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can't get anyone to answer their support line

I've called numerous times over the last two weeks. I get put on permanent hold and then get disconnected. No one ever picks up the call. Their customer service is the absolute worst. I have a leaking water dispenser that they were supposed to pick up on 8/17/2016. They never came. I've not been able to get anyone on the phone since. Are they going out of business? I've been a customer for over 30 years but I'm leaving them now!!

terrible service - no deliveries

I had the water cooler and 3 bottles of water delivered in May 2016; very excited to be getting water delivered to my house every month and how friendly the delivery driver was. It is now August 5th and I have YET to receive another delivery! I have called them 4 times - always with the promise of "it will be there friday." I have emailed customer service probable a dozen times with NO response or assistance. Today I finally got a customer svc agent on the phone and she sounded BOTHERED by my call and my problem. They have no problem charging me every month, but refuse to deliver any product or resolve any issues I may have.
The WORST customer service I have EVER dealt with! I'm surprised they can stay in business with service like this!

Lee Ann Gutierrez ([protected]@yahoo.com)
Account # [protected]


I have had lots of trouble with this company, mainly for incorrect billing, wrong deliveries, etc. and I have...

home water delivery

We signed up for this service earlier in 2015 In October 2015 as part of a routine water delivery a bottle...

Weston Food

delivery, bad service

I have been a customer for over 4 years and even resigned after moving to another state. One delivery day I got double the water I usually ordered and so I went online and check the do not deliver box so I would not get anymore. When my bill came I was charged for coming by to pick up my empty bottles and recharged for the bottles I still had. I called and spoke with a representative and gave him my new phone number but he did not put it in the system and we went over the problems and he stated he could see the problem and would have someone contact me to discuss. But since he did not put in the new number they could not reach me. The next thing I know they have sent me to collections and after waiting on line for over 40 min I was told that they no longer have access to my account and would have to deal with the collection agency or just return the dispenser and pay the bill. I told her that I am not happy that I was turned over to a collection agency and not contacted by mail or my e-mail that that they had for my paperless billing. Now this is going against my credit and am not very happy with them. I need this fixed

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crystal springs water delivery

The company crystal-springs.com delivers water to business and homes. I pay $7 fee for every bottler on top...

discontinuing service

Yesterday I made my first attempt to discontinue service. I was on hold a total 1 hour and 30 minutes and...

no delivery of water or receiving empty bottles on date assigned and customer service

I was scheduled for delivery of water almost 2 weeks ago. No truck ever showed up. The kicker was customer service. I was at Costco this past Saturday in Torrance where Sparklett was advertising and selling products and services. I asked the Sparkletts employee about the number and he said, it's a new number. He gave me a [protected].
When I called the number over the weekend the automatic service answer to say they were closed. I called today at 1:00p, 2:30p and 3:00p and the phone was busy each time. In the mean time, I received a bill for service but I have yet to receive any water for the last 3 weeks.

If I don't here from them in the next few days, I'm going to BBB.

Can you please help.

Cynthia Perkins-Stevenson
[protected] cell phone anytime number

they charged me after I closed the account

I have had an account on DS Water Services Inc, but I have cancelled it couple of weeks ago. I didn’t like that they took money for nothing and therefore I closed my account. But my card was charged afterwards. I checked and the amount was about $200. I need to return this sum, but the representative told me to wait, but he hasn’t told me how long. Awful services and not recommended company.

too much water, no way to reach them by phone or reponse by email

I have been with Sparketts for well over 25 YEARS-YES YEARS!!! Longer than most marriages, right? Soo, as a reward they stopped charging me for the cooler about 10 or so years ago. The right thing to do I'd say since I'd threatened to get my own water purification system due to the expense. Now the bottles are up to $10.00 and there is some type of "energy surcharge" of $2.41. To top it off, my cooler started leaking all over my floor so they soon replaced it with a fancy with the hefty fee of $14.00 a mo. I CANNOT get anyone on the phone or to reply to an e-mail to address this issue . NOW, they have LOST probably one of their longest customers. The delivery guy keeps leaving water also when he clearly knows only to rplace if an empty is there. Unfortunately for him he has a LARGE PICK UP AT MY HOME. This is a sad business break-up for me. GREEDY DOES NOT ALWAYS PAY

  • Wa
    wayne meighan Oct 18, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've been a costumer here for about four years, and every time I try to call costumer service it's been a nightmare, first the phone just rings and ring no one never answers until a automated voice telling you someone will be with you shortly and that someone never comes on to talk to you, I've waited on the phone for one hour straight one hour and no one never came on to talk to me, I was so dam mad that I wasted my whole lunch brake for nothing I didn't accomplish anything, I've never seen a company treat their costumer so bad, they act as if where getting the water for free we're paying costumers here it's a good thing their not the only water company out their or we would be in big trouble, good to have choices so I decided to cancel my service with them and never going back.

