DSTV / dstv account hijacked

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Dear Tossers
On Tuesday (4/12) night around 22:00 I noticed that my DSTV service was scrambled and I had an error 107-4. I then wasted more than an hour of my time trying to get through to your call centre. Silly me, I should have known better as all I achieved was to spend an hour on hold wasting my time and airtime until the centre eventually closed. The next morning, I tried again and eventually got through to an actual human, after again getting cut off a few times.
The operator eventually discovered that on Tuesday at 14:30 my HD PVR 4 tuner decoder had been marked as faulty and swapped for a reconditioned unit. This unit was now linked to my smart card. However, my decoder was still in my lounge, with my smart card in it. The operator informed me that she could not fix it, but someone would call me to fix the problem. They did indeed call yesterday, assured me that it was sorted out, however when I got home it was still the same. So, back to the call centre, where we found that the card was still linked to the wrong decoder, and again the operator was unable to fix it.
It is now 48 hours later, nothing has been done by Multichoice and I am still without service. I have wasted hours on hold and getting cut off by the call centre. I have had enough of this lot. I demand:
1) That Multichoice fix my account ASAP.
2) I want them to recompense me for my COSTS: airtime, my time and loss of service.

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