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What would you call the quality of services of dish tv? Bad, rank bad, pathetic and more

A complaint (No [protected]) lodged on the dish tv all india toll free number on 5th july 2009 has not been resolved till 12th july 2009. Its been 8 days only and that would be acceptable by the dish tv customer downtime standards (Or rather that is the impression i get). Interestingly the complaint was closed and a resolved status flagged off. This was intimated to me by sms on 6th july 2009, stating that dish tv "hoped that they were satisfied with resolution". All this even while not a single customer service engineer visited my premises.

Interestingly enough, there are about 10 all india numbers that dish tv has provided for taking customer calls. That is another experience in itself, where you are thanked for calling dish tv and you need to confirm whether it is dish tv really that you wanted to call in the forst place. There after.. Your choice of language and membership status is ascertained and then you are asked to be "be online, while some one will shortly attend you"... 14 attempts later, each lasting about 3 minutes waiting... I felt obiliged to disconnect. Customer service, waiting times and delivery processes?

Dish tv: you may have clocked 25 lakh users, but you cant manage one well... Its time to change (Your incorrigicle standards and my dish connection)

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  • Mu
      Oct 20, 2009

    PHONE NO [protected]
    VC NO [protected]

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  • Am
      Oct 23, 2009

    I will give you the email id of Dishtv Customer care, Just Mail your concern their for quick resolution of your complaint alaong with your Complete details like VC No, Address and Contact Number.

    Email Id: [protected]

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  •   Oct 15, 2011

    We bought a new tv and we called dishtv to help us program our dish remote to our new Sanyo. We spoke to a technician who was nice but she was unable to help us (even after going through all of the troubleshooting). I asked her if I could speak with another technician. As I was asking her she said that our phone connection was breaking up and she hung up. I called back and spoke with a guy who claimed to be from the "Advanced" section (like a manager), but we found out later that he actually was not. Anyway, same problem with him... couldn't help us and he also suffered from phone connection problems and hung up. (fyi: we never moved from our den the whole time we were on the phone with them and we never have the problem of dropped calls). Anyway, we felt that was not a very professional manner to handle calls, so we called yet again and asked to speak to a manager. Jerry ID C2S, was short with us from the beginning. First of all, he was hard for us to hear b/c of all of the background noise on his end. He said it was b/c it was a call center and "of course it was going to be loud" he snidely told us. While I was explaining to him about the issue with our remote, the "dropped" calls and the fact that we still did not have a working remote, he continually interrupted. He told me a few times, "I don't care about what happened with the other technicians, what is the problem with the remote?" The entire explanation on my end took less than two minutes but he constantly interrupted like he was in a huge hurry and could not be bothered. I remarked to him, "please don't get snippy with me.. I've already dealt with bad customer service enough tonight." Then he really went off... so my husband grabbed the phone from me. My husband asked him if the phone call was being recorded. Jerry told him no, so my husband asked that it please BE recorded and Jerry said that that was not possible. So my husband said that we would record it on our end with our phone. And Jerry said that no, that would not be authorized. My husband, a former police chief, said that, yes, it is authorized if I tell you that I will record it. Jerry then said a string of ugly words and hung up on us. We are not believing this. We don't usually get into it with folks anyway, especially like this. So my husband is angry and insists that we call again. I am just frustrated and start googling direct tv. So we call again and ask to speak with a manager and we talk to Lisa ID OER, and first she tells me that Jerry is in a different office, then later on the phone with my husband, she tells him that they are in the same office, so who knows? Anyway, she tells us that she will send an email to Jerry's supervisor. Since she is at the same level as Jerry, I don't feel comfortable with that, so I ask if there is anyone higher than her that I can speak with. She says that no, her supervisor is not in. I ask her when he will be in. She says she has no idea. I tell her that that does not seem right. She tells me that she doesn't care how it seems I just have to take the email or leave it. My husband talks with her for awhile and he asks if he can record it, she says no and hangs up. I have only had dishtv for 6 months but I want out of the contract. I used to have directv and never had these kinds of problems.

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  •   Oct 19, 2011

    Hello Sharon, thank you for your post. We do apologize on behalf of the DISH Network for the way that your issue was handled. We take our customer service seriously and strive to meet customer’s expectations. By providing your name and location in your post I was able to locate your DISH Network account. The names and ID’s you provided do match with who you spoke with and we will forward this to their management teams for follow up. If you need further assistance you may reach me at my email, mark.[protected]

    Mark Haakenson
    DISH Network Executive Team

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  •   Oct 19, 2011

    Thank you for your response.

