Dish Networkunethical behaviour

In May of 2015, I saw an add from Dishnet, for an advertised price ($55 a mo.) for two years, which I liked and signed. At the time of signing, I didn't get a copy of the contract, I think I signed on a device from the technician. At the beginning of the second year, the price changed to double the price of what I was paying, so I contacted Dish support, for explanation, and was told that the offer was just for the first year. The representative, offered me a lower plan (less channels, and still more expensive than the original plan by @$25.00) At that point I was offered to put the service in pause, for 6 months, when I complained and I accepted. After the 6 months, I was put back on service and I installed the box. The service did not work, because it was disconnected from the main box outside on the street. They said that they would have to charge $95, for a technician to come to my home to do that. I objected, and in top of that, they wanted to charge me another $50.00, which I refused to pay. Finally we agreed to, for me to pay an extra $10.00 for future repair service. My bill has jumped from @70.00 to $122.00. I'm not paying for that, I'm on social security, so I'm dealing with a budget. I will request cancellation of the contract, for Dish illegal practices on advertising. Also, next step would be to contact my nevada representative for help with dealing with this issues and to give, them, bad review on complaint boards. Thank you, very much.

Jan 24, 2017

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