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This company pretends to represent mail order russian brides. They charge u hundreds of dollars to even get the actual email to any of the ladies. My friend spent thousands to correspond and had young pretty girls all over him. Once he planned his trip they all disappeared! This rip off company also starts to bill you once you have canceled the membership! I have had to cancel my credit card and get a new one issued since will not respond or will they do anything about it. They don't have any customer support only some mexican woman on an answering machine. They pay girls to do web cam and pretend they are interested. ITS A TOTAL SCAM!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Val Johnston
, US
Apr 30, 2023 7:31 pm EDT
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Dream singles scammed my father out of over 10k. Probably more. But that's all I can tell right now.

, US
Dec 27, 2021 5:45 pm EST

I used the name of *** at Dream Single. My email used at Dream Singles is the same. I cancelled my three-day trial one day before its expiry on 19 December 2021. yet, without my consent, you withdrew USD 9.99 before my expiry on the excuse that I would extend and update my trial period to Silver status even before I had decided if I would or would not. You had no goddamn right nor my explicit authority to take that sum of money. I have been seeking that refund and I have been told on at least two occasions that it has been made. IT HAS NOT. You lied. I asked for evidence that you have refunded the sum of money. YOU HAVE FAILED TO PROVIDE ANY SUCH EVIDENCE. Again, you lied. I had deep misgivings about Dream Singles, activity I noted that raised alarm bells that you are con-artists who use the women on your site to lure unsuspecting, desperate men to cream them of their money. For raising these question, Jeana cancelled my membership like the coward and uneducated [censored] that she is. She probably felt the truth I told was closer to home for her than she even cared to admit. I want the USD 9.99 that you stole from my credit card returned to me at once with evidence it has been refunded. Electronic Funds Transfer should only take no more than three has been ten days and you are still spinning your lies that you have refunded me. I have not received a dime. And where the hell is your evidence that you have? Why can't you show me the evidence that you have? Because you are a goddamn liar. Return the money you stole from me. I have advised my bank and VISA against you. RETURN MY MONEY AT ONCE.

Montreal, Quebec, CA
Dec 03, 2021 8:17 am EST
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There are good and bad comments and surely the bad comments come from frustration or unsuccessful relationships but still its very expensive to get a personal information and Ukraine is very far (7000km away) and all this for love and even marriage, , , its sad when you think about it in 2021...human relationships is still a difficult matter in our times...sadly...too many have been heartbroken...we learn and we hope and thats the basis but be careful and take the more info you can before making any move even if she s the most beautiful girl in the world in your heart ... thats what I have learned! AL

Slavic Scam
, US
Dec 12, 2018 6:25 am EST

We can help you identify the romantic scammers!

If you read this site, then most likely you are faced with the problem of romantic scammers online. In Eastern Europe, dating sites are earnings and we will be the ones who will help you determine how real and sincere your Slavic woman is!

Not all women on Slavic dating sites are scammers and our service will help you find all the information about your sweetheart. Check how true your love is!

Identifying a scammer is not an easy task, so we have an extensive database and experienced workers who are familiar with dating sites and will help you determine your woman’s intentions!

, US
Dec 05, 2017 3:47 pm EST

Deena & carla /RENO employees are STILL there..ALL accounts i read above are true..MEGAMILLIONS...(&most complaint sites get their money WHERE? )you got megamillions too?;other sites, i left complaints, &DATE-SITE WAS AWARE, when i signed in, a half hour after. Also, they WILL "bug your Email/phone/laptop"..tracking apps are CHEAP & they have LOTTSA money.THE TRIP to SPEED date, is THEIR goal;$7000.00usd, add it ALL up, folks./3days? SOME of the Ladies are legit; (get THEM To come to USA .There is a WAR there, & some DO wanna Come;!) (& a "drunk fratboy" in RENO, , , beserking?, could teach a few Baltic leSSONS, WHERE the Site is vulnerable.).MOB is here TOO..(las vegas /reno/ chicago )/im EAST COAST, usa, & was Observed/followed(so you now GUESS my Job;& yes, im paranoid, too;"Situationally aware", keeps me ALIVE.).ALL big money../YOUR Bank can get money BACK../use a 2 c.card system; never load more money than current" to be due", on the 1Card that you pay Site with;the other, NEVER LET them know!(&cancel &replace if you forget!) I didnt GO to ukraine or russia;kindve obvious, the setup;100 ladies INSTANTLY write letters to "you";( sorry.."male name";&they fill yours in..or WHOEVERS). Find the lady ELSEWHERE, (iGram, facebook)& help her out..soon you SEE the bf..(& backup, , ). IF she finds YOU, at Facebook, &tells you that 1 obscure fact, She is Real, smart, &wants to LEAVE, there, NOW.;/Usa is the WEAK LINK, for SITE PERSONNEL(.im sorry, Jesus;Im NOT going to reno & RETIREING them)...but, Jeena HATES that 'old men", chase young'ladys'(&she's STUCK in 2006, "my space";also, CLAIMS to be CS Manager..(Carla will answer phone)..STAY ON TOP of email address;they Change it CONSTANTLY..IF you TRY to FORCE ' legit service ', RECORD ALL voice(check NV law first); COPY all complaints & REPLYS..(they EDIT.&are ALWAYS right.YOU "Threatened", they "have Legal recourse".). Site is QUASI dream-marriage/dream-single; (the name change, "REBRANDING", was OCT ANNOUNCED Oct 9..but a LADY had mentioned it 10/2, & i took a copy; Customer DIS-service CHANGED the date(& that letter DISAPPEARED, on Site?so, answer, WHY? I joined, marriage..but, now, they are a NEW BUSINESS..(cute logo, huh? Got the Crotch or boobs, POINTED AT by the DREAM logo( old.THINK I FORGOT, where, huh? That annoyed me)... I Dont know if this will post.I KNOW, getting money back is Pretty Sure(fraudulent! Banks DONT like THAT, if they like YOU)..Getting your BALTIC LADY? (I wont bet YOU on it; incognito, NOT KIEV, you have a chance.;maybe, the SPEED DATE tour?(fast wars/whoops, 1 hurt foreigner...)

, DK
Oct 06, 2017 10:20 am EDT
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I have been a member on for 10+ years i think, and use their service on/off.

My advice = stay away it is ONE BIG SCAM, and you cannot trust anybody not even the agency, and their antiscam protection is a joke.

