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I entered into an agreement with Dish; it turned out to be a useless contract as it was NOT bilateral. They raised prices, cut channels, discontinued service to CNN I wanted then frivolously blamed CNN. That is, as a person providing judicial services for 17 years I was patient and understanding but found this vendor to be unreliable and otherwise underhanded. Then came the amazing event.
We had a storm in Texas. A few hours later our TV System went out (all TV's). I called Dish and when they asked me to pay them $100 Service Fee to repair their defects I politely refused and asked out account be cancelled. Last week they decided to send the technician and repair the problem. They installed our Dish 5 steps onto the roof at the Chimney. The Tech went up and said its easy to fix, this part went out and he has one but must call his boss because they are not allowed to step foot on the roof (where he was). He called and they refused, noting the part that went bad was not to be put outside behind the Dish it was supposed to in the attic where their wiring was located. So Dish refused to repair the system and refused to take their receivers which I could not use since the system did not work. Then his boss told him to put another Dish in front of my WIFE'S Garden Patio on a 5 foot pole and string the loose cable a hundred feet up into our attic. Yah Right! Are you nuts? The technician advised his Boss I had way too many trees and when they bloom in a month they will completely block the signal. In Texas we call this a Deceptive Trade Practice Claim, which entitles the consumer to compensatory costs and treble damages. My friends at Dish will find all the exculpatory language in their contracts stopping people from suing them will not stop a DTPA claim as to do is against public Policy. That's sort of like having an agreement to hurt someone, since it's illegal to hurt someone you cannot have contract that allows that! So beware, DISH TV is trying to mount the Satellite TV Antenna's on your walls and that can damage the framing but you won't see it ( the anchor splits the stud inside the wall cavity) or they are trying to stick the Dish on the edge of your roof where they install it from their ladder; another bad idea for several reasons. And if they installed a Dish on your roof they refuse to fix it and you should not let them put in an ugly pole to stick the thing at shoulder height. They would not bring in equipment to trench a ditch and bury the cable at our house as they insisted on stretching the wiring to our attic (Nonsense).

Mar 15, 2016

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