DSTV / no service in six months

South Africa

After receiving my exporter in march my box office did not work, when renting a movie the funds is deducted from my box office account but we do not receive the movie. After 10 calls I am fed up with dstv, overtime I phone I must repeat the problem and overtime they escalate the problem but after a thaw weeks nothing is done. My previous call on the 16th of august I was told that none of the previous problems was sent to the box office it department as the person who to my call did not complete the info needed for the it guys and it was rejected. He would have sorted this out and like a dummy I believed him, I also spoke to his manager and he promised me this issue will be sorted out and I will be refunded the movies I never received. Wall today is the 26th and nothing has been done, so I phoned again this morning and after she asked me how she could help I again told the whole issue and she replied she will not be able to assist me and transferred me to someone else that after telling him my issue told me the same story that he wont be able to help me but the manager will be calling me. Still have not yet received a phone call and I am fed up with distaff. Do not buy an explorer, when there is issues you will have to pay someone else to fix it because dstv is a no show!!!

Aug 26, 2016

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