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  • Bi
    Bionic Mama Oct 20, 2015

    Lancaster, Ca.- 'I have been a customer with Sparklets for about 4+ years now. I agree with these complaints 100%. Their customer service is the worst i have ever experienced. Good luck resolving any issues you may have. I was being delivered 5 bottles when i only ordered 4. Calling them to correct this issue was a nightmare. Took 3 calls on three separate days to resolve such a simple issue. You'd think you were asking them to solve world hunger! Two weeks ago I asked them to exchange our cooler due to it not dispensing the water anymore. They brought us another cooler the following week. Needless to say, the dispenser they brought us doesn't work either. It dispenses the water but the water is warm. it does not get cold. I have been trying to call customer service since they dropped off the cooler almost 2 weeks ago to no avail! I have called every day, morning, noon, and late afternoon only to be put on hold. I have waited on hold up to 2 hours before giving up. I called customer service recently and instead of pushing the number for "existing customers" i pushed the number for "new customers" and guess what? They picked up immediately. But as soon as I told them I was an existing customer i was told they could not help me and transferred me only to be put on forever "hold" again! I am now ready to cancel my service altogether which I am certain will be another nightmare. I somehow have to get a hold of customer service to do this. How does that work when they have no customer service?

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  • Mi
    mitak Aug 22, 2016

    I have been a customer for over 20 years however recently I noticed a disconnect between their 'self service' web site and their drivers. In June 2016 I 'skipped' a delivery by going to the website and clicking on the 'skip next delivery' button however on my scheduled delivery day I returned home to find 2 bottles of water outside my locked gate. I called and waited on hold for over 20 minutes until I spoke to a very nice CSR who confirmed that my delivery was on hold and should not have been delivered. She offered to come pick it up, I declined and said I would adjust my next delivery schedule. While on the call she confirmed that I was scheduled for 2 bottles a month and my next delivery date. They still charged me the 'fuel' charge of $1.94. In August 2016 I found 3 bottles of water delivered, presumably because I had 3 empties (due to the over delivery in June/July); Apparently the driver can adjust your account based on what he enters into their system; so he picked up 3 and that became my new delivery quantity regardless of the fact that I has spoken to them in June and confirmed a 2 bottle delivery. By the way, I spent 25 minutes on hold today to ask them to come and pick up the extra bottle. I was not looking for a home purification system but because of the disconnect between the drivers and the website and the long wait for customer service I now own one. Sad to say good bye Sparkletts but you left me no choice.

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water over delivery

I used their web site to skip a delivery date, but I received the water anyway. I've called several...

poor service poor customer service etc

I have been a customer for approx 6 months- during this time delivery dates have been missed numerous times without any notice, warning or excuse. Customer service is of no help as they can only reschedule a delivery that is never made although charges are made to the account for the missed delivery. The supervisor is constantly out of the office and " has to many emails and messages " to return numerous phone calls. The regional manager was reached but she was rude and also made excuses for lack of service like she is to busy with her emails. She stated the product was to be delivered for the 3rd scheduled date and the the supervisor would call. As expected no supervisor call nor delivery of water was made. The service terminated at this time. Obviously Sparkletts is not interested in selling water nor keeping customers. Please do not be fooled by this company like I was!

billing error

Cancelled my Sparkletts account in 2011 and my bill was paid in full. Then I started receiving collection calls in 2014. They (C.B.A) said I owed for a cooler and unpaid water service. I told them I never had a Sparkletts cooler (I had bought my own) so after several weeks of back and forth they removed the cooler charge but said I still owed over $400 for unpaid water. Thats a lot of water! I disputed the charges and they said to take it up with Sparkletts directly since the collection agency cant do anything about it.

I call Sparkletts and they say it has been to long and my records have been deleted. Now I am stuck in a loop and no one will help me. After researching on the web this happens to a lot of people. Sounds like a very big problem. I know I would be out of business if I conducted my company like this. If you choose sparkletts be aware you are going to get scammed at the end. Best just to stay a customer forever once you start. These people should be arrested. I have no unpaid bills anywhere in this world, why would i not pay this one. SHAME ON YOU SPARKLETTS!!!

only fake promises and no delivery

I placed large order of water from the company deep rock water. The seller provided the confirmation email...

hot water burns

Hot water dispenser on water cooler is not child proof. Young children
Can get severly burned.