My real life storys..:
First of all im a ver nice kind honest man 35-40 years old now a days.
I have had many fantastic corrospondances on dream-marriage with fantastic long letters and so on.
But the last few years the same thing have happend to me again and again every time i travel to ukraine to meet someone I have written many letters and had fantastic corrospondance with.!
When i travel to meet a girl then 1-5 days before i fysical arrive they pretty much always have some excuse they cannot meet me such as, broken leg, business/model trip, have to go to other city, and yes even where surprised i was comming though i wrote about it for more than 1 month and you wrote you want to meet me and how happy you are... But then bla bla bla.
But then it is to late and i loose my plane ticket and loose some of my money for the appartment, so i typical travel anyway and try to invite girls on blind dates to just meet someone.. Actual now a days if you corrospond with 4 girls, then you MAYBE meet 1 girl... the rest have bad excuses WOW. That is reality as a man on Dream-marriage and many other dating websites. All in all no website is better than the other, all one big scam with lies lies lies, and a money machine...

Even if the man is lucky to meet a girl who actual show up, then it always is together with a translator who ask 30-40usd pr hour... . WOW, an ordinary translator cost in kiev 8 usd from ukraine translator firm. ( anastasiadate charge 20 usd pr hour ).
AND no matter what dating website you use, then you will NEVER be able to be alone with the girl ! Translator is always there.
Pretty much no girls are intersted in just sending you 1 single sms outside or exchaning e-mails or any contact. Everything have to go though the website so someone earn money..
Actual no wonder since their contact information pretty much never work, and is just to a telephone number they never use or lost long ago.
So when you are in kiev you can spend time getting new information and trying to make your telephone work... but you properbly not get a reply and girl even if she get your number never will call you...
Everything is so to speak designed so you have to use money, and have to spend energy/money to contact the girl.
I even meet one girl 2 times... fantastic corrospondance.. First time I see her share money with translator after date... second time i travel to kiev she could not really remember much from our corrospondance and almost run out of the resturant after 2 houres.
Yes some of the girls are even on 25+ different dating websites from berlin to hongkong, and some girls have different proffession and live in different city than on other websites... Just saying the entire dating industry is sick, and girls profiles and photos are stolen and abused sometimes without girl knowing, but typical the girl just get paid xx money pr. letter pr chat... ect...
A girl on +25 websites who get hundreds of letters every day I can imagine can earn a [censor] lot of money and is BIG business... in general all model type girls are BIG business.
Even the girl them self tell me that I will not find love on Dream-marriage, since it a scam, and girls tell me the agency is "strange".

All in all I more or less only had bad experiences on and think of the website as being one big scam... If a girl is on dream-marriage, then i dare to say there is a very high chance she is just there to earn money.. If you see the girl on other websites STAY AWAY..
Use dream-marriage as a reference for who is bad.

Tip..: if a girl do not want to be friends with you on, facebook or other places, and show 0 interest outside of the website example to try and send you an e-mail or example chat on skype or viber, then STAY AWAY. do not travel to meet her in ukraine, then she is not serious.!
If girl send you one video letter afte the other... be carefull... if she send you 3-4 letters in one day... be carefull..

All in all so many lies, tricks... stay away... and also dont you wonder why staff actual sit here and "defend" their website... There are tons of people who complain, make youtube videos about the site... Tons of bad reviews...
And no the other dating websites are more or less as bad, website work in same way, and they get the girls from the same database, and even sell girls profiles to each other.. ( common in any dating website to buy profiles ).
in my 10+ years on dating websites about 98% of all girls have been interested in me, and replied my letter and wanted to start a corrospondance... BUT on an ordinary website in my own country I maybe every new girl i send a letter maybe every 20 girl reply.
Also isent it funny how all these top model girls are super interested in me, AND all men who write to them.
Other men tell the same story of getting a reply and girls are interseted just like me.
Even if a girl only get 10 letters everyday on a website then it will be impossible for her to remember corrospondance ( i can remember 5 corrospondances then it become very hard )... But some of these very beautifull girls talk to hundreds of men from all over the world, and EVERYBODY get a reply example 2 times a week or more..
How come the girls can sit online all night ( european time ) when they have to go to work or study the next day... And if they really work as much and are as busy as they say, , then when they actual have time to sit down and write your letter + reply all other men. !
Truth is i once tested on an ordinary website how many mails a model like girl get in 1 day... Such a girl on a small dating website get 100+ letters every single day... Imagine the ukraine/russian dating industry where a girl is exposed to not thousands of users but mllions of users arround the world...

This girls and website are VERY BAD, stay away.. ( i can easy write a list of 50 others model kind of girls who have been on websites for ages ).
Anna Anna 3728582 HTTPs://
Tatiana 3691570 HTTPs://

Ohhh finaly by the way, if you in Russian search on goggle for the text " model work marriage agency" then you get a list of jobs avaliable in example ukraine in the local marriage agencys..

I am sorry to say so, but dream-marriage is a total scam, and the website owners know very well they have HUGE problems and people get abused every single day.!
How hard can it be to look at how many letters a top modle girl get, and how many houres she sit online, and see if it is even realistic that she have a life other than replying letters... IT IS VERY EASY to find the bad girls, but it is BIG BUSINESS...
Typical the model girls are all scammers... if you want something real, go for a less picture perfect girl then you might meet someone real.!

In general I am now using the dating app Tinder on my telephone... I was on 4 dates in one week in Kiev ukraine with blind dates.
At least they show up since they are serious... the girls on dream-marriage is different, and even complain to their translator they dont want to go on date with the men sometimes

Stay away from all ukraine/russian dating websites... scam.

its all a big con
its all a big con
, GB
Mar 12, 2017 4:16 am EDT
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As the saying goes buyer beware.

Dream marriage is a total con

I always had my suspicions regarding dm for some time, so before spending thousands of dollars on contact details i had to do my due diligence. So popped on to the internet it’s amazing what you can find out at a click of a button.

My story:

Right from the beginning alarm bells were ringing as i was getting over 2000 messages a week yes that’s right 2000 message a week ! I didn’t even have my profile picture up in the first 2 weeks but was still getting 2000 messages a week, i should of walked away then and there, every single one of them from absolutely gorgeous russian women none of them short of being a model, not a single average woman amongst them, all bar none saying (In the very first messages) the exact same thing they all said, just different variations of the same message “they read my profile, ages is not a problem, do i want to chat on “webcam” and who handsome i am (Flattery will get you everywhere) not that i was looking for some one too young i’m 43 and i think the youngest woman i was in contact with was 29.

