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Diamond, MO, United States

I started dish internet november, 2014 the service was ok then things went downhill, during the evening hours from about 5pm lasting till around 11:30pm or so i was getting very slow speeds 1-2 mb. Eventually the problem got bad to where the speeds went so slow, my computer showed no internet. I had 5 lights on my modem, after a lot of phone calls, them telling me everything looked fine. But every day same speed issues. Up to january they came out to my house suggested it might be my computer. A tech did put in his notes that my house has bad ground & he was getting a volt 1/2 of elec on my internet cable. But never checked my tv cable. They also told me my tv & internet where sharing the same ground on the house. My hopper/joey have never had any issues since i moved here in october 2014 i was told they wanted to work with me directly & to please not call dish anymore & report anything that dish was charging them for not fixing the issues on past visits they did unhook the internet ground. I was even asked to use there website for speed tests. That the website i was using dish said it had issues. I have used there speed test site & i have a log verifying my slow speeds. Before i lose my connection for most of jan 2015. Since a tech put in his notes my ground is bad dish is no longer willing to help me with anything internet related. Even asking to get a power cord for my internet. I had to beg the person on the phone for a new power cord. I am an adult & a paying customer since march of 2014. I have never been treated so rude over the internet issues. But if i have a bad ground why does the problem only happen at night. And not all the time if the ground is bad. Why doesnt my tv act of as well. I want to walk away from this nightmare but i am in a contract for 2 years.

Jan 24, 2015

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