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Complaints & Reviews

meter reading and billing

my name is Julie I am the property manager at Townehouse Village apartments in Richmond, IN. I submitted an inquiry about our bill for the address listed. We were billed for one unit with one meter for one month at 13, 680 gallons of water during the month of Nov 2019. the month before the bill was normal. the month after the bill was normal. We checked the apartment and there were no leaks found at all. No running toilets. Nothing. According to mathematical calculation it would have taken the shower running non stop, both toilets flushed every five minutes, and all sink faucets running non stop to use that much water in one apartment in one billing period. Only one person lives there. The only thing Indiana American water did to help us is come and do what they called an "actual meter reading instead of an estimation". and then they decided the billing was correct. How do you estimate 13, 680 gallons of water in one billing period? How is it fair to have our bill estimated? If the next billing period showed a high billing amount I would think that maybe there is a leak we didnt find but that isn't the case and we checked again anyway. Still no leaks and no running toilets. I want help with this because I do not feel we should have to pay this outrageous billing amount without an explanation as to why its so high for that one month and help figuring out why. You can reach me at [protected].

Indiana American Water Co.billing for water

On aug 23 the water company took my water bills out. We didn't know we were behind, and have never been later before. So I set up automatic payments that day. Then I noticed on their site that they withdrew double what we owed. I have called four times, each time being promised my refund for $214.00 immediately. Last time I called I was promised a check they told me would go out today. That was a week ago, no check. We need to get this money back. Everyone has been nice, but the money never comes. It will be a month in 3 days.

Stephen K Skinner
2118 Wellesley Lane, Kokomo INDIANA 46902. [protected]
Acc 1010-[protected]

Please help.
Thank You.

quality of water

Hello, I am contacting you because I am at a loss of who else to turn to. I have seen how you have helped so many other families, and I am hoping you can help. I moved into my home which I purchased in July 2018. We purchased the home and poured all of our savings into the home and completely renovated it to make it our dream home. Since then, we have been dealing with significant issues with the quality of the water coming out of our sinks, showers and toilets. Initially we thought it was because it was an older home, perhaps the water issue would resolve itself. It has been over a year and the water coming out of our faucets still remains brown. After we take a shower, there are small grains in the bottom of the tub. The water has a strong "metallic" odor. It has caused our shower fixtures and shower tiles to rust (so I can only imagine what the inside of the pipes look like). Our toilets have permanent damage from the water. We have been in contact with American Water well over 30 times over the last year. These phone calls have resulted in empty promises, minimal follow through and many statements of "I'm sorry to hear this...I will take it to the next level." At one point, when I discussed the damage which was done to my tiles and fixtures (which were all brand new), they suggested that I purchase OxyClean and clean it. They have sent the water company out to our home several times to test the water and they confirmed at one point, that there were unusually high levels of lead in the water. I have sent photos and videos of the color of the water and the issue still has not been resolved. I am just at a complete loss. I am now experiencing skin irritation, we have to purchase gallons of water just to bathe in or cook with. The water company sent someone out to the home and confirmed that we do not have a leak inside the home, which confirmed it is an issue with the pipes outside the home and they are refusing to fix. We asked for a water filtration system and that request has been denied. I have asked for a print out of the documentation of the countless phone calls which I have made and that request has also been denied. I am at the point where I am considering putting the home that we completely renovated up for sale and leaving my dream home as a result of this issue. I am now experiencing medical issues which I believe are directly related to the quality of the water. You are my absolute last resort. This is 2019 and this is central New Jersey. I am not understanding why our requests continue to be ignored. I have photos and videos to substantiate all of what I am saying. Please please help.

Helpless Home Owner
1117 Gresham Road
Plainfield, NJ 07062

quality of water
quality of water

water/sewer "protection" plan

Somehow they signed my 95 year-old father up for this $13.33/month "insurance/scam". My dad's house in a new community only 15 years old. Totally unnecessary. To cancel the...

meter replacement by a contractor

On the 20th or 21st a contractor for american water replaced a meter and damaged my property. The mess they left they returned and I witnessed them throw the broken concrete...

American Water — I am complaining about service

My water got shut off I called to pay the bill was on hold for 20min.Finally spoke to someone I was told to call back with the confirmation number so that my water could be back...

American Water — water bill

Since work on main water line on my street my bill has quadrupled. One person with no pool and one bathroom cannot use between 2 and 4 thousand gallons of water a month. I cannot...

American Water Illinois — refusal to resolve issue with bill and broken meter

I have been a loyal customer with american water in illinois for almost a year now, all my bills have been consistant 80 at most and now I have been smacked with a bill for 265 we...

Indiana American Water/PayMyBill website — bill payment

Using the Pay My Bill web site services, I made a payment to Indiana American Water on March 28, 2012 to pay my April bill of $26.38 along with service charges of $1.50. On April...

Illinois American Water — flood in home due to their clogged lines.

Alice Johnson a customer representative called me on December 31, 2009. Stated that the company would pay only 500.00 for my service call and supplies. Still stuck by the old...