Dish Networkdishonest customer service

We’ve only had Dish for 2 months of our 2 year contract. Problems started from Day 1 when the installer slid our TV stand across the wood floor leaving deep scratches. The two room DVR is a joke! If one unit is recording with someone watching it, it forces the other unit to change channels. We switched to two separate DVRs. Seems like the two room DVR is a bait-and-switch to get you signed-up for a 2nd physical DVR.

After installing the 2nd physical DVR, it broke within a week and we contacted Dish for a replacement. They said they would mail us a box for the DVR to be returned. The box never arrived and the installer took the broken unit with him. We called Dish several times to verify that they received the broken unit. Dish confirmed receipt and then billed us as if the unit was not returned. It took several calls to get this straightened out.

Calling Dish about bill corrections always requires a follow-up the next day to make sure what was promised actually shows up on the balance due. More often than not, Dish does follow through with their promise to credit our account. For quality assurance purposes, we have resorted to recording every call made to Dish Network.

When I called Dish to check the status of our account, I was told that since I was not the account holder they could not talk with me. My wife set-up the account and was identified by Dish as the account holder. I had to ask her to call Dish and add me to account holder list. This was just plain dumb on Dish’s part and obviously used as an excuse to not deal with a problem. I let Dish know that I was the bread winner and that keeping me happy was all they needed to keep our family’s business. They sure screwed-up that point in Business 101.

Currently, we have vented our frustration to Dish’s customer service (remember, we’ve only been with them for 2 months) and they have agreed to let us out of our contract. We plan to get Directv and hope the experience is somewhat better.

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