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Donnaplay / Unauthorized credit card charges, unethical behavior, hidden charges, false phone numbers, unclickable buttons, lying about products, etc.

1 7798 Soaring Eagle CtCincinnati, OH, United States Review updated:

This morning way early at like 2am I was up with my girlfriend and thought it'd be fun to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail. We look it up, Google Play doesn't have it as well as most other places I could buy and watch the movie and the right there at the top of my suggested websites is this site called DonnaPlay claiming I can watch it for free! Awesome! The movie starts, and immediately on the screen it says I have to make an account first. Ah, no biggie. Then the account says it needs your credit card information to ensure that you are from an area where they are allowed to provide this service for free. I was a little wary but they GUARANTEED no charges would be made UNLESS I join their membership program. Cool beans. I kinda thought to myself, how bad could an online company be? I mean if it's bad, I'll just cancel my account, if not, I might even buy pro! God I wish somebody would have stopped me. I cannot describe to you the tasteless deceit and just dirty tricks this company tried to pull on me. From the start, there is no such thing as a non-member, so I actually had to do a free 5 day trial (whether I liked it or not, this was what I signed up for). When I get to the site on my trial I think, alright this might not be so bad, but god was I wrong. They had every F-list movie you could imagine on the thing as well as terrible video games and the like! Never heard of any of the random junk I found on the site. But then I think to myself, who cares, Monty Python, right? Search bar, type it in, nothing. These rats lied to me about having the movie I made my account for in the first place. In fact, they don't have a single good movie on the entire site. They should be paying me to watch this garbage. This is when things get better. Remember how you're not supposed to be charged unless you have a membership? These people made it so the "My Profile" tab in the corner was unclickable and then I found another My Account tab that had my membership under my information. It had a "View" button for my membership details and it looked clickable but get this, NOPE! Good god how do I get rid of this thing? Finally I found under my PRIVACY TAB the button to cancel my subscription, BUT WAIT! It takes me to another page? Where'd it go? I'm having to play hide and seek to cancel my subscription, the rats. I finally see it hidden in the bottom corner of a picture. Here's where things get real good. Finally, let's cancel this awful thing. BUT WAIT AGAIN! It takes THREE DAYS to process a cancellation. Did you read that? THREE DAYS! So if I were to wait for a couple days before cancelling my trial, it wouldn't work! I'd be charge a membership fee before my account was cancelled. WHAT?! No, no, no, wait, get this, that's not even it. The thing says you can pay a small fee of $1 to get your account cancelled sooner than 3 days. Don't worry people, there's more. Right there on the site they say "Talk to our friendly agents 24/7" and they give you TWO phone numbers you can call, and get this, NEITHER OF THEM WORK. That's right baby this is scam central. These dirty no good thieves! Finally, I agree to the email cancellation that can take up to three days because at least I was cancelling my account immediately so I'd still be in the clear. The next page. "Sorry to see you go" (I'm sorry I came) "You can talk to our friendly agents 24/7" and listen to this. You won't believe me. They actually gave me another two numbers to call that were completely different from the first BUT HOLY GOD ALMIGHTY! ONE of them worked. 1/4 (or more?) phone numbers worked. God is real. I think I just saw a miracle. I finally get some kind of connection. Yes, please, I'd like to make sure my account is being cancelled. "Will you please enter in your credit card number so we can look it up?" WHHHHHHAAAAAAATTTTTTTT????? NO! How about my dang username! "Oh we've got you. Okay looks like your cancellation submission has been sent. Have a good day sir" Hold on hold on hold on. Alright, that took forever. My whole night was ruined. I didn't have muh time with my girlfriend to begin with and we just wanted to watch a dang movie and nearly got scammed for upwards of $10. We can't watch the movie and don't want to anymore since our moods have been completely ruined and our time has been wasted. I look at my Account Activity, they charged me the $1 fee to have my account cancelled even though that was for getting immediate cancellation rather than waiting three days. Can you believe it? I still can't believe it. I want that dollar back, yes it is that big of a deal to me, and honestly I don't want any other type of compensation besides seeing this website and everyone associated with it taken down. They used my card without my authorization, lied about why I had to give it to them in the first place, gave me no option about becoming a member so I ended up on some free trial, didn't have the movie they said they had that I wanted in the first place or any movie anyone would ever want (or game, for that matter), then made finding out how to cancel the dang account near impossible with hiding the button, multiple false phone numbers, and unclickable buttons, and THEN went on say it takes three days to cancel and account, which would mean anyone who waited a couple days to do it would be charged for a membership OR you could have your account cancelled (not even immediately, which I forgot to add, but they said it would be at the top of their priority to cancel the account. Unbelievable.) for a $1, and of course, to top it off, when I call them, they ask for my card again, the slime balls. But phew, it's done. Nope. You know what they emailed me today? Some BS about a newsletter. At the bottom it says I'm receiving the newsletter because I'm still a member. It's bad enough I got charged a dollar and had to deal with their time consuming, mood-killing, and night ruining trickery, but I'm STILL a member apparently. I want this site to burn. I said "How bad it could be?" and sure was in for a surprise. Everyone involved with it should go down. This is dirty no good scamming fraud of the highest degree. This site should be done and I want my dollar back. I wouldn't give these people a penny even or anything but a finger if I had the chance. PEOPLE DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES EVER MAKE A DONNAPLAY ACCOUNT AND FURTHER MORE, GET THIS SITE, THE PEOPLE, AND ANY SITE LIKE IT TAKEN DOWN. -Two of the numbers by the way were [protected] and another is [protected] The real number is [protected]

Jan 5, 2016
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  • Ja
      20th of Feb, 2016
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    I have search on the Internet for books about a phosphorus chemistry. Any title of a search book I have written on google directed me the, inviting to register and read for free. Moreover, their website was showing that even you may download a book. Prior to registration I contacted representatives of the company by telephone. I was informed that I may read any book for free up to 5 days. I talked with four representatives ad nobody told me that I will be charged. Contrary, I was ensured that the registration is for free. So, I have registered. As soon as I have registered, I realized that they do not have any of the books that I was searching for, even previously their website indicated that all the books were available through the website.
    Therefore, I have again contacted the representatives, by phone, demanding the cancelation of my FREE registration. Yes, the registration was canceled instantly, but I was charged one dollar. So as you see, I was charged even I have register for a free access up to 5 days. It is the 100% lie and a scam and misleading to take one dollar.
    Do not try to register they will cheat you in other ways. Stay away from them.
    Find a reliable website. I rate this company zero star

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