start treating their customers the right way: To Submit Natural Gas Utility Inquiry or Complaint and to Submit Electric Utility Inquiry or Complaint

  • Ki
      8th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    I can not find my electric bill history, it only shows my gas bill.

  • L1
      14th of Jun, 2012
    +2 Votes

    I just had an informal hearing with DTE and their neutral hearing officer which stated he was paid by DTE. My complaint was fluctuating readings over the past 2 years with 3 consecutively months over $500.00 each. We paid an electrician to check everything in our house and garage and was told by him that we had no problems with anything. We insisted on a new meter which DTE did install. It's been 4 months now with our bills not being over $80.00. Of course it was still our fault because their meters are never wrong. What can I do now? By the way, after DTE tests your old meter it is disposed of even though they said it passed 100%. Why get rid of a perfectly good meter? They even offered us $250.00 to settle with us. Is that an admission of guilt? Can we take them to small claims court now? Any other suggestions?

  • Th
      15th of Mar, 2017
    0 Votes

    @l144 call me we need to stick together 1-248-439-3000 I am Kelly

  • Me
      1st of Jul, 2012
    +2 Votes

    I encountered this same problem with SEMCO energy- and you are right- this IS in violation of MPSC rules. I immediately filed a complaint with the MPSC and the matter was resolved immediately. Arguing with the utility company itself will get you nowhere. After my complaint was processed, the gas company ultimately had to remove the other person's charges- per the MPSC. I received notice of this resolution from the MPSC within 2 weeks. IT CAN BE RESOLVED!! Sounds like they're doing this because they have gotten away with it more times than not... class action??

  • Bo
      2nd of Feb, 2013
    +1 Votes

    WOW!!! My wife and I are glad to see we are not the only ones with a HUGE PROBLEM with DTE ENERGY.. Where do I start.
    OK, we are parents of 6 kids between the two of us. All have moved out except our youngest two who are still in high school and middle school. But 4 of our children have moved out on their own or to college.
    I was permanently disabled in a car accident when another driver ran a red light 3 yrs ago. So we got a settlement and we used some of the money to remodel the entire house and upgrade all appliances even a new hot water heater and new central ac/ furnace... Everything has been changed. New triple pane windows to blowing insulation in the ceiling.. My bill is higher now with new appliances and less people then it was with old app- and 4 more people...
    Last Christmas 2011 Dec my wife went all out on her Christmas Lights and I was surprised the bill was only about 296.00 for electric and the gas was really low because we had a warm winter. Well Jan the bill went back down because there was no more Xmas lights being used. When I got my bill in May 2012 for Feb I about fell over, my bill was 799.00 for one month. What's going on?
    I paid for an electrician to come and run some tests... He said If I turned every light on in my house all the tvs all the appliances and left everything on all month that my bill still would not be 799.00 for 30 days...
    OK so what the [censored] is going on here. I couldn't get anywhere with DTE except to go on a monthly payment plan of 375.00 a month.. I have paid it on time every month as I was supposed to do. I called after paying that amount for nearly 6 months and she told me that I had paid all of the overages down and was only 2 bucks remaining and I asked if I should pay it and she said no let the two dollars add on next months bill.. Well, guess what? I continued to pay 375.00 per month because she said if I continued to do that I would get a credit at the end of the yr. Dec of 2012 we didn't even do Xmas lights this year and my bill was a little lower from last DEC about 80 dollars. Well I just got my Jan bill and it was a shut off notice and I haven't missed a payment all yr.They said I owe an additional 1, 299.00

    I don't know what to do or who to call. They want me to go onto a new plan of 480.00 a month.. I am not the sharpest tool in the shed but how can this be? I called and went over my bills with them I talked to a manager named Misty. She told me my average 12 month use is 335.00 per month and she cant figure why my bill is so high. OK, so if the 12 month average is 335.00 per month and I paid 375.00 every single month then didn't I pay to much??? I am ready to call problem solvers. Just because I have money doesn't mean I have to give it all to DTE.. Any help is greatly appreciated.. I think DTE is over charging people... I don't know maybe they have to make up for the warm winter we had last yr..I am fed up.. We need competition in Michigan to get lower rates against DTE

  • Br
      2nd of Oct, 2013
    +2 Votes

    I lived in a condo before I moved to this new one.. normally when our DTE bill would show up it ranged from 70 to 120 on non ac running months.. when we ran ac it ranged from 120 to 200..

    I moved into a new condo and made sure everything was up to par with energy saving equipment. I shut off every light, TV, and whatever else would use energy. Our first month in new condo our bill was 400 not even using any ac. I called DTE and asked someone to come out because there is no way a smaller condo with no ac running would range that high. They said they couldn't get a accurate reading so it was a estimated bill. I refused to pay and they informed me they would be shutting off my power that I had to pay.

