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Hanover, ON, Canada Review updated:

Between personal and business, I have spent an average of $85/month at this location for the past 5 years (since moving into this area). Last night, I was at this location with my husband, two daughters (16 and 14) and my younger daughter's friend. The girls came to the aisle I was in to inform me they had been "kicked out" of the store. I asked why and they said they thought it was because they had tested a ball and then it had bounced several times as they tried to put it back on the shelf. The two younger girls left; the elder girl said she didn't think she had been included because she had been down the aisle from the others and hadn't even seen what had happened.She went to the checkout to apologize on behalf of the other girls (they are very responsible and reliable people), where the manager, instead of listening to what she had to say, insisted she leave the store. Her tone was so awful I got drawn in and a rather unpleasant scene developed, in which she ascribed actions to the younger girls that were utterly out of character for them. I went out to the van to ask them what had happened, and after they recounted a similar story to the one they'd told me in the store, I asked them about the actions the manager had described. They were bewildered - they hadn't spent time in the aisle the manager claimed, an account backed up by my husband, who had been trying to interest them in the Hallowe'en products.When I spoke to a person at work today, she said that that was not the first story she'd heard about the manager at this location. I had been warned about this store early this year through a youth organization for which I am an adviser: specifically, that it was a youth-unfriendly store, to the extent of posting notices that high school students were not welcome during specific hours. Representatives from the organization had plans to visit the manager to discuss the hostility displayed toward teenagers.I understand that young people can be exuberant and noisy, even occasionally destructive. I understand a manager is responsible for the store. And I am sure the training budget for staff is minimal. But the manager is also an ambassador for the store, and this ambassador displayed nothing but sarcasm, bullying and ill-will in every exchange she had with my family and with me. I am much more accustomed to writing letters of praise for good service (in fact, I wrote one yesterday) and to complimenting staff through their managers whenever I see exceptional service. In twenty years, I have probably written two letters of complaint. But in my 10+years of training customer care staff, I have NEVER seen such a passive-aggressive approach to customers. I have never seen a manager tell customers, particularly young customers (who, let's face it, have years and years of purchase power ahead of them) to leave with no warning. And I have rarely seen such poor conflict resolution skills.My girls were stunned by their treatment. They were fully prepared to apologize for being disruptive, even though in their view it had been the result of an accident. They certainly did not take items down and throw them on the floor, as the manager charged. This would indeed have been utterly out of character for any of these girls. As a result of the treatment of my family and me yesterday, I will be taking the following actions:a) as I told the manager, I will not be returning to this store. There are plenty of valid alternatives.b) I will be relating my experience to those in the various youth organizations in which I am a member, adviser or participant.c) I will also be raising awareness of the store manager's attitudes and behaviour to my professional and personal networks.d) I will be writing to local media, to which I currently contribute a monthly column.I suggest an immediate performance observation and review for this manager. She is not doing this location any good with the behaviour she displayed. Worse, when I attempted to register this complaint with the Dollarama website, I got an error message and it wouldn't accept the complaint.

Aug 15, 2014
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  • Co
      Aug 15, 2014

    Ever hear of a thing called paragraphs?

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  • Mu
      Dec 17, 2014

    The manager and staff at the Hanover store have been fantastic, so much so that I drive from Owen Sound to shop at the location. Maybe you have too much truas in your youth and slander is something that may result in you being sued.

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  • Jo
      Dec 08, 2017

    Thank you for sharing your experience with your daughters being kicked out of the store in Hanover, Ontario. There are so many places to spend one's money these days that it's easy to avoid places and people with a bad reputation. I will take my business elsewhere too, simply because of your complaint. It's obviously genuine and the manager's reaction was rude and extreme. Dollarama may have to learn the hard way that customers matter or else they can go the way of Sears and all the rest of the struggling retailers. Customers matter and we have a voice.

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