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We were enrolled on the SPP and somehow were removed in early January. We received a letter stating our SPP was met and our new BWB amount would be $38. We use way more electric than $38 amount and I knew there was no way my SPP was met. I gave them a call and the rep I spoke with apologized and spoke with her supervisor they agreed to use my February payment as a down payment on a new SPP. I agreed as it seemed to be a fix to an unknown problem and I had already been on the phone for an hour. Mid feb rolls around and I get a bill that was domestically low and shows I had no past due (I do have a small past due amount that's why I was on SPP). I again called to ask what was going on. They advised me the billing was correct and that was what I owed. I ended up having to get a supervisor as I know I didn't pay my account balance to zero. The supervisor advised me they had a system issue and just to keep making my monthly SPP payments. I continued To receive messed up bills showing lower amounts than what I had actually owed through April. Yes I called and was on the phone several times for well over n hour each time to be told the same thing every time. "We are sorry there is a system error, it will be fixed next month, just keep paying your plan amount on time and you will not be shut off. I did exactly as asked and paid the bill on time for the SPP amount. In may I get a bill that stated the actual amount I owe and reflects no SPP, but does show a shut off. I called in spoke with a rep and explained everything. She could see my payments were being made on time and in full. She advised me she was putting a 30 day hold on my account and my service wouldn't be shut off. That the problem would be fixed by the second week of June. At this point my hands are tied I don't really know what to do besides continue to make my payments and pray my service isn't shutoff in error!

May 28, 2018

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