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Even after payment my monthly subscription, my service has been suspended. I was told that I owe R171 for not notifying them that I will be activating my account. Multichoice keeps ripping me off all the time. There's always additional costs that no one can explain!!! making money out of us!!! Multichoice must have serious competition soon!!! YOU ARE THE WORST!!! AND YOU ARE A RIP OFF!!! I am a very unhappy customer. I am one of your loyal customers who always pays on time!!! and this is what i get! service suspended after payment my monthly subscription plus the R177 that no one can explain. Call centre is useless as they make you hold for longer than 20minutes only to waste your time again

Aug 06, 2014
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  • Am
      Nov 26, 2010
    DSTV - Prize winner
    Multi choice
    South Africa

    Won a price from DSTV over one year ago and are still waiting to receive my prize, DSTV are in no way assisting, leaving the price winner to try and claim the prize (with no results) This price is to the value of R59 900.00 What more must I do?

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  • Do
      Dec 03, 2011
    DSTV - General
    South Africa

    What is the not, point of setting schedules if they change at will. Wake up DSTV, not only is the software of your product below par but you can keep to your schedule as you did once again today. I am looking forward to scheduled rugby at 16H30 for the wales ausies match which changes to 17h30 but at 17H50 has still not been viewed. CLOWNS

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  • Ch
      Mar 27, 2012

    One of DSTV's biggest farces is their so-called insurance service. You get sold the line that should you ever encounter a problem with your decoder, that such decoder would be replaced immediately. I recently encountered a problem with my HD PVR whereby a blue block appeared on my screen stating that there was a problem with the hard disc. I contacted DSTV explaining the problem and was told that I should take the decoder into the nearest service provider. They would then send the decoder to Jo'burg to repair it. I then inquired as to what had happened to the initial promise made to me by one of the their telesales people that I would be issued with a brand new one. It was then explained to me that not all of their branches keep new decoders in stock. I then replied that exactly the same issue had recently happened to a friend of mine and that he had waited for 7 days to have his decoder returned to him. I was then told that this was the norm, because we live in a smaller town like Welkom. My question now is: surely when we are sold the insurance, the sales person can see on their system that I live in Welkom and then tell me the truth by informing me that should I qualify for a replacement decoder that I will be without such decoder for a week ? Am I liable to pay the full installment even though I am without the service for a week ? Surely DSTV can afford to issue spare decoders to their branches for such instances, even in a place like Welkom !!!

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  • Br
      Oct 15, 2014
    DSTV - Pay for services not rendered
    South Africa

    I recently called DSTV to find out why certain channels work and others dont and I am very upset with the service provided by DSTV. I am told by their call centre team that I will be forced to pay for this service even though I am not receiving the service. what a rip off.

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  • Nt
      Apr 15, 2015


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  • Jt
      Apr 15, 2016

    What does a person have to do to get any service from Dstv.
    They have allocated the payment but the journals they conveniantly forgot about.
    The account is up to date and 2 months old but connection and disconnection fees of R 200.00 was charged.

    I must say their service on the accounts side is going for a ball of crap.
    2 months this type of service has been delivered, still the issue has not been resolved.
    I dont know what the problen is, just a simple accounting procesure is too dificult for their staff.

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