    So I paid and every Month since my bill has been from 160 to 300.. which is insane it jumped up so much doing same stuff as prior condo with no new bill policy increases.
    6 months later I had a email saying I owed 1200 plus current bill for some payment plan.. I never signed up for any plan so I called and they told me I did it that they would never sign us up.. I never did and so I had to pay that which meant every month my bill was really 260 to 400 STILL!!

    I paid off everything cancelled bill and again after paying all and having a bonus credit of 317 they said I still owed 287 and that credit was used but wouldn't tell me how. So at work I was ### about it.. come to find out everyone was put on that plan and never signed up and had no idea they would owe more..

    At this point I have no idea what to do I am almost paying as much in utilities as my rent

  • Co
      28th of Dec, 2013
    +1 Votes

    I've had a similar situation as others on here with my combined electric/gas bill from DTE. Mind you that I am a truck driver who is often gone every other day so that means no power usage other than what is kept working such as the furnace, fridge, and so on. I also keep the heat on around 70 to sometimes 72. I hear the furnace kick on once an hour or so for about 10 minutes. My November 2013 bill was $113.17 for both electric and heat. My December billing has just come thru and jumped 424% to a whopping $402.94. This is a 2 bedroom 2 bath modular with insulation all over and under the place. This comes after a digital meter reading was added to my property and the comments on my bill show the meter was replaced once on Nov. 26th and another on Nov. 27th. I seriously don't think talking to DTE is going to amount to anything seeing how everyone else has fared. But I am going to anyway come Monday to see how this usage can triple like that. I have owned a 2100 sq ft house and had DTE as my service, and never had a bill over $250 for gas alone. $341 of that $402 is gas by itself btw.

  • Ja
      31st of Dec, 2013
    +1 Votes

    I have a the same similar situation. I paid off my bill it was at zero balance. Then later the same month they said my bill was 293.00 electric alone. They said they added 5 extra days on the bill. I do not trust them cause this is not the only issue i had with them. We need a third party for regulation or another electric power company to see wihat they are doing wrong.

  • Br
      15th of Jan, 2014
    0 Votes
    DTE - Price Gouging/Monopolization of utility services
    33726 Donnelly St.
    Garden City
    United States
    Phone: 3135708052

    The people in Michigan and surrounding areas are paying close to the same extreme cost for DTE or other named utility providers energy services. DTE has a monopoly over the detroit metro area energy supply acquisition. There is nobody that is competing with DTE in Garden City and my Bills in the winter average 350 and in the summer average $250. I cannot afford such a huge chunk from my SSD and hope that by filing this complaint action can be taken to some way some how either bring in competing business to force DTE to lower rates or make DTE reduce their energy supply costs. DTE rubs it in my face that I am among the 1% that have had the most usage of gas and electric and was subsequently being charged the most.

  • Br
      21st of Jan, 2014
    +1 Votes

    So i am actually shocked to see people with the same complaints that i have been having. I will give you guys my whole story as i have been dealing with DTE since SEPT. 2013!

    My first two month of moving in my Bill was $200 for each of these months. Mind you I am by myself and if you ever have moved you know as well as I do you are never unpacked. These 2 months have been the largest bill I've ever had and I didn't even have my AC going which is already crazy. So i called DTE and had them come by to inspect the Meter and see if i could have it replaced. He said that nothing was wrong and that i had to pay the Bill.

    Since then every month my bills have been $150-$300 / Month which is by far insane since i am only home for 4hours out of the day and thats at night when i have one light on and a tv. Sept came around and I had a bill for $800 + my current I was so confused come to find out DTE put me on a payment plan without my consent and ordered me to pay it!

    After i paid that my next months bill was for $500 and its literally in the months of cold weather which means i do not run anything and my GAS is through a different company which blows my mind on how i managed to raise such a high bill. I called and complain and told them i did not sign up for a payment plan and that the rules for their payment plan stated that i had to have lived at the residence for over a year and then i had to see if i qualified! its not even my first year here yet i was put onto this plan.

    So i called their complaint department demanded that i have a new meter as i have been requesting since the dawn of this issue. They kept refusing and told me they would have someone come out and test the meter again. So they test it and again this is the saying I've been hearing every time "The meter abides by the law so it is working" THE LAW FOR A FAMILY OF FIVE!!! i am just one man in this place.

