Domino's Pizza / employee mistreatment

Stevens Point, WI, United States

The stevens point, WI Dominos treats their employees horribly! the roads are flooded & overpasses are blocked by cops right now... all other pizza places were asked by police to keep their drivers off the road... but god forbid dominos consider their drivers safety or obey the police's request for that matter!... the poor drivers are out trying to get around blocked roads and driving through rivers... drivers should never be forced to work out in a storm like this again, esspecially since the police announced that roads needed to remain clear and that it wasnt safe for people to be driving. All of those drivers in the stevens point shop should be given bonuses and be appologized to. If I see any of those drivers out in a storm this bad again I will NEVER order dominos again, and I will be sure to tell everyone I know just how much more important money is to Dominos than its damn employees!

P. S. a few weeks ago tornado sirenes were sounding and people were pulling over for cover... dominos drivers drove right through it all night!!! help me get the word out that its not fair to treat employees like this... especially wen they make as little as they do!

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