So i spent hundreds of dollars on emails back and forth only to find some of the replies i got back were nothing to do with the message i previously sent just a generic load of sentimental rubbish which was obviously copied and pasted for a external website sources. Alarm bells are ringing.

Including this for some reason i was getting notification from dm as in emails where i noticed that on several messages from women this %name% which is the coding for (Insert user name) if you are sending bulk emails. How do i know this? I use this exact same coding for my customer when sending them out bulk emails on a offer i have. So i sent dm customer services a message asking them what it meant and was told by there representative (Jenna) it was the translator fault. So i replied with both pictures showing them the message i got, as a email notification and the message i got when on there website, one showing %name% and the other one on there website showing my name. The reply i got in the next email was “ohh it must be a tech problem then” which confirm to me that they are using a bulk emailer send ing out the exact same message to all there members and there is some sort of coding fault. Alarm bells are ringing.

When i did get a reply from a member they would alway include embedded in their message a link to watch their video, the only way to view the message text was to pay $20 to look at this 2 minute video of that lady prancing around a bit. I could go to the cinema and watch a blockbuster movie for that twice ! Alarm bells are ringing

As well as when you are on their website on the right hand side are live notification where there female members try to get you to go on either “live web chat’ or to go on “camera video chat”, which will eat away at your money supa fast but i’m glad to say i never did either! As i might be an ### but i’m not a fool. Alarm bells are ringing.

So there i was contemplating on which one of these lovely russian babes to contact which i noticed in the early days (A few months of being on their website) dm were charging $600 for one persons contact information and all of a sudden it shot up to $900 for contact details alarm bells are ringing i don’t care how lovely you are hunni i’m not paying that.

So on 28/02/2017 i sent a email to dm customer services about my concerns getting no reply whatsoever. Only to find out that on the 01/03/2017 (Under 12 hours later) without my authorisation they stole money out of my bank account for another months membership (Which i now know is common practice for them to do) taking $100 out of my bank when they find out you know it’s a scam. Yet again i was one of the lucky ones i’ve heard of some dm member loosing £2000 in one hit when they raised concerns on dm’s credibility alarm bells are ringing.

So i had to cancel all my credit cards and just to be on the save side changed my pass words on every single social media website i was linked too, all my work emails, personal emails and any other associated platform i belonged too. They even tried to hack both my businesses websites how do i know this? The internet security company i use sends me a report every time someone tries to hack them, even if they use a proxy, giving me the ip address and the location of the hacker, i’ll give you 2 guesses where the location was ?... Alarm bells have rung.

At this point i pretty much had enough. But i had another platinum membership for 1 month on this scam website as i said costing me $100 (That they stole) giving me 50 “follow up message” and 100 “introduction messages”. So why not use them and play them at there own game so i did.

So how could i make 110% sure that this is a scam website and use these messages i had to my advantage. So i sent every member that i had been talking to on a regular basis (About 7) and to 100 members that had got in contact with me in the past the exact same message, of what i had found out about dm including asking the member to send me their contact information if they were really seriously interested in me as all of them at some point offered me their undivided love and intention to marry in one form or another. So we could talk off line and get to know each other and see if we definitely click...

Every single one of them declined.

Alarm bells have exploded.

They had a few generic explanations why they couldn’t send them, below here are my top 10 excuses:

1) i have to get their contact information from the dm website then we can talk off line. (Like i’m going to spend $900 on a fake mobile number)

2) i’ve lost my phone and only have a cheap one that doesn't allow skype calls (But in your picture you have a iphone7)

3) i don’t have a computer i only use the one in the agency (So it’s your job to send messages then and you get paid for it)

4) the internet is too expensive in russia so i have to use the one in the agency (Oh so it means it’s definitely a job then)

5) i’m not allowed to give you my contact information. Why (Please see no1)

6) i can’t speak english very well and won’t understand you (Even though you have on your profile that your speak good english) !

7) no answer whatsoever (That’s a bit rude considering i’ve been talking to you for months, thought you loved me)

8) i have to get their contact information from the dm website then we can talk off line. (I know i’ve said this before but i thought i better make the point again) as they will never give you their personal contact information.

9) i can not afford a mobile or the internet so i can only speak to you in the agency (So what’s the point on paying for your contact information then)

10) locast ! (Ok i made that one up) but can you see where i’m coming from they will never give you their personal contact information why because they're not interested in you it’s their job their only interested in your money. I’ll say again it’s their job for god sake...

However over a few days i sent 28 “follow up message” and 65 “introduction messages” leaving me with 22 “follow up message” and 35 “introduction messages” with 20 days left before my membership run out, dm customer services (Jenna) sent me a email: verbatim:

Our management has received some complaints about the correspondence you have been sending some of our lady members. Consequently, because of these complaints it has been decided that dream-marriage is not a fit for you and so your account has been closed.

So i wrote back:

But of course you closed my account, because you have come to the conclusion that you'll never get another single penny out of me, so i'm no use to you anymore am i and i'm not worth the hassles considering i've sussed you out as being a scam website. 

so now they have closed my account and ignoring my emails which in my book can only mean one thing and one thing only dm you’ve been sussed and you don’t like it !

Guys this is my own experience on dm which i’m soooooo glad that i found out this is a scam before spending thousands of dollars on contact information that i will not get, i count myself very very lucky as i only lost $500-$600 i’ve heard of some people losing $8, 000-$10, 000... So please do your due diligence on them before loosing loads of money on this now obvious scam. As you will not be speaking to a real woman, more like a fat, bearded, overweight russian fella who is just taking you for a ride. As the woman on there are not looking for a future partners it’s their job to write you messages get you on chat or video chat and take as much of your hard earned money from your pocket in the quickest time possible as they can until you personally suss them out for yourself, hopefully sooner rather than later..

If it sounds to good to be true it properly is !

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, US
Jan 06, 2017 6:29 am EST

from stupid and naive guy !

yes, i'm completely agree with all of you, dears f###ed men ( like me ) Dream marriages, Anastasia, and almost all these ukrainian and russian
dating sites ( owned by american and russian and logged into USA, but with postal adress ony ! ) are REAL SCAMMERS

As, some of you said, indeed, the owners in USA, don't care about what happend in Ukraine, and let the guys there doing what they want . I had already spoken several times with representative in USA by phone ( coz impossible to meet them in real, as they know they are gangsters ) to know if they managed several agencies and sites ; their answers are NO!, but when you spoke with girls in chat directly from agencies, many are registered in several sites
but the local is the same for most of them, even if the management in USA scream that they have nothing to do with all these others agencies !

