DS Services of Americads services online form filling / fraud company, doing scam 1

Sw Nov 24, 2018 Lakeland, FL Review updated:

I got call from Dg services for online form filling . They gives job for 1500 form filling in 10 days. Will spend 7 hrs daily and do.
They said sent me a address proof document and I sent him and then they made a aggreement on a non judiciary stamp of my name as second party and their own as second party. Then they sent me a user id or passworld and sent me a website link named earnbysurvey .
and after i will check their reviews and i got it totally fraud. And i quited their work now they are sending me a legal notice to pay 7900 money .If i not pay the money they will take legal actions on me Please check this whole matter. They are try to scare the people for paying the money

I took the work of filling under so called "DS Services".The demo of the work which I was made to see in the form of a screenshot was completely different than the work which I was given after signing the agreement.So as soon as I suspected that this might be a fraud association, I wrote a resignation letter and sent it via. email.But they started to say that for resignation I'll have to pay Rs 4900 and then they cut the phone call.I was convinced that this is a scam and even if I'll complete the whole work with efficiency, they would say that my accuracy is below 1350 and they would ask for money.So I stopped doing the work.5 days after the submission date I started to receive blackmails saying that I'll have to pay the money or they will send a so called legal notice.Today I have received a notice saying that I'll have to pay Rs 7900.
They said This is the DS services managers Number [protected]
and This is the Number of who calling me and asking the money t [protected]

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  • Su
      Nov 24, 2018

    Lol tell them to [censored] off. But guys how can you even believe any stupid online scam so easily. Who on earth is going to pay someone money online for filling forms.

    Stop leaving you resume online as you are exposing yourself to scammers who pay to have access to resumes!!

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  • Su
      Nov 24, 2018

    Also please not the people are scammers and are using DS services name for their bogus scam!! They are not even in USA they are in a third world country. it is 100% a scam!! Tell them to [censored] off and go ahead and sue you!!

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