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Dish Network / terrible experience

1 Littleton, CO, United States
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I saw an advertising from Dishnetwork on American's Top 100 channels for 29.99 per month and decided to sign up online at . There was a one time fee for 49.99 and there was no contract or committment whatsoever mentioned in the sign up application online. The fee of 44.99 was withdrawn immediately from my bank account.

I called Dishnetwork to verify the plan and installation schedule I signed up online. I was told by a lady representative that 49.99 fee is for non-contract plan (month to month service) and I got a date scheduled for installation.

On the next Wednesday, two technicians came by installed a dish, hooked up a TV and tested, and show me how to use the control. Everything worked fine. One of the tech then ask me to sign the paper stating he did the installation, the TV got service, and that I agree to a 18 months commitment. I told him that I do not want any contract and that I paid 49.99 for non-contract plan. He insisted that it's his part of his job to get the paper signed. So I had to sign it, thinking that I could call Dishnetwork and ask them about it later.

Two days later I did not like the service so I called Dishnetwork and closed my account. I spoke to an account specialist who told me that my account is now closed, without mentioning anything about cancellation fee.

The next day I checked my bank and there it was 190.00 was charged for cancellation fee. I called Dishnetwork and asked about it. I was told that because I signed an 18 months contract and I terminated the service early I was charged 240.00 (49.99 one time fee + 190.00 second one time fee). What is going on here? I paid 49.99 for no contract and now paid 240.00 for breaking the contract? It does not make any sense.

I expressed my opinion with a Dishnetwork rep. He told me that he could remove the 240.00 cancellation fee if I re-open my account. Not wanting to pay so much money for 2 days of TV service, I agreed and re-opened my account. He also told me that the cancellation fee will be credited to my account in 48 hours.

I waited a few days and check my bank account. Nothing showed up. So I called Dishnetwork again and asked about it. I spoke to a different rep. He told me that I did not see any refund on his computer either. He then set up the credit refund again and told me to wait another 48 hours. Three days later, my bank account still did not show the refund. So I called Dishnetwork again.

This time I talked to a lady. I explained the situation to her. She took a while and investigated it. She told me that the request for refund was denied and this time she would get someone to permit it, and also told me to wait 48 hours. One week later nothing showed up in my bank account.

I called Dishnetwork again to ask about it. The rep took awhile and he told me that my account was already credited. I told him that nothing showed on my bank account. He said the refund was credited to my Dishnetwork account, not to the bank account that the money was withdrawn from. He asked if I wanted to use that refund to pay for the monthly charges. I then asked about the balance. He told me that for two month service the bill was 83.00 (they charge one month in advance). I told him that my month plan is only 29.99 and two months would cost around 60.00. I was told that because I did not connect my home phone to the Dishnetwork receiver, I have to pay 5.99 more per month. What? Nobody from Dishnetwork has ever told me that, not the installation gys, not the sale reps, not the account specialist -- nobody! I have not slightest idea that I have to connect my home phone line to the receiver or else I will be charged extra every month.

I am very angry and disappointed at Dishnetwork for poor service, misleading advertising, and terribly conducting business. I am willing to tolerate the TV service (100 channels and there is nothing to watch, not even local news), but I cannot stand Dishnetwork hidden fees and hidden policy.

On behalf of myself as a Dishnetwork victim and other people out there who have had terrible experience with Dishnetwork, I strongly suggest that you should look elsewhere for TV service. And if Disknetwork is your only choice, you must be extremely careful when sign up. Make sure that you clearly read and ask everything you could think of before agreeing to anything with Dishnetwork.

I will terminate Dishnetwork service, close the account, pay the 240.00 cancellation fee, and NEVER want to deal with Dishnetwork EVER again.


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