Dish Network / unethical behaviour

Dear Sirs, I have been charged an early termination fee, resulting in a collections account. I had Dish, I moved and asked to take the service to the new location. A technician came out to do the install. I could not have the service because of the trees in my yard. I canceled the service because I could not use it. I mailed the equipment back. I was contacted by a dish rep. and asked if I wanted to move?? Or if perhaps someone else could use the service. Absolutely a bad idea DISH!! So now I called again and was told that since I signed a contract, I was stuck with the charge. And that since the tech did not make any notes, there again my fault! I wanted to take it with me but couldn't because of the trees in the yard!SO because of that I am stuck with a collection. Very bad policy! I control 2 other DISH accounts ( my ageing parents) My question is this. With those 2 accounts being active, how long will it take to rack up the now $850.00 that you say I owe? My next step will be to close both of those 2 accounts. That a total of 3 DISH accounts that you now will not be collecting a monthly fee for. The service was fine at the original location, I asked to take it with me, I could not have the service because of trees in my yard. There was a customer service rep from DISH that actually asked me if I wanted to cut the trees, , , , , Cut the trees, is that your standard answer? I will be sending this not only to the Better Business Bureau, but also to Facebook to get the word out . I am not normally like this, actually I have never done anything like this in the past. But this is a little too much.

Mar 29, 2016

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