In fact, few guy and women have ukrainian dating sites ! but these have created many dating agencies ( to simulate concurrency, and then enhance still more their profit ! ) coz then you need to register in more sites ( even to control the honesty of the girls)

It is also a fact that some women want to escape this poor country to live honorably, surely more since the war, but the most common are not allowed to registerd on such exceptionnal sites where they prefer to show model and top model to attrack much more men ...
Look to non paid ( or just for registration one time and not evry month for paid letters or like me for gold or platinum membership) sites and there you will see only common girls and mature ladies who search really for love ! but you will never see the top class creature that you see on the well paid dating sites and that you can NOT meet inreal ! we are just good to pay !.

Moreover, as some of you said, some girls ( maybe almost all ) are paid to correspond with us, . And with the number of letters they get everydays, they
can make some thousand dollars every months ! It is obvious that it is juicy business, coz some of them are on sites since more than 5 years ! and most of the ones in their thirthies aree registered since their 18 ! impossible to believe that such creatures could bot have been choosen by a foreigner before ! ( coz, many of them are not only pretty, but have clever brain and have many other qualities ! well the ideal GF or spouse !

But many of them, use to go abroad ( and far away to spend hollidays every years or even some times a year ! how they could do if they are still student and their parenst can only win 2 or 300 dollars a months !

Moreover, when we ask them to ahve their contact details, they always feign to not inderstand or prefer to continue to communicate by site !

Surprinsing, for women who would like to meet a husband !

I'm on such sites ( several) since almost 6 years, and always had the same excuses ...

But as i thought to have found the woman of my life, i had continue to writte with one since 4 yeasr !
and we had exchange more than 3 thousands letters.

Everytime i proposed to meet, she had a new contract abroad to do her model job... or she suggest to met, when me i was abroad for my job ( good excuse to not meeting and then she argued that it is my fault if we can not meet ! )

APRIL 2015, she decided to go to emirates to honor a contract of more than one year for modelling, and so should not be able to correspond by the site
coz too much work there, but she did not want again to give me her phone number or email adress ! well i said ( as i'm completely crazy about her) that i could wait more than one year her came back, ... and during that time i have continued to respond to some others on site, to kill the time and give me enough power to survive !
Surprisingly she reappear last october 2016, saying still very interested in me... and then, happy like a kid who just get his new year 'gift, i begon to writte again every day and speak even on cam ( which most of the time with most of the girls are prerecorded ! take care guys ! they want to show that girls are real but if gilrs don't want to show you a special sign front of cam, close it immediatly to stop the hemorragy of your money ! )

Moreover, with mine it was obvious, that most of the letters, were not written by her, coz when we spoke on cam, ( in the agency everytime ! ) she looked always on direction of guys behind of cam, coz, sure they show her what to say and answer to my questions about some fact of the past ! coz they were themself the writters !
most of the time my girl ( Sophia ) did not answer some important things that she had to know about, coz spoke about these in the beginnin g of her relation ( where she was more involved, coz the beginning and surely at that time serious for strong realtion) But after, maybe under pressure of guys of dating agencies she had to obey and play the game ...

She always said that she is a pro of modeeling, and that she need to travel much for business, but i never seen her in a advertising for any products ...only her lovely face in nature or in studio !
I had investigated a liuttle and OMG, she is even not registered in one of the 26 model agencies of KIEV and neither in one of the 5 more important in Odessa where she said working too !

Moreover she is a liar, coz after her contract of one year in emerates, she sent me some pictures of her under the sun, but it was from ITALY !

surely with a local guy or one other of agency whith who she have the use to spend our money ( maybe yours too as she is one of the most popular ) she won almost all of the beauty contest in DM and RLM and before on anastasia !

As we could not met before she was gone 2 years ago, she asked me in november to meet ASAP, but when i proposed to spend end of year feest together, she said willing to do with her parents, coz 2017 we should be maybe marry and then spend together next new year eve !

I said ok, coz i could undersatnd this point of view, but end of year, she announced me to go to spend new year hollidays in Israel ... and without me again ! and now, she want to stay more to spend her ukrainian christmas there too ( 6-7 january )

Before this famous crook, were also some else, whith whom i did not spent som much time, , coz they desappeared frrom the sites suddenly without explications, but after some searchs i found them on many other sites ! other proof of their obvious business !

some have even different job, or speak poor english in place of good on previous sites !

WARNING MEN ! the best for finsh, if even some of you are not yet convinced !

Last week i phone to Jeana in USA ( DM ) to explain that her guys in Kiev are surely written again letters for a girl ( Beautifull Anna ) 3728582
coz it is impossible that this student in Law was online during more than 140 hours non stop ! i could check regulary night an days, coz i have much difficulties to sleep .
She answered me that the girl let her profil open non stop ! and how she could use her mobil if it is connected always with the site ?

Moreover when i tell her that she wrotte pure english and no more poor one like before, Jeana, said that the girl use a automatic translator, but this not possible coz evryone know that such engine don't work perfectly !

Now since last week, the guys from agencies are angry and they try to prevent me to enter the sites ( coz the ukrianian and russian are very inteeligent and able to enter your computer as thet want ! so take care guys ( and i have a sure anti virus system ! ) but thye succeed to manipulated it
and i can not even enter some of other websites ( no dating sites) and even GMail ! they can block everything they want and direct your PC as you do .!


In 2014 i was gone in Kiev to meet My famous Sophialove, but when i arrived i send her message by the site Dream marriage to say in which hotel i was

The day after i came back to a internet cafe ( coz not able to use my pc ! ) to have news from her and plan the meeting place, but OHHH bad surprised, when i gone out, no Sophy Coffee, but 5 bad guys waited for me outside ! just the time to go quickly and enter a private house and closed the door...and with help of owner, called the police ( who came only 30 min later ) and the 5 guys just gone when they saw the police car !
They explained me that it is the use there in Ukraine, and that we need, us, foreigners to take care ! and they suggested me to stay in my hotel until my departure one wek later !
But as i came to see her, i got out 3 hours later, and then THE 5 GUYS TRIED TO KILL ME, by similated an accident with their car !
I just escaped coz i have good reflex !

later, the next few days, i had always some guys spy me and phoned to someone when i was entering a cafe or a restaurant ( and i'm not paranoia) and i have the use to see when people spy me, as i work for security of state !