    2 months of complaints and calls go by and they still would not do anything so i called the MPSC i literally had the lady compare her 3 story house and her 3 other kids energy bill to mine. Even she was blown away and agree'ed that something was wrong so she sent me rules and laws to email DTE about. Well here i am and now they keep saying that "METER ABIDES BY LAW" I've had 3 different electricians come out, the condo association, and have tested everything in the house for where the problem could be. Every time it has been same answer "your meter is broken"

    I sent written bills and contract work i had done literally saying that the meter is broken and you know what DTE did they Tell me that "Their techs know more and the electricians with 20years of work under their belts opinions do not matter" So here i am today still fighting about to goto lansing for Court and you know whats sad I will lose because the meter "ABIDES BY THE LAW"

    In short This is exactly what DTE is doing
    -Overcharging you on hot days and cold days so it doesn't look like its a meter issue
    -If you catch it they do it to the fact that its not over the meter limits so you legally have to pay
    -Nothing you can do about it because of the fact it abides by law

    So enjoy neo America and its companies that yet again take advantage of their customers.
    (BTW a DTE consumer report even states I'm using over 120% more energy then 100people around me)
    Insane right?

    So good luck if anyone has come up with a law or rule they have broken with this new scam i am all ears and eyes

  • Th
      15th of Mar, 2017
    0 Votes

    @brian laquerre call me we need to stick together 1-248-439-3000 I am Kelly look up mpsc

  • Ms
      8th of Feb, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Just like many above mine is very similar. I also had to call MPSC and ask for help, they had a representative from DTE call me. I went over my bill with her and told her in April I had just gotten my bill paid off for the second time with the help of the emergency relief program for low income family's. I never had to use emergency help before until I moved in this house 3 years ago.
    After noticing that I had to ask for help again with a shut off notice, I started going over the gas bill and noticed that some of the months were missing the amount of gas usage. I called DTE and asked that they go over the bill with me, they said that everything was ok and that they just had estimated my payment amount with previous gas usage. I'm frustrated at this point because I know I had just had the bill paid off right before it started getting warm outside.
    I called MPSC and asked for help. DTE representative called me and she came to an agreement that it did look like DTE had over charged me. DTE credited me 500 to my account but the bill still did not look like it had been changed any. What they did is simply put it on the bill but did not actually deduct it from the amount, I still owe more than what I believe it should be. I called the rep back and told her that the bill still did not look like it should be. Rep told me that all is good and nothing else could be done, so I said I will file the next step to get help with the problem of my bill. Few hours later she calls back and says; "Oh ! I'm sorry it does look like we do owe you more credit on the bill."
    The point of mine is that DTE knows that low income family's can get help with their bills when getting shut off notices, DTE over charges low income family's so they must continue getting help. To me it is not that they are just robbing me but robbing the state as well. State of Michigan really needs to check into this because I'm sure if it's being done to me it's being done to others. I'm not the brightest person when it comes to math but I know when my pockets should not be empty.!

  • Ha
      18th of Aug, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I am about to go though the same thing right now over a new meter, had the new meter about 3 month now and every month since then my bill has gone up over $100. the bill I just got is $511.97 which is %50 higher then last month and %200 higher then last year. Now nothing or no one has changed in the household, so explain to me how my average bill was around $180 to $220 for 3 years straight and since they put the new meter in it just continues to get higher every month. wish there was a way to put in your own meter next to DTE's and see how much they are ripping me off.

  • Jb
      22nd of Jan, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I have a wammy!!
    One of my tenants rented a house from me and signed a lease that they were responsible for the utilities. I gave them 2 week before I disconnected my service with DTE so they had time to transfer the utility. Well my service was disconnected and I assumed the tenant had the utility transferred. I call a couple months after to verify this, and fond out the transfer was not made. I live in NY and to my understanding with the tenant they had electric. I requested that the electric company go by and install the meter for the tenant. Upon going there they realize that the electric was illegally hooked up. This was obviously done by the tenant yet DTE had not charged me over $2500 and there isn't anything I can do about it...I refused to pay it but bot it shows up on my credit repot as a non-payment. They are such incompetent workers and instead of thanking me for resolving the issue they turn around ad charge me for it... TOTAL BS!

  • Th
      15th of Mar, 2017
    0 Votes

    we all need to stick together there is strength in numbers I have a video of there smart meter messing up that i have sent to several people so dte cant swipe it lol so feel free to call me 248-439-3000 I have 2 organizations backing me up and I will not quit until they admit they are wrong my story simple i moved into a hud house 3 months ago i had a house the same size i save all my bills i even have records for the past 5 years well first month 128.00 normal second month 135 normal third month they wants 1600 dollars and by there own stupid admission put me on a payment program and think they are going to put this on my perfect credit if they do they are liable for a defamation of character suit so you folks need to call me we need to band together and make them bend over like they have made others bend over no one and i mean NO ONE TAKES FOOD OUT OF MY KIDS MOUTH especially dte...

