DSTV / incorrect billing

I am a new subscriber of Dstv, started subscription on the 28/02/2016. Which we paid on the 28/02/2016.
Then on the 11/03/2016 they disconnected my subscription, because no payment was received?????
After a telephone conversation with Dstv, they reconnected my subscription and allocated the payment on the system, which they received.

Then on the following dates the same story, disconnection and reconnection and allocating the payment to the account - really!!!
Everytime this disconnection and reconnection happens we have to pay for the charges, which they have promised with every phone call that these charges will be reversed, which is still showing on my account.

The account is now over a thousand rand, and i only joined in February 2016. I mean really no one at Dstv seems to be able to solve this issue.

I had enough of keep phoning and emailing them and explain the problem to them.
Is there somebody who can actually help solving this ongoing problem.
If i look on the internet Dstv's accounts department is having a huge problem with more that just my account.
If it is their system please do something about it!!!

This is beyond a joke at this stage we all have to pay for a service from them, and what do we get a ridiculous bill.

Another concern is this actually showing against your name at ITC?????????? as a slow payer?????

Mar 30, 2016

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