I spent 6 hours in police station to deposit claim with help of interpretor ( who was completely exhausted ) and finally no suit ... i called them many times to have follow up, but they did not even answer ! Even governement is ruled by mafia there !

begin 2015 before the Sophia go to emitates, i was in hollidays in pacific island and as she did not came with me, ( again) she asked me ( or them )by the letter in which hotel i was, and naively i said ... surprisingly, as there i never saw any ukrainian, a dozen of them arrived 2 days later and followed me almost evrywhere, a group of 3 young, a goupr of 2 in their thirthies, a couple, an other couple, and these youngs guys had surely not enough incomes to go to spend hollidays in such place ! (excpet those who work for dating sites with all the money we spend there )... and always looked at what i done ! but unfortunelty for them, there were policeman with riot gun in front of each hotel there and every 100 meter onthe street ! so difficult fot them to act against me !

Maybe the Sophia girl is still honest, and that she and me are manipulated by all these criminal organisations, coz when i came back from business trip abroad last month, she asked me if i could came via Kiev ? to finally meet, but when i arranged a meeting( i bought a new ticket and booked a room in Kiev ), she always ( or they change the contend of our letters to prevent us to meet ! ) find an excuse to not meet ! so now, i prefer to find one in the street or by chance in other public area, and stop to spend more than my Ten thousands of dollars on Ukrainian dating sites ...

So good luck dears, and listen to to the ones who had already been f###ed, and don't listen the ones who writte that all theese sites are wonderfull and true ! just good to speak online and see beautifufll girls and spend money for nothing . I f you want one, go there and no need to register on sites, and try to find one who is not prostitute ( very difficult, coz it is the national sport there ! )

, DK
Nov 17, 2017 9:47 am EST
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Replying to comment of Chmber

Dear Chmber. ( is now )
I know the girl Anna 3728582 from dream-marriage... In my oppinion she is a scammer just there to earn money and just playing games. ( and she is registred on an anti scam website ).
My story about this girl is that I also corrosponded with her but only in letters.
I planned a trip to kiev to meet with her, but when i arrive i was told her translator ( a man ) wanted 40usd pr hour for tranlsation ( a ukraine firm normal charge 8 usd, and ukraine dating sites typical ask 20usd )
So i knew something was wrong.. I wrote and sms to anna saying that I did not wanted to use her translator but offered to hire another translator from an ordinary random translator firm in kiev.
Then the girl did not want to meet with me..
( actual no girls are interested in meeting you if you hire another translator. Reason are they do not earn money and some do actual not really know the corrospondance but just get a review before the date and the translator is the person who know the corrospondance.
Anyway also the girl always try to send you videos that cost xx credits to watch = she get paid more money when you watch them and get paid pr. chat and video chat ect ect.
Anna is by the way from a very rich family, her father is very rich and give her a new car in 2016.
Anna also told me that a translator will always have to be there during our dates and until the day we get married.. ( 40usd pr hour translator ).. and also she told me in a letter that the man shall pay everything for her such as all living costs, and her own salery she can use on hanging out in fancy clubs in kiev. She will not help pay the bills..
All in all a girl who just want money and earn money, and I doubt she are looking for anyone at all.

A small side step... But I recommend that you open google translate and translate the english words
( Model marriage agency ) and translate to russian.
Now put the translated text on google and search... and you should get a list of job offers by local dating websites that look for model like girls to work in the dating agency... = you will see that some girls it is a job to be on the dating website.! Eksampel.
- I also see how they stand and recruit girls in kiev discos every weekend.. And i see how they pay the girls after a dating pary/tour . And i see in the past girl and translator share money after date.
And pretty much nobody for many years have wanted to talk to me outside any dating website... more or less everytnhing goes though the website els girls is not interested.!

International Marriage Agency is looking for models for commercial cooperation.

girls from 18 to 28 years old
Presentable appearance


look good on the camera
adherence to the rules of the agency

Working conditions:

flexible schedule
comfortable working conditions
office in the center of Kiev
high seamless PP

Possibility of career and financial growth.

, AU
Apr 28, 2014 9:02 pm EDT

The company is untruthful. I found many profiles that i comunicated with to scammers. I gave dream-marriage infomation and they did nothing about it! They Also made excuses and lied to me. I have found there site to be a scam. When i asked them how is it possible to get 4000 emails in 2 weeks. They made up a lame excuse. There company does not seem to verify the profiles if there are so many scammers listed on there. Now the company continue to ignore me. They have no understanding of customer service and are rude and slow and unwilling to help. Sadly i have been scammed by this company. If your company would like to sort this out message me thanks..

Ghislain Lagrega
Ghislain Lagrega
, FR
Nov 19, 2016 4:14 am EST
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A lot of women's are paid by the Ukrainien agency To make money spend abroad, it is a business, people are very poor in Ukraine, and there are many prostitutes who are registered on this site and on several Ukrainian sites, you can find their photos on several I have been 5 times in Ukraine, and once during the war, I am in France, and I have to go back to Donetsk where I live now. Many friends from lugansk and Donetsk my explain the same thing is business that brings money to agency and daughter registered, I have a friend Alex de Lugansk who has a close friend who translates standard letters in English For the Lugansk agencies. This is the scam.

, UA
Nov 16, 2016 2:42 pm EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

People, not all ladies are scammers. Lots of them are looking for relations. If someone need: I can get for you any information for any profile from any site.

- background;
- contact information;
- is her in relations;
- personal data;
- is she a real person (sometimes agencies steal photos from social networks);
- any additional information;
I need a link on profile you are interested in (last name or date of birth would be extremely helpful but not necessary)
From 1 to 3 days you'll get detailed report, with photos.

, PT
Mar 15, 2017 6:48 pm EDT
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Replying to comment of Nice.guy

Nice Guy,
I would like to receive informations about a lady of Dream Marriage. If you can help me, please send an e-mail to and I will tell you all information.
Thanks in advance

, US
Apr 14, 2017 10:08 am EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more
Replying to comment of Nice.guy

The profiles I've been dumb enough to correspond with. Any info you can give me would be helpful.

Thank you very much.

, US
May 24, 2017 11:31 pm EDT
Replying to comment of Nice.guy

Yes, I would like information on a lady's profile from Dream Marriage. Please send an email to and I will reply with the profile information. Thanks in advance. This is a valuable service.

, MY
Jul 15, 2018 2:23 pm EDT
Replying to comment of Nice.guy

Appreciate if you could help me to find out information about this lady from Dream Marriage. We have been exchanging emails for the past 8 months now. Please send An email about your findings at

Thank you.

, US
Dec 12, 2018 9:17 pm EST
Replying to comment of Nice.guy

Love you to find out some details for me please email me

, US
Dec 29, 2015 4:34 pm EST

What escort agency is Inga in?