costomer service

We had been using o'premium water for our bottled water and ro system needs for a while with no issues or complaints. Sparkletts water took over our account from o'premium in the beginning of 2010.
Ever since the switch was made our service was terrible. Our water deliveries did not once come on the day it was scheduled forcing us to call sparkletts, wait on hold and speak with the first available representative who (every time) told us the issue was resolved and we would get our water delivery on time next month... We did not.
I even asked to speak with some sort of manager in order to get this cleared up and they told me the same thing with no results.
After 5 months of this we finally sent in a fax to cancel our service with sparkletts. Shortly after we switched to arrowhead water and are very pleased.
After our cancellation we received a bill from sparkletts for the final water we received (incorrectly of course, we order 12 cases and only received 6)... The bill also included a charge for the ro system which I assumed this was for june as the invoice date was in june.
When I called sparkletts to see what the charge was for they didn't even know!! They had to refer me to numerous managers who I left messages for and never received a call back. After awhile I got sick of waiting for a call back from the two manager I left messages for so I let it go.
Then we got the letter for the collections bureau... Whose only job was to collect and not negotiate in any way.
Also at this point sparkletts was unable to help me with anything as it had been sent to an outside source.

We ended up paying the balance just to get this disaster of an experience out of our minds.

Sparkletts is extremely unhelpful and obviously uncaring towards there clients and I really hope no one has to go through what we did. Of all the vendors we have had they were the worst and all they were providing was water. It’s really sad.


My wife and I have been trying to cancel our delivery service with sparkletts water since early june. We were given inaccurate information on how to accomplish this, been argued with and screamed at. Finally we were able to send them a certified letter in the first part of july and told we would be billed our usual $57.00 on july 13, 2010 and then they would pick up their stuff from our house on august 13th.

Sounds fair! But, then they debited our account again for another $57.00. We called, pleaded, argued (my wife even broke into tears as a result of their total lack of concern). They took money from us that was in no way theirs to take. Yet we were told they could not simply reverse the transaction and refund the money to our bank account - "policy, you know". When we finally received our refund to our account, it was short $2.00. They said that was a water surcharge.

Why would there be a surcharge when we received nothing from them to 'surcharge' us for???

We still have not received our "$2.00 surcharge", yet we have now been charged another $57.00 for our september water service.

The contract says to "give a thirty-day notice by way of certified letter". We did! And now we have paid for two more months of service of which we have not even received. As of august 13th, all our bottles and other equipment had been picked up by the sparkletts delivery man.

They have shown totally disdain and any lack of desire to do the right thing. They have talked down to my wife repeatedly in a most condescending manner.

Since being switched to sparkletts (they bought out our previous water delivery service) we have had nothing but problems. We have been forced to monitor every bill each month as a result of their inability to charge us the correct price and/or inability to leave the correct product at our door, if they left a product at all.

We finally cancelled our service as we do not work for sparkletts and are sick and tired of the responsibility to monitor their lack of work ethics and honesty.

July should have been the final month for them to charge us for anything. Yet, they have debited another payment from our bank account in august and september. We do not know what we can do at this point except maybe cancel our bank account so they won't have access to it in the future.

We have been promised a resolution to this difficult so many times, yet have seen nothing!.

I will now go on a campaign to smear and damage their business in any manner I can find. We have been lied to, charged monies contrary to the contract, screamed at by tina, shorted on our deliveries and are still being charged for a service we are not even getting.

over deliveries and errant charges

I have been a customer for 3 years. They frequently deliver without my instructions and charge my account. A bottle here and there adds up as they charge almost $10 a bottle. They do so for "convenience" but refuse to take back bottles I do not want.

When I called to cancel, they dared charge a $15 closing fee. Now I see strange billings of $71 on my account.

Do not ever buy from this company. You will get deliveries you did not order and will have to pay for them. Try to cancel and they charge you again!

  • Ed
    EddieRKA Feb 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My name is Tommy Kearney. I work for a class action lawfirm in downtown Los Angeles. Many consumers have been victims to these very same sparkletts business practices. If anyone is interested in participating in this case, contact me at [email protected], or call me at Ringler Kearney Alvarez LLP, at (213) 473-1900. I hope to hear from you.

    -Tommy Kearney

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customer service

I have been a long time customer but this means nothing to this company. If I treated my customers like I have been treated by sparkletts I would be out of business. Cancelled my service with them and they were supposed to come pick up their equipment. They came at the wrong time. I wasn't home (thats why I scheduled the time I did). Called them and told them they came at the wrong time. Basically they told me too bad so sad, I could just reschedule. Well I will tell you this. I will hire someone to remove their equipment and then i'm gonna send them a bill and as far as i'm concerned they will never get another penny out of me. They can go turn me over to collection or do whatever they want, but I am done with them and their blatant disregard for me and my time!

  • Je
    Jenevery McCutcheon Jun 28, 2010

    I have been waiting for my last billing from this company which they said they would send me!! Where is it so I can pay it and get you out of my hair!!! I can't seem to get a hold of you in any way so maybe you will read this!! I closed my account and you picked up the bottles and machine !! What is the hang up??

    Jenevery McCutcheon

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over billing & customer service

I have been a customer of sparkletts water for almost 9 years. Twice they have billed me for a payment that...

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