  • Ph
      3rd of Apr, 2017
    0 Votes

    OMG this is the EXACT thing that happened to me.
    They initially refused to turn the gas and electricity into my name at a mobile home I was about to rent. My landlord sent over multiple copies of the previous tenants bill. At the time I was the only one in the home and worked 3 jobs. One day they send someone out to change out the meter, but before he does he recalculates the bill and drops a $500.00 bill on me and is was to be paid in 3 days. each month the bill would be about 200+ even with none of the appliances really being used as no one was there. I spoke to my landlord who explained that because my home was built in 2016 there was no way possible my bill should be that high. She said her home was built in the 90's and she runs her air conditioning all day long and her bill is never over 100 for electricity. She said this was the case for almost all tenants and it was definitely a mistake. I called back and DTE refused to help me, shut my gas and electricity off in October the colder part of the month. I believe they dropped the previous tenants bill on me, as when I called I had one woman explain that the KMH had dropped from 16000 to 3000 in less than three weeks which is proof that the meter was misreading but since the meter had been swapped out already they refused to look into. The swapped the meter out right after dropping that bill on me. I'm still working hard to get it done. Now I kinda feel as if DTE is retaliating against me as I can't even log into my DTE account to see the bill or changes to account. I can't make online payments. And each time I call in the representative is extremely rude. If there was no need to use DTE I promise I wouldn't it's not like having cable or switching phone carriers.

  • Re
      23rd of Aug, 2017
    0 Votes

    I purchased my home in Redford July, 10th 2015. I enrolled in the Budget Wise Billing plan. My payments were $205 a month. After they did the re-evaluation, my payments went up to $265, still reasonable I thought. I have a 1400 sq. ft. bungalow, I run 3 window air units in the Summer and I hate cold so my heat is always around 72. My windows are from 1952, so I know that has an impact. At the end of 2016, beginning of 2017 they sent me a letter stating my monthly payments would be around $367. I called to inquire about why they would be so high and they said because I used more than I was paying, so it's averaged out and the end of the year and the payments are adjusted based on what I currently use, and what my previous balance. The DTE representative recommended I enroll in the "income based repayment plan" I bring home maybe $1600 a month, I receive food assistance. I enroll and my payment is $422! I do not understand how that's income based, my DTE is $100 shy of my mortgage! In the middle of July I receive a notice my DTE is in collections, they claim I missed my June payment. I have bank statements showing payments in the amount of $422 for April, May, June and July. I ask what can I do to do get off this plan and get lower payments. They stated because I received a shut-off notice, I would need to pay my remaining balance of $2, 800! I NEVER MISSED A PAYMENT OR RECEIVED A SHUTOFF NOTICE, EVER ...I'm currently waiting for an "investigator at DTE" to call me back with more details, cause I clearly don't understand. They also took it upon themselves to enroll me in email billing, I have not saw a bill since 2016. I called three different times trying to get a bill in my mailbox, still waiting

  • Mo
      13th of Nov, 2017
    0 Votes

    To whon my concern I been make my complaints about kay and cheriday they two manager who was charged for customers assistant for DTE energy for they past two weeks I been calling then regarding my bill was over charged for $700.00 every mouth to $3462.68 this is very very unfair for DTE to do that for I very small bussines, My name is Fassery Diabate my address is 21308 w mcnichols Rd Detroit MI 48219 my Account number 9100 306 0495 3 my phone number is 3132401451 thanks

  • Au
      16th of Jan, 2018
    0 Votes

    I am a widow on a fixed income of $958.00 a month, I am unable to afford to get my furnace fixed, I had DTE cut my Gas service off in my basement. They had came out a put a device on my gas meter that I was being charged $10.00 a month for. Now that the service was off I was able to pay my two hundred and something gas bill off, I called DTE to restore the gas service so that I can get my furnace fixed and I was told that my service was cut at the street and I had to pay a three hundred dollar deposit. My gas service was not behind or in the shut off position. I asked them to cut it off in my basement they came to my home and cut it from the street for no reason. Now I have to use room heaters because I don't have enough money to pay a deposit. Then in February of last year I asked DTE to send my bills to my daughters address due to my bills were open when I get them, and that's not right. It took 5 months for them to send a bill and I was on the shut off protection plan, and I was paying my bill monthly because I knew the amount that I was supposed to pay, when I got my bill it went from nine hundred dollars to 15 hundred dollars, how when I was paying my bill?. I am so tired of DTE. That I am getting a propane heater put in to help cut this electric bill. It's real bad the way that DTE is doing people, I am thinking about getting a motor home for the winter months to live in to really cut the cost of the electric bills. DTE, DON"T CARE ABOUT US THEY WANT TO CHARGE US WHAT THEY WANT TO AND IF WE DON'T PAY OUR SERVICE IS CUT OFF. I'm going to the media with my story and put them on the news. Because DTE is wrong they Kick people when they are down. I want to get off of the grid. Audrey Austin

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