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After on the phone for 2 hours today, sent to what I was told was the highest level of customer service, "The President's Office". There was no help and no concern. After this experience I reviewed the multiple complaints throughout the USA and cannot fathom how in the world DISH is in business. It is unethical, unreliable, a cheat and a thief of the highest magnitude. See my SHORT version of my story below. SHAME ON DISH!!!

My Aunt lives in LA and I have been trying to assist her with her issues with DISH Network from my home in San Diego. DISH has been forcing her to pay a monthly charge for services NOT rendered and are in violation of the contract they are forcing her to uphold.

DISH NETWORK, a large corporation, is bullying an elderly, disabled woman who cannot afford a cancellation charge. She is alone and her TV is her only friend late at night. Originally she was using another network service and was manipulated in to trying DISH with a 2 year contract.

In order for her DISH box to function she has to wait for the daycare person to arrive to manually "reboot" the in-operative box and manually adjust the TV volume. When we requested customer service send a tech to link all her devices together with the one remote, the technician from DISH said it could not be done leaving my Aunt to have to get up off her chair and crawl to the in-operative box and make adjustments.

I have attempted to get the contract canceled for her a couple times but DISH Network insists she is under contract and must pay the cancellation cost. Even though she has been paying since 2015 monthly with continuous issues.

How can a big corporation be allowed to manipulate, lie and STEAL from the elderly and handicapped citizens of our State of California? Is there any assistance out there who can make this right?

Jul 20, 2016

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