DoubleDown Casino / chips not loading. wins not received. customer service not responding

Not know, US
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I play a lot on Double Down Casino.

I buy chips through Amazon on my tablet.

A lot of time the chips won are not loading to my account. This happens off and on.

When you submit a request it used to be that they would respond. Now ??? they have a thing where you submit the issue and then have to go to your email you provide them. They state you have to get the link in your email before you can submit your issue.

Well twice I tried the email submission request and twice when I get the link ? It say " I " have a bad connection ? I have a bad ssl ? I have a expired certificate ? I dont need a certificate !

They need to be shut down if this is the way they now conduct business. This is wrong they take your money but then wont be responsible for the tech issues ? My computer is fine. I am here writing this. I can get on email and FB and my bank site, so DDC is full of crap ! Even if you copy and paste the email addy to your browser it still comes up as a bad ssl, expired cert etc.

The name they go by is Zendesk here is their email.


Mar 22, 2017

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