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We booked car hire from Do You Spain, to collect from RECORD car rental at Palma airport. It cost less than 25 euros so it seemed a bargain. I emailed Do You Spain to ask if there were any monies up front or deposits on collection. Do You Spain sent me an email saying there was only the fuel costs. I then got an automated email from Do You Spain saying that if I were to take out their insurance, we wouldn't have to pay the excess of 950 euros. Please bear in mind, at this point, I had been told there was no monies on collection. I then sent Do You Spain another email asking them to explain this to me. They said that If I bought the insurance from them, RECORD wouldn't ask for the 950 euros. So I paid Do You Spain 38 euros. On arrival, RECORD asked me for 950 euros for the excess. I showed them the insurance documents I had bought from Do You Spain and they said, "They are useless" and if I wanted to waiver the 950 euros, I would have to buy their insurance at a cost of 140 euros. They also wanted 65 euros for a full tank of fuel and 25 euros administration costs. Do You Spain ... They certainly did me !!

May 15, 2015
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  • Ca
      18th of Oct, 2012 - They don't respect customers
    United States

    I booked a car from website and paid at once. When I came to the airport the car arrived but there appeared some problems with my credit card. Unfortunately, I had no cash. I asked them to wait until I take out the money but the driver refused and drove away.

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  • Ln
      11th of Jun, 2014

    DoYouSpain is a broker, not a rental car company per se. Without letting the rest of us know the supplier of the rental car (e.g. Hertz, Budget, Goldcar, Firefly) your complaint is pretty useless.

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  • Be
      3rd of Jan, 2019

    @lnar not at all - if you go to a broker, you are just as entitled to complain about the end service you receive - the company you contract with (the broker) has the responsibility for the consumer experience. That's what being a broker is!

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  • Qu
      3rd of Aug, 2015

    We arrived in Milan last week and went to Goldcar office desk to pick up our prepaid rental of a car. When we got to the desk, we were asked for a credit card for which we produced our American Express. Unfortunately, they didn't accept the card so we gave them our debit card which we already used to prepay the rental online. This was not accepted too. Apparently, it had to be a Visa or MasterCard. On the booking voucher, it said to bring a credit card (Visa MasterCard) but it didn't specify that it had to be that only 2 cards. As far as we were concerned, they were just examples and we could use our American Express. We were turned away and couldn't even use Goldcar office to call DoyouItaly. We had to go to Hertz to call DoyouItaly.

    When we spoke to the woman on the phone, she could not be more useless. She couldn't do anything about our booking. She could not move our booking to another hire company nor could she refund our money!!! We have had to pay for another rental which had cost us double what we paid them. And we also ended up at the airport for another 11/2 hours because of this.

    The terms and conditions do NOT specify ONLY Visa and MasterCard, it states a major credit card. The two brands are examples. American Express is a major credit card and is accepted by other companies. DoyouItaly failed to make it clear that only these two cards were acceptable and instead are relying on the small print to try and catch me out. Whilst they can point at the contract, so can I.

    Even worse is that they were happy to leave us stranded at the airport in the late evening without any options, repeating the small print so as to say it wasn't their problem.

    This tells me that they should definitely not be in the holiday business, if any business at all. If it had been a family with small children and limited options they would have been in serious trouble - but DoyouItaly would have been happy because they could point at the contract.

    Basically DoyouItaly have taken payment, not fulfilled the contract to provide a car and decided that keeping my money is acceptable.

    This is a form of theft and I will be following up for sure.

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  • Sa
      10th of Jan, 2017

    @Queengladioli I am very interested to here about your follow up to this situation. The same thing has just happend to us with Doyouitaly at Bergamo airport. We arrived at the Goldcar desk and although the car hire had been paid in full, they needed a credit card. I only had my mastercard debit which I had used to make the reservation. They refused to give us a car, even though we offered the money in cash, a credit card over the phone and even a family member to come to the airport in person with a credit card. All of these options were refused by the Goldcard agent. Even when we phoned Doyouitaly twice they said they could not help us. We were left stranded in the airport late in the evening with two small children. I have written an email of complaint asking for a refund, now waiting for a reply. I am very intetrested to know if anyone has had any luck with a refund from this company.

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  • Br
      23rd of Feb, 2016

    We booked a rental car via DoYouSpain in Madrid. I looked carefully through the prepaid voucher to ensure that we met all of the qualifications for a rental car. When I arrived at the rental car company the following morning to pick up the vehicle, they informed me that I would need an international drivers permit to take the vehicle. Obviously, unable to provide the necessary permit they would not rent me the car. The rental company indicated that the voucher should have had that information included, however upon providing the voucher this was no where in the documentation. They called DoYouSpain, who informed me directly that they couldn't provide me with services and also would not be providing me with a refund, as they claimed these bylaws were in the fine print of the information they include on their website (NOT IN THE CONTRACT ITSELF). We were unable to rent a car that day and I sent several follow-up emails back and forth with DoYouSpain, asking for a refund and explaining our situation. We never received a refund, or a rental car, or anything for that matter. Furthermore the lack of customer service, as they have no resources to contact them via phone, makes resolving a dispute impossible. I would NEVER recommend booking via DoYouSpain. I even followed up with my credit card company Bank Of America, who disputed the transaction and in the end denied my claim. When asked what possible documentation was provided by the Merchant they said it was something "In Spanish". Then they claimed the window for filling another dispute had passed and basically told me there was nothing more to be done. The whole thing feels like robbery! I want my $250 back!!!