J -Lin
, US
Aug 29, 2019 8:47 pm EDT
Replying to comment of dangerztoy

7th Sky

Ghislain Lagrega
Ghislain Lagrega
, FR
Nov 14, 2015 6:10 pm EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I went 4 times in Ukraine and I am leaving again to Ukraine tomorrow night for 6 months or 1 year. I am French from south France, women are paid to speak with many man on dream marriage site, you have so many prostitute women.
Me to I spent money on dream marriage.
Like Inga Yashyna id 1233123, she was escort girls in turkey prostitute she is from lugansk not Yalta.
If you will pay for get his address you will have a wrong address it's a scam Dream marriage site it's a scam.
Woman win money 1 dollars per letters and chat 0, 30dollars per minutes
When you are on the site so many women fall in love with you in 5 minutes impossible !
They want only speak with you only to get money, Dream marriage don't pay the women directly this is the agency in Ukraine they pay women to speak with you.
Some photos his name is Inga Yashyna She is prostituted in Kiev his family live in Lougansk
I'm going in Lougansk to get his father in few days.

Dream marriage it's a big scam, swindle,

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J -Lin
, US
Aug 29, 2019 8:46 pm EDT

Can you tell me more about Inga. I have met her and know where to find her. Is she a prostitute? If so, I am very upset and disgusted!

James Prouty
, US
Aug 07, 2020 9:21 pm EDT

Inga Yahina is a total scam. She owns 3 apartments, 1 in Lugansk and 2 in kiev. She also rents 2 more apartments in kiev. She also drives a nice new Lexus SUV. She has traveled the world, from Australia, USA, Austria, Germany and many others.. Her profiles say she has never been married. This is a lie. She has been married twice. Once in Lugansk and once in kiev. Also her profile says that she has no children. This too is a lie, she has a 4 year old daughter. She scammed me for money, clothes and jewelry.

, US
Jan 02, 2023 11:19 am EST

She scanned me for all the same things. The owner of the agency is some Armenian named Vardan. She is a professional escort. She has a mother in the USA that assists her as well. Has a 4 year old daughter named Mila Zoll. Already she is banned from 2 countries, USA and Australia because of scamming. Stay away. Recently she was treated for VD also. She has friends that assist her as well

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Oct 26, 2023 7:04 pm EDT
Replying to comment of WiseUp99

Yes. She is a big scam. That’s her phone number +[protected]

She loves rich old guys and pretends to be so nice and naive.

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, DE
Mar 22, 2015 1:26 pm EDT

All of these sites are total scams, as a matter of fact I have discovered many fake profiles of girls already being in relationships. You see them kissing their boyfriends on pictures on, which is a popular Eastern-European social media platform. When reporting these girls to the customer service, they usually try to avoid it or come up with millions of reasons, claiming that those pictures and social media platforms are the real fake. Many also use instagram or

At the same time, websites like dream-marriage will tell you, that their fees are required to pay for their services. I am sure this is true, but I have enough experience with developing and managing websites and I know, that it doesn't require that much money. As a matter of fact, these websites are real money making machines and they make insane profits. There is enough proof online, for example here:

I am sure there are honest women out there looking for love. And maybe some of them can even be found on dream-marriage, find-bide, anastasia, etc. But chances are they are not looking like top models.

If these were indeed honest websites, having the best interest of their clients in mind, then they wouldn't charge such insane fees and make millions of dollars in profits. Don't get me wrong, every body is entitled to make a living. But there is a different between making a living and exploiting people.

And yes, there is also enough proof of women being paid to communicate with men instead of the women on the pictures.

Be Real For Once
Adelaide, AU
Sep 26, 2014 1:38 am EDT

Sites scam and then you come to Ukraine and if you meet a lady she tries to scam you also, it is like everyday life here for women to scam foreign men. I have visited Ukraine 3 times now to meet with site arranged women, i do not meet many as i am only looking for one woman to share my life with. 1st visit i met the girl once and she grabbed the gifts and left and then sent her friends around saying she loved this perfume and she wanted me to get it for her, nice try. My memories from Poltava.
Second visit was to meet a woman from Nikolaev after an 11 hour train ride she was a no show and yet she was still on the site. I met many other foreign men in Nikolaev who had come to meet with a certain lady and they were all scammed in some way and were just awaiting flights home as i was.
The third time i actually met this lady and we spent a week in Kiev but as soon as we got to her home town again Nikolaev she would never come and visit at night and we would lose contact for days, no sms no viber it became very obvious to me i was just extra cash to her to help her while she was in a relationship with a Ukraine guy. Once i closed her bank she disappeared.
I agree with a few peoples messages here, firstly most women on dating sites are scammers. I know a few women that have openly told me they are paid to have video chats and to write letters, end of month they do extra time trying to earn extra cash. There is no point in complaining to the site management as was mentioned before they sit in the US counting cash and would not have the foggiest idea or care about what is happening in Ukraine as you can tell by the Dream Marriage replies from management seen earlier here.
As long as they get their share of the cash they don't care, and yes the women I met were through Dream Marriage as are 2 of the women I know that are being paid to communicate with foreign men. They are paid by Ukraine agencies and I also have seen the ad's. If you are very lucky you might meet one realistic woman who is actually interested in meeting you and marriage but they are as rare as hens teeth.
So best to save your money and travel here and have a look for yourself also it is a good chance to practise your Russian language skills because if you are meeting a lady through the sites trust me you will have plenty of time alone to practise in.
I wish all that are searching for love good luck but after my third attempt using sites I am done, I may still visit Ukraine again as i have met some nice people here and my Russian is getting quiet good, lots of practise time.
Take Care and Good Luck to those willing to keep handing over your cash to the unknown and to those in the US who believe what they say is true, try taking a trip to Ukraine incognito and meet with one of your women, it will open your eyes to te truth, but then again you will never do this why should you, you are earning lots of dollars off of the scammers.The little people looking for love probably paid for your new Mercedes.

Virden, CA
Feb 02, 2012 2:50 am EST

I should read everybody's post before finishing a letter. this is cut and pasted from a lady i have just started chatting with on Dream marriage.
Agency translates letters for me and then sends. I reply them and they translate my letter for you. I have a computer at work, but I do not use it for my personal things much because it is not allowed. I like this system because it is comfortable for me. I do not know the language and do not have a computer that is why I join this site.

Well CarlS?