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  • Ly
      Oct 19, 2011

    Mr Haakenson,

    Please let me first start out by saying that my wife Sharon and I are very appreciative of your prompt response regarding our Customer Service Comment we posted concerning the technical support we received over the phone this past weekend.

    I believe my wife summed up the events rather well with all that had transpired and our frustration. Up until this last weekend we have been pleased with your Dish Network services and the treatment we have received by the home visits your technicians have made in getting us set up and responding to our problems.

    I only have a few other comments and points of interest to make on what transpired. During my conversation with Jerry (ID C2S), his unprofessional behavior over the phone got to the point where I had to enquire whether the phone call was being recorded for quality assurance as some businesses do.

    He then became even more confrontational and began arguing with me that it was totally against the law. As I tried to explain that it wasn't, he then told me he would hang up if I began to record the phone call on my end because again it was against the law. I asked him if he was familiar with the federal law and then he hung up.

    Without insulting your intelligence and lecturing you, Mr HaaKenson, for future reference it may be helpful as a solution to inform your employees of the following: Federal law allows recording of phone calls and other electronic communications with the consent of at least one party to the call. A majority of the states and territories have adopted this based on the federal law. In fact, thirty-eight states (I live in one of them) and the District of Columbia permits individuals to record conversations to which they are a party without informing the other parties that they are doing so.
    These laws are referred to as "one-party consent" statutes, and as long as you are a party to the conversation, it is legal for you to record it.

    In all fairness to Jerry (ID C2S), there are 12 states that require all parties consent, which is what I was trying to do when I asked him if I could record the conversation to forward to his supervisor. See where I'm going here? If he wasn't being rude and unprofessional over the phone, then what would he have to worry about...right? Had our phone calls been recorded for quality control & assurance of customer satisfaction, the incident over the phone would be on record for clarity as to what was actually said by both parties and the way it was said. I felt that not only did Jerry (ID C2S) display unprofessional behavior as a poor representation of your organization, but he also lacked knowledge of the law as he was argumentative about the facts.

    So just to ensure that the experience I had with Jerry (ID C2S) over the phone was just a single employee with poor attitude (and not just a systemic problem throughout the entire Dish TV customer service center), I then called and spoke with a Lisa (ID OER).

    When the question was first asked, "Can I record this phone call?, " her response was "It's not allowed and if you do I'll hang up" (See Jerry ID C2S and Lisa OER are in the same office according to Lisa OER). I then asked her if she could get me contact information to submit a complaint to an executive management level position on what had occurred that evening. Her reply was, "it would do you no good sir", "you can't speak to them and they don't care anyway", "we are the only ones". I then asked "at any time I call?" Her reply, "yes sir, anytime you call, just us".

    I then asked if there was a website for comments and complaints. Her reply:
    "No sir, we have no such thing, just us". I then replied with, "I can't believe what you just said, that's impossible and it can't be true". I then stated that I couldn't see any executive from the Dish Network not caring about the treatment their customers were receiving over the phone after business hours.

    I then asked her again if I could record the conversation and she said, "Sir, I will hang up." I replied, " Even on a customer needing assistance..?"
    her last response was, and I quote: "Sir we are not 911 here and we have the right at any time to end a conversation with our customers and hang up on them" End Quote. One second later, she hangs up. I rest my case...

    In closing, we had moved into our new home in a very large new subdivision back in March of this year. Since signing on with Dish Network, our average bill has been $80 to $90 a month, doing the math that's over $1000 a year for the 5 TVs in our home and we always pay on time. All our neighbors have similar monthly fees if not more. In our subdivision one homeowner is not allowing cable to be installed, so it is very competitive between Direct TV and DISH Network. In fact we had been with Direct TV in this same subdivision for 2 years before building a new house nearby and switching to DISH Network.

    The comparison between your services and Direct TV is a topic of conversation among all neighbors on who provides the best service. I would like to think you consider us as valued customers with DISH Network, but based our experience this past weekend my wife and I are having our doubts.
    I know my wife has been upset to the point we are considering cancelling our contract with DISH Network and returning to Direct TV where we had none of the types of issues for the 2 years we were with them.

    We would sincerely appreciate some form of apology from MR. Jerry (ID C2S) and Ms. Lisa (ID OER) whether it be over the phone or in writing. We are not looking to have anyone terminated from their jobs, that would be your decision. We just feel as representatives of your organization at the time, we were insulted by their behavior and that their unprofessional attitude and confusion over proper customer service and the federal laws could not possibly be a direct reflection of Dish Network and the Dish Network Executive Team.

