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We recently recieved a letter by Ficka & Associantes regarding an outstanding balance from some company named Dream Marriage Global, Inc. Neither do we know who or what this is, nor did we use any of their service.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Orlando, FLSince we are seated and located in Germany we are very suprised that those Injternet scammers now even cross the oceans with their faudulent law suits. We do hope that Interpol or any other internationally operating jurisdiction is able to put a stop to this abuse of personal data, soon.

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  • An
      Mar 03, 2010

    we recently received a collection letter from RPS Worldwide, Inc. 5924 S> Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32809. [protected]. this letter stated my son owed $685.99 to Dream Marriage Gobal, Inc. Months prior my son's checking acct was hacked into. we were notified by our bank of this fraud and subsequently filed all necessary papers and our fund were reimbursed. Then we receive this letter. I called the number given and spoke to a person named "Colby." It was apparent that he did not know how to speak to a "potential client" that he expected payment from. His threatening comments and belittling demeanor quickly rattled me and before i knew it i was in a confrontational conversation with him. i finally realized that this was not worth the trouble and hung up on him. i honestly believe this is a scam and was a scam from when my son's account was hacked into. so now i will get the necessary authorities involved and unveil what is actually happening here with Dream Marriage Global, Inc. and RPS Worldwide, Inc.

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  • Ra
      Apr 01, 2010

    This recently happened to me as well. They were also threatening with me and I would like to know if you have had further results or any more discrepancies?

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  • Jo
      Feb 16, 2013

    Yes - it certainly is a scam. 80%
    + of the women are students needing extra cash. How to tell? I recently tried their 3 day free trial .The 'girls' comment how beautiful you are - despite me never having put up a photo. Some of the letters even had 'Dear newJoe' in their text - obviously places where they are using a word processor to insert new text - and hadn't realised that 'newJoe' wasn't a name - although Joe is.

    It's pathetic. It should be shut down immediately and the owners - who pretend not to know what is going on - should be stripped of their assets and put away for massive fraud.

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