Virden, CA
Feb 02, 2012 2:24 am EST

The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 is located on website:

Virden, CA
Feb 02, 2012 2:21 am EST

Hello CarlaS,
if you are not a marriage broker then you are not governed by the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005, which Dream marriage quotes as the reason members cannot exchange personal contact information between themselves. It is written on this page :,
underheading :Can I include my personal contact information in my email, photos or chat messages?
Due to the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005, male members are prohibited from direct exchange of their personal contact information through the services of any site. However, we created a system that allows you to exchange contact information and go on a tour to meet your lady with a help of our website.
Other sites such as, also based out of the USA. Claim they are a match making site, and freely support the exchange of contact information between client. Because of the marriage broker act, they cannot sell contact information, but the law does not stop members from giving other members their email addresses.

, SE
Aug 28, 2011 12:02 am EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

You can also read this good summery on this page:

God bless time is short be blessed Jesus stands at the door, repent and be ready for his return, and do and read and live by his Word, Bible, and all Gods Laws in love for Yahweh of Bible, by his spirit and our will daily live it out.
God bless.

Justice will soon come upon Earth, upon all humans and all evil, and all breaking his, God of Bibles, Yahwehs all Laws, break his Bible = sinning.
Repent and be saved turn away from the evil wickedness and injustice, and do better and undue the evil and damage the wickedness and sinning caused to people and to God, and ask Jesus Christ Gods son for forgivness, and forgive those that hurted you and forgive your enemies, and bless them who persecute you and do all kinds of evil against you, and forgive those with debts to you, and your heavenly Father will forgive you, your traspasses, and confess and prononce Jesus Christ as Gods son, of Yahweh of Bible, and declair him your Lord and Saviour, by mouth and by your whole beeing and soul and heart, and do his biddings and live by his Spirit and Will, after his Word, and all Gods laws, by his Bible, daily each day live it out each second live his Bible, by Gods spirit and our will daily live it out each second in love for Yahweh of Bible, and Jesus Christ Gods son, and be saved, and adopted into the kingdom of God of Bible, the creator of Universe! Jesus Christ, Gods Son of Yahweh of Bible, Gods Word, is the only way to God, the heavenly father, and to heaven, under no other name then, Jesus Christ of Yahweh of Bible, Gods Word, is there any salvation! God bless.

, SE
Aug 27, 2011 11:44 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

You can read a good followup here:

God bless.

New City, US
Jul 27, 2011 4:03 am EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

My name is Mark and I’m from Ofallon, MO. USA.
You think or A Foreign Affair is not a scam? Read this.I thought you might like to know a about that site and how they set me up with a 16 year old child.I’ve been using AFA for many years and have spent thousands and thousands and thousands of
dollars. I started chatting with a girl last year, 2010, and she said her name was Floriane, a 20 years old girl from thePhilippines. After months and months of online chatting through AFA I decided to fly to the Philippines and visit her. On my third trip and almost $10, 000 later I became good friends with her family. It was on the last trip I found out the truth.After a family member confessed while profusely crying, she told me Floriane was never the one corresponding with me from AFA it was the agency’s staff (AFA) that was writing all the letters to me. Floriane never even knew I existed until a short time before I decided to go there. AND to make things worse Floriane was only 16 year old, now only 17 and I’m in my 40’s, she was suppose to be 20. I flew half way around the world to a third world county unaware I was meeting a child, I could have been thrown in prison over there, one attorney I’ve spoken with suggested that may be considered child trafficking.While I was in the office of in Cebu City, Philippines, I was told by the AFA staff that Floriane was a very popular girl, meaning at $9.99 for every email a guy sends AND $9.99 for every emailreceived, their making a lot of money from scamming people like me. Of course I have proof of all this.Now I’m going public with my story. I’m going to write each and every one of the news agencies (over 100 they claim) and every other well known TV agency not listed on AFA and tell them my story and I’m going to keep sending this letter out until someone does a story on the real truths behind the over seas dating scam sites like loveme.I did talk to the owner John Adams personally and of course he said he is very concerned about this and didn’t know she was 16, AND sometimes the agency DOES send letters on the girls behalf but the girl knows about that, which is all ###. First of all, it’s costing me $9.99 to speak to their staff? No one told me I was speaking to the staff…Well I knew within the first half hour of meeting Floriane that something was wrong because she didn’t even know anything about me. The things we have been talking about for the last 6 months she couldn’tremember, why? Because she didn’t know me. She told me personally she never knew me or wrote one litter to me the staff was doing it all so the company could make $9.99 a pop off me.But John Adams was so nice to me on the phone, he even offered to give me all my money back
that I spent talking to Floriane Which was about $700 in letters but he didn’t feel he should pay back the airfare and hotel expenses I paid going back and forth on 3 occasions because of his scam site. Now why would he pay back the $700? Was he trying to be nice? HELL NO he knows all I have to do is call my credit card company and dispute the charges and he will be forced to give back the money and that don’t look good for his site. AND you know what? it looks like that’s what I’m going to have to do because to this day they have not sent one red cent to me.So all you people on this blog that says AFA/loveme is not a scam your either working for the site or you got lucky and met a legitimate girl. My advise, NEVER SEND MONEY TO A GIRL OR A SITE UNLESS YOU CAN PHYSICALLY SEE HER ON A CAM AND EXCHANGE PERSONAL INFO. And if you have to pay to see your girl on cam you know your being scammed.John Adams, you know your site scammed me and is scamming people, you lied to me about
sending my $700 back. You keep it, I’ll get it back through the credit card companies BUT I’m going to be a thorn in your ### for a long time just for the fact you lied to me.Also, I never want anyone else to feel the pain I felt because of this this scam site. So I’m going to flood the internet with the truth.Just for the record, I was also scammed about 5 years ago by a girl from this site. It
turned out she was scamming people and I was just about to fly over to Ukraine to meet her
when I found out. I already paid my $4000+ to AFA for the social I was going to attend, they
did refund about $1200 of the $4000, their so fair!
The fact is, about 95% of the guys talking to these girls never go to meet them, they just
keep paying the $9.99 a letter on a hope one day they will go there. The other 5% that do
go, 3% get fooled and never know they where scammed and leave there thinking it just didn’t
workout with the girl and the other 2% really do find love. It’s a very expensive and time

consuming gamble.

A big red flag is, you can NEVER exchange personal info and you cant physically talk on live

video. They do everything they can to keep you from physical contact to keep you on the

hook. Use your common sense people. This is the most expensive site out there and your being

scammed, still don’t believe me? Keep paying like I did, you’ll find out just like I did

or you’ll just run out of money.

