Domino's Pizzacustomer service

On June 10, 2018 I placed an order the app. I did the same thing two weeks ago and I paid online. I show up at the store and they tell me I owe, no I paid online, give them the total and I show that it has cleared my bank so NO I don't owe but they refuse to give me my order. They have two orders for a Don and a Dawn but never ask to spell the name, phone number, address or anything two weeks ago the woman manager just gave it to me when o kept repeating my order, total and showing the bank information. This evening the same thing happened to my son who went to pick up the order, again was only asked name and told he owed, he called me and I said no told the person the same thing but he said no it is not paid, I asked to speak to a manager and he did the same thing finally I spelled the name and he was oh yes, he said no sure why I was getting so upset really... ask the customer more information to clairify an order is not the employees or the managers job and you ask me why I am upset and then he hangs up as I continue to ask his name. I called back and he answered the phone and was a jerk and a said his name was Chris maybe the store needs to spend some time on training their young high school and college students on customer service. I will not order nor will my family from them again.

Jun 10, 2018

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