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DriveTime Automotive Group / mechanical issues

1 Lewisville Texas, United States

I purchased a 2012 Chrysler 300 July 2018 the day I went to Lewisville Texas we had to drive to Plano Texas pick the car up. The car smell of cigarettes horribly it was not clean on the inside or not washed on the outside but I figured because we had to go pick it up so supposedly there was another buyer for the car but I beat them out supposedly. I had to take the car back they gave me some stuff too, like aerosol to let off in the car the first state to get rid of the cigarette smell had to go back a second time they gave me more aerosoft eventually after two or three days at work I noticed after the fourth fifth day the air wasn't working so I took it to maybe the first or second week I took it I noticed the air wasn't working because I work in the afternoon I really didn't need the air at that time 10 in the morning however on the way home 78 I still didn't mean the air because it was you know nice 70 80 degrees outside windows down. I notice three weeks in when I gave me the air it was saying it was on but I wasn't feeling any difference so the temperature in my car gauge read differently than what the weather days will be outside so they had me taken I called DriveTime be happy to take it to my send it warranty people and they stayed at NTA how everything's fine no it was not fixed it was still hot I could not control the air so I took it back to NTTA same thing the NTA was located on Trinity Mills in Carrollton Texas. I finally called silver Rock that was the name of my extended warranty and I and the maybe supervisor had differences but they had me send the car to pep boys in Addison Texas on Midway they figured out what the problem was it was the passenger side argue later by September the driver side went out in October the thermostat went out I just parked the car and drove my old phone I stopped working for that company November 5th and I just didn't have the sun silver Rock with no longer assist me they stated that I need to get caught up on my car note I agree with them but I disagree because you sold me a lemon my car note is due but at the same time we had an agreement and from day one is being bad and that is what DriveTime does they sell you card is that are in bad condition and they give you all this paperwork that stays all the cars has been an accident the car isn't if you see my car has been painted before but that's not on the documentation and as a person of desperateness I accepted that still does not give them right to take my money and I hold up to their bond had my car towed back to the same pep boys for $50 and for them to tell me what's wrong with it I had pick it up at $100 out of my pocket I saw another Chrysler they're just totally they were taking it apart totally taken apart the buyer hadn't had the car for one week yet I was told by DriveTime a white Chrysler and that is what one of the workers there told me we need to stop DriveTime from affecting people's credit with their lemon [censored] cars thank you.

Feb 6, 2019

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