While I was heart broken staying in my hotel room, the guy that went with me was dating 2

girls a day using Cherry Blossoms, he never used AFA. I did finally find a very sweet girl

from the Philippines and on Cherry Blossoms and now we are getting married, were just

waiting for her visa to be approved AND I think it cost me about $60 total to meet her. Use

a site where you can video chat and talk and exchange personal info.

Here is the girls name and AFA number. Floriane (111194)

I’m told she is a very popular girl, I hope your not one of the guys that was scammed. But

I’m sure if you were, your refund is in the mail.

Need pics or have question? Email me at A

coonville, US
Jul 12, 2011 1:26 pm EDT

First sign of a dating/correspondence or marriage scam site is having no normal every day looking people that don't look like models on the site.
Second sign of a scam is the site charging too much for the service and/or membership.
Third sign - going through a "middle man" instead of being allowed direct contact with the person your interested in after paying the membership fees.
Fourth sign - You can never can seem to get a picture of them that can prove they are in fact the town or city claim to reside in (ie. standing beside a street sign in the town they claim to live in that shows the name of the intersection with people in the background or standing in front of a public place in there neighborhood with people in the background and the name of the place visible).
Fifth sign - They want you to come to them and are not willing to come to you or they want you to send them money so, they can get the money and ditch you or stop corresponding after receiving it.
Any way you look at it Dream Marriage is a total scam and i have yet to see any substantial proof otherwise.

Beverly Hills, US
Jan 10, 2011 12:37 am EST

I have been an employee with Dream Marriage for years, managing the business affairs and aiding with many projects and internal business relations. I say this because I can truly validate that Dream Marriage does NOT scam their members. It is true that we work with local FSU offices. It is true that some local FSU offices are dishonest. However, we carefully screen our FSU offices before contracting with them. We ensure they are a real business with a real location and facility for the lady members to visit and communicate with the male members. Moreover, to ensure that we do not condone dishonest conduct from the lady members of their agencies, we randomly audit the accounts to investigate for signs of scamming.

We verify the identities of the lady members (with confirmed profiles) to ensure our male members that the information included in their profiles is accurate. Moreover, we provide features, including Chat, Voice Chat, Live Video Chat and Introductory Videos, which aids our male members with confirming that their correspondences are real.

If in the unfortunate event we find that an agency or lady members is dishonest, we immediately disassociate ourselves and refund our male members.

And addressing the letter from a "supposed DM translator" that has admitted to corresponding on behalf of the lady members, that information is completely false. We do not employ translators, neither do we review the correspondences between members unless specifically asked by our members for assistance of some kind.

Moreover, we have resolved our differences with and this information is no longer available on this site.

Thank you,
Client Relations Manager
Dream Marriage Team

, US
Nov 27, 2018 9:17 pm EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more
Replying to comment of CarlaS

You're full of about, Carla. Your entire business is [censored]. I never signed up for this scummy trash to be delivered to my inbox, nor would I ever have considered using a service sick as this. I'm happily married and you sick [censored]s obtained my information through a fraudulent financial aid company linked through Lendingtree. Please do the world a favor a choke yourself to death, scumbag

, SE
Aug 21, 2010 12:52 am EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I agree:

Evidence Url:

View 0 more photos
, SE
Aug 21, 2010 12:38 am EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I don't care what the agencies tell you. This is PROOF that the agencies are hiring girls to write letters and chat on video.

If the agency tells you that they do not do this, well, let me explain.

The main agency, in the USA, does nothing. All they do is count money. It is the local office in the Ukraine that is hiring girls. That local office is supplying girls and profiles to ALL these scam agencies. The local agencies (offices) are hiring girls and scamming you. So, when the main agency in the USA tells you that they do not scam and they do not pa girls to chat and write leters, it is, in fact, the truth.

THEY don't do it themselves. It is their affiliates in Ukraine that do it. But those offices in Ukraine are partners/affilaiates of the main agency in the USA. They are one team. They are both scamming you. You can NEVER know if the girl in the profile is writing the letter herself, or if the girl you are video-chatting with is getting paid or looking for love.

ALL these agencies are now doing this. These classified ads are PROOF.

There is NO way that any man should EVER use these agencies.

These ads are all the proof ANY man would ever need.

Se photo evidence from newpaper ads in Ukraine, also hear the truth here:

"Im currently working as an interpreter for dream-marriage and i get paid for every letter that a foreign man sends to a woman i represent. I would not agree that all the messages are scam, most are real. Im writting personally to each and every one after reading man's profile, but what you are right about is that it's all a big and messy money-making business, im really sorry for you both. When i read your stories, i felt really bad and down, hate thinking that we got women like that! Please do not think that all women are the same... and yes, as you might have guessed i hate my job"

Big fraud!
Also the emails you get are scam not the girls who wirites all... And the girls do get paid from the Angency in Ukraine look at picture evidence.

Carson City, US
Dec 13, 2009 10:25 pm EST

If read the home page one of the 1st sentence in the 1st paragraph will state explicitly that we are NOT a mail order bride website nor are we a matchmaking agency. To send emails we do not charge hundreds dollars to send emails as clearly site on the site there are 3 packages that allow you to send emails on a monthly basis additionally we have a free 3 day trial that allows you to send 10 emails without cost. According to our testimonials page many of our clients have had successful meetings. Here is how you have a successful meeting: first it would be best obtain a lady’s personal contact information as well as agency’s contact information by requesting a travel tour. Please be advised that it is not necessary to request a travel tour, but it will inform the agency and the lady of the agency that you have a planned meeting. If you schedule a trip this way there should not be any problems with meeting the lady you have corresponded with. If a male member makes general arrangements to meet with a lady without speaking with her personally or her agency, there tends to be confusion and therefore cancellations. It is not recommended that a member make arrangements by telling a lady he will be in town via email and expecting that to be a confirmation of a meeting. If a trip is planned as recommended there will be success in meeting and if not we at Dream-Marriage can make proper accommodations.
All cancellations must be done in writing, if you send an email to customer service billing stops immediately. If you select the cancellation link online, you must confirm the cancellation via email link that is sent to your email address to confirm. You will not continue to be billed once you have cancelled, and if charged in error clients are refunded immediately. Customer support is primarily internet based and does not involve a call center. Should there be a request to be contacted by phone or an inquiry that requires a return call. An English speaking representative will contact the member. does not pay ladies to web chat or send emails, we do not compensate our female members to correspond with the male members.

i don't know you!, US
Jan 31, 2009 10:15 pm EST

NO ###!