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1 NC, United States Review updated:

Hey, I totally agree with every single comment. Drive Time is a total rip off. I only went with them because my boyfriend got hit with head on collision in my car and it was totalled. I needed a car right then after the insurance claim was finished. So we were driving down the road and seen the Drive Time sign. We went by and the car salesman lady was really nice. She was seeing what she could do. She was willing to work with me. I had the car since March 2008, and I was on time every single time. They make me pay every other week and sometimes depending on the months that may have 5 instead of 4 weeks thats 3 payments a total of $600 in one month is really not worth it for a 05 Chevy Impala. I am so disgusted in this company and they are a freaking RIPOFF. I was on time for almost a year straight, well around Christmas time 2008 when the economy and stuff was freaking riduclous, my boyfriend got laid off of his job so then our income was only comming from my work. They cut our OT and I was only getting 40 hours a week, let me tell you when you have rent, car insurance, food, utility bills and such I had more balances of my bills than I made. I started being like a week late each time a payment was due but I always paid on no later than a week later. When the payments were due on Sat Sun they are close, they would blow my phone up on Monday morning harrassing me. They wouldnt work me me, then the water pump and some manafold thang went bad. They wouldnt replace it and told me no matter what happens to my car I still have to be on time. What kind of SH** it that and they are making me pay like 9, 000 for Interested. Thats ridculous. Anyways, I talked to them a few times about placing me on a monthly plan. They said NO they can not do that. They want their money but will not work with you at all. I tried talking to the manager and told him what was going on. I told him I can not afford paying every other week I needed it monthly because this month thats three payments, he had the nerve to say Im sorry here at Drive Time Corporation we do not do that. Then said I dont see if you can not pay every other week what makes you think you can pay every month, I told him it would be less money and sometimes I might have more money one week than the other, then the ### said well I advise you to manage your money and balance our your budjet a little better. This is just ridculous. Please email me at, IF ANYONE KNOW WHAT I SHOULD DO PLEASE...

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  • Al
      14th of Aug, 2009
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    I owe $600, and I'll be thru paying for my 1999 Olds Alero the ### sold me 3 1/2 yrs ago. I've paid way over 16, 000 for that car because of the deferred payment plan and a few times being no later than a week late with payments, NEVER over 30 days late! IS THAT A DAMN SHAME or what?!! Advice to whom this may concern, NEVER EVER be a day late, even in hard times. Thats when THEIR daily fees hitcha!! And as far as the deffered payment plan they offer, FORGET IT!!! PLEASE!!

  • Nt
      28th of Sep, 2009
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    I too bought a piece of junk from Drive Time.. please contact me with any info on how to sue there pants off or get into a class action law case.

  • Co
      4th of Dec, 2009
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    First things first... If you pay your payment on time they will not call you. They only call your references if you do not answer the phone. DriveTime is always willing to help you, if you keep the lines of communication open and let them know whats going on. THe company does not add any daily fees so you are clearly stating wrong information. THere is different options for getting you back on track with your payments if you do fall behind. Also, it is three times a year that you would have three payments for bi-weekly payments. if you were to move to monthly it would not just double yourbi-weekly payment amount... those three payments that you would be paying those three times a year would just be added into your monthly payment. so no matter what you would be paying those payments anyway. Thats why they do not suggest it.

  • Ph
      17th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I bought a car from drivetime in Mechanicsville, Va and it was a total ripoff. I bought it from a ### name Donnie the Sales Manger. When I found out the car was worth $8000 LESS THAN BOOKVALUE I tried to return it a week later. Manager Donnie said the District manager was in and I could speak with him since he had no authority (why is he a manager???) Well, the District manager Tom Duckworth looked like he had not shaved in a week and was sleeping at his desk in the back He would not come out to see me. I called the Regional office the cashier gave me and asked for the big boss. It was a guy named Keith Sarchett. He would not come to the phone or call me back. What a whimp! great customer service. When I went back to the office a week later, guess what, The big boss was in the office. Mr. Keith would not come out to see me. The cashier who I befriended stated Keith never handles customers. I know why now, he is 5 feet 6 and scared!!! She told me he knows that he is ripping off customers and calls all Drivetime customers sub sub prime becasue they are lower than subprime. Great way to talk about the people paying your paycheck.
    Stay away from Keith Sarchett, Thomas Duckworth and Drivetime!

  • Am
      27th of Dec, 2013
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    I have had my drive time auto now for almost a year here in Phoenix and Ive paid extra payments when I have extra money and Ive been late twice by a day...A girl will call and say Hey whats UP...Never negative ...Never angry...AND Ive never been hit with any extra fees EVER ...When YOU sign the contract you are aware you are paying bi weekly..Its so they can keep in control customers who have a yecky credit score and known not to pay bills on time...They dont get paid...The criew doesnt get paid...My auto is only two years old and in excellent shape so far...I know one or two horror stories exist with every company.. Its human nature and occurs but not all the drama above...

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