    Again we are appreciative of your prompt response regarding our Customer Service Comment. I will be waiting for response to this message.

    Respectfully and sincerely,

    Mr. Lynn Tharp
    Work Phone: [protected]
    Cell: [protected]

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  • Al
      Oct 27, 2011


    I apologize immensely for both the experience and confusion you were caused by the agents who you spoke to during both phone calls. We do randomly record calls for quality assurance however that does not neither guarantee nor ensure that any particular call will be recorded. We do advise each caller of this ahead of time to ensure you are aware of the chances it may be recorded in the likely event your call is one of the randomly selected. It is company policy that we do not allow customers at any time to record a call for any reason during any part of the call while speaking with an agent for several reasons, mainly due to security. If a caller requests or advises us that they desire to record the call we do have to advise them against it and if they continue or elect to record we must release or terminate the call. This does not give an agent any excuse for a customer to be treated poorly or for an agent to be rude for any reason under any circumstance. All this information can and should be provided to the customer in a friendly understandable manner. The customer should never be treated in a way that makes them feel they need to record the call in the first place, if a customer feels they are not getting the customer service they deserve then something is wrong. I would be more then happy to document your customer complaint regarding the above agents and the lack of customer satisfaction that they provided. We take pride in being able to show our customers that we value them as customers and I hope that you will allow us the opportunity to regain your trust and through time show you that we do have what it takes to rectify the situation by showing you the best customer service. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me directly.

    Alicia Brink
    Executive Offices of Dish Network
    Office Hours: Sunday-Thurs 6:00am-2:00pm
    Fax Number: [protected]
    Email: Alicia.[protected]

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  • La
      Jun 26, 2013

    I called dish yesterday and came to an agreement to have it installed but did not have my credit card at the time (my wife was off the island) the sales rep told me he would call me at 10 AM . ive been waiting by the phone for three hours and am done . my name is larry havel ---- [protected]

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  • Na
      Nov 07, 2013

    i am a dish customer and just got it in October, however I was VERY DISAPPOINTED when i found out that channel 10 and 12 was no longer available. I would like to see it back on, cause I am seriously thinking about going to Direct TV . PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE

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  • An
      Jan 31, 2015

    i do not remember abjectly when i bought disv tv, since time my dish tv was working fine ani had d last two days showing error 201. as per displaced instruction i have sent sms DISHTV 201, But so far problem has been not solved and still displaying veiwing card is not paired with STB. herewith i request to Dish TV authorities to solve the issue at earliest.
    VC No. [protected]

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  • On
      Feb 02, 2015

    Dear Anil k srivastava

    Thanks for voicing your concern. Please be assured that we working on your problem and we will get in touch with you at the earliest. For any further clarifications, please write to us at [protected]

    Online Team

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  • Di
      May 07, 2015

    I wanted to contact DISH via email, during my working hours. I am so heated. I've had DISH for a few months. When they came to install it, he ran a line from my next door neighbor's (apartment) satellite dish, instead of putting one at my apartment since we were right next door. It wasn't my idea but I didn't see any harm in it then. I mean as long as they know I'm paying my bill and it was on the up and up. Next thing you know, my neighbor moves out, and the satellite was still connected of course and my service was still intake. But yesterday I came home and I had no connection at all. I checked next door and maintenance had removed it and put it where our garbage cans are sat on trashday. I called them, explained what happened and said they would set up an appointment for me, for the next day. And said they would waive the fee of $95 for installation. Well, I didn't tell that tech to connect the wires from the neighbor's apt in the first place. He said that they could run wires/service from just one dish, to other apartments and there would be no problem. But I was just upset by the whole thing. And then, I haven't had service since yesterday at 4:30 p.m. and I'm sure I'm being charged, and no service. Maybe I'm being petty but I feel like maybe something could be done. You think. D, Garrett. I would like to be contacted by email if anyone from DISH sees this and can correspond with me on this matter. My email is diane.[protected] I opted for the earliest appt 8 a.m.-12p.m. But then got a message this morning that they wouldn't be there until the 1-whatever time they close. The more I think about it, the more upset I become.

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  • Fo
      Mar 25, 2016

    Besides having the slowest internet service, now Dish TV service is replacing good programing that is current and educational, such as CNBC stock reporting and analysis (Channel 208) with countless hour of mindless programing such as Undercover Boss.

    This is not what I sign up for, and upset that your company makes these arbitrary changes.

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