DNATA staff at Cointrin Airport / arbitrary refusal of boarding

Madrid Barcelona, ES
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Since I know you are the handler of Alitalia flights in Cointrin Airport, Geneva I am furnishing you a copy of my complaint letter which I sent Alitalia on July 21, 2016. My flight is Alitalia but the staff who mishandled me were your DNATA staff. To date, I have not received a report back on my complaint about the abusive behavior of the DNATA ground staff who attended to me at check in counter on July 2, 2016 at about 530 pm at the Cointrin airport. I have refused the apology of Alitalia and their offer of a partial 250 EU compensation for my flight delay on AZ 130 on July 15th demanding feedback on my original complaint against DNATA’s refusal to board me without reason and proper documentation on that July 2 flight AZ 577 to Rome.

21 July 2016
The Customer Service

On July 2, 2016, at around 6PM, I was refused boarding at the Cointrin Geneva Airport for my 7pm flight to Ancona by an Alitalia/DNATA check-in “supervisor” for what he called "bad behavior". This was after I and my friend noted his rude and unprofessional behavior. I asked to speak with his superior. The superior who identified herself as Ms Sylla Mame came 30 min later only to tell me I am already too late for my flight. The details of this incident are in my complaint letter already emailed to Alitalia.

I want redress for the undue and severe stress caused by your staffs' s unprofessional and baseless conduct creating the chain of problems which followed. I definitely want to be reimbursed for the extra expense of buying a one way Vueling ticket to Ancona the next day for 305 CHF and the costs of paid two nights reservation at the NH Ancona hotel (7, 148.06 Phil pesos) paid train reservation tickets from Ancona to Foligno (EU 9.85) plus additional train expense from Rome to Assisi (EU 8.24). All these expenses were wasted because of DNATA's unjustified refusal to board me!

I want to formally complain about the unprofessional and rude conduct of the Alitalia/DNATA staff who dealt with me on the night of July 2. Only Ms. Mame provided her name when asked, the other two refused. I will expect a thorough and speedy investigation into this matter.

June Caridad P. Lopez MD
University of the Philippines

Nov 30, 2016

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