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  • Kk
      21st of Sep, 2016

    They thrive on scamming money out of inocent clients!!!

    On the 19th of September 2016 around 5pm, I had to urgently rent a car through I was to pick up the car from Malaga Airport at 7:30pm that evening. I discovered what seemed to be a good rental deal at that time on totalling to €134.64 for 18days car rental. On completion of the online booking form I was enticed with this carefully crafted information on website that says:
    "You can take extra insurance when you collect your car at the rental desk for 11.05€ a day (210.00€ for your rental).
    Or get greater Peace of Mind right now with our Platinum Insurance for only 5.95€ a day (that’s just 113.05€ for your trip)"
    I fell for that scam too and decided to add the extra insurance at 5.95 to taking to €113.05. Making the overall total €247.69. On the final booking page I fell for another scam that says "Save money, Pay online now" I soon pulled out my debit card and paid immediately ...thinking am saving some money!!
    I have now come to believe all that information is carefully designed to entice/push you into paying for the booking online as soon as possible so that they can immediately grab hold of your money (before you wake up).

    After payment, with great excitement I waited for the booking confirmation email; which seemed to take ages to arrive. The email directed me to pick up my rental car from "Del Paso" a popular car rental company near Malaga Airport.

    Just to confirm, I decided to contact Del Paso to ensure that they had my booking. During my chat to them I happened to mention that I had paid extra insurance as offered during my booking. To my amazement Del Paso alerted me that they don't accept that insurance and that if I wanted full cover I would have to pay for another insurance offered by Del Paso on arrival for pick up!! alternatively Del Paso would have to hold €1000 on my credit card until I return the car in good condition!!
    Not that I was intending to crush the car, but the reason I had paid for extra insurance was to avoid holding money on my credit card; because I needed to use my money.

    In complete frustration, I went back to website to try and find a contact number so that I can stop them charging my card for a scam insurance that is useless. Guess what!, there was no customer contact number on DoYouSpain website!

    I then tried to reply to the booking email I had received from DoYouSpain requesting a cancellation; which I soon discovered that it was also a no-reply email address; even though it had been sent by Claire Davis!
    Luckly I managed to get DoYouSpain contact number from Del Paso.
    After a long time on call waiting, I finally got through to a lady at DoYouSpain (her name sounded like Ana Maria), I informed her how I had just confirmed with DelPaso that the insurance sold through DoYouSpain website was not accepted. The lady then very furiously answered me "the insurance is ok, Del Paso are telling you that because you haven't bought it from them"

    I requested her to cancel the scam insurance policy but she went on and on to tell me how she couldn't cancel it; even though I had not even left my house to pick up the car!!.


    After spending a long time with the lady insisting that she should cancel it, since I had bought it from their website and they are the ones that had offered me a rental company that doesn't accept what they are selling, the frustrated lady finally answered me "OK it is cancelled" ...just to get rid of me!

    As it was approaching pick up time, I decided to phisically go a bit early to Del Paso office in malaga to see if they could sort the issue out; I figured they must have an agreement with DoYouSpain; after all it is representing them online.

    On arriving at Del Paso, they confirmed what they had said to me before, they them gave me a choice of either taking an extra insurance costing just over €210 (offered by Del Paso) or they would go on to hold €1000 on my card!! By the way, on top of that I had to pay a Full tank of fuel at premium cost and a fuel refill service charge; bringing the overall extra amount payable to Del Paso before receiving the car to €303!! I could not believe that a basic car rental which started as just 134.64 soon had ended up being €550.69!!!

    Due to the fact that I had not anticipated on spending that much money on such a very basic car rental (definitely I wasn't prepared pay for the insurance twice, I then found myself forced to cancel my booking which Del Paso agreed to cancel the €303 they were about to charge on my card.
    Del Paso however told me that they couldn't do anything about the rental amount and extra insurance totalling to €247.69; that had been automatically charged on my card by Del Paso instead advised me to contact DoYouSpain directly and request them to cancel everything as soon as possible. It was now closely approaching my official rental pick up time of 7:30pm, I did't have internet, so I immediately got on the phone to try and contact DoYouSpain, ofcause I was put on call waiting again for ages that I nearly have up!

    Another lady eventually picked up the phone after my car rental pick up time had passed, she went on to in for me that:
    "To obtain a refund of a prepaid booking you must cancel it before the start of your rental using the links contained in this voucher or through the "My Booking" section of our websit."

    I couldn't do that because I was already at the Car rental office. I sent an email too and they wrote me back with the same standard information.

    I then contacted my bank who said they couldn't stop the charges at that point, they advised me to wait until the money leaves my account, then they could try and call it back.

    I WAS STILL LEFT WITHOUT CAR AND NOT ENOUGH MONEY TO RENT FROM ANOTHER COMPANY; As DuYouSpain had already charged their ammount from my card ; leaving me with less than enough.

    Guess what! Despite not getting the car or taking any service at all from DoYouSpain, today I have just confirmed from my bank statement that DoYouSpain finally collected the full amount of €247.69 from my account which also includes the insurance that the lady told me she had cancelled!!
    Am yet to dispute this furiously.

    In my opinion they are no different from a smiling guest whom you happily open your house and offer your best wine; only to end up shoot your head off!


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