DoubleDown Casinomissing coins

A couple of days ago I bought a $99 package when it was 3 times the amount. I got 300 million instead of 100 million. I won 11 billion coins and I was ecstatic. I played until I was down to 9 billion and I logged off. When I logged back on a couple of hours later... I had 2 billion coins instead of the 9 billion.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Bronx, NY I contacted customer support and they say they cannot give me my money back. I feel so angry because this is my only form of entertainment. I have cancer and I get chemo therapy treatments 3 times a week. I am usually home because of my cancer. Playing double down cheers me up and it makes me happy. All I want is my coins back, is that so hard to do? I do not need this stress. Please have some compassion :(

Jan 24, 2017

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