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Dish Network / no rebate as advertised

1 Crestline, CA, United States Review updated:

I went on line to see about dish tv service and they had an ad running that said 9.99 a month for 100 chanels with a $300.00 dollar rebate for your food and gas for the next three months. It also said free stars movic channel for one year for one penny and up to 4 tvs for free. When I went to get my rebate they said go to this web site and you will get it that you qulify. I went to the web site that they told me to go to and it said that to get my rebate I had to order silver or above. It never said anything in the add about this. Also now they are chaging me for stars they said I had to auto bill pay to recive this. Another thing that was not in their add. I paid my penny for the year free but I am still charged $5.00 a month for the service that I was suppose to get for a year for a penny. They also are charging me for a dvr that I did not get and a second tv witch was supose to be free. On top of all of that they are charging me for local channels that I do not recive and out of the 100 channels that I got for the 9.99 pluse a month which was only suppose to be 9.99 half are food channles or shopping chanles there is nothing to watch but the paid channels. To top it all off when I called them back and asked for my rebate they told me that they where not responsable for the add that a marketing company was doing it for them. I tell you this if you advertise something in your name and then tell me your not responsable for it it is fraud. Also in the add it did not say anthing about a two year contract. But after they came and spent two hours installing a dish on my house and setting up my service the last thing they made me sign is a two year contract. Now I don't want there service any more I can get a better deal with cable for less money with real channles that I will watch. What can I do?

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      2nd of Sep, 2010
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    I have had almost the exact thing happen to me. I called this dish service company online for the $9.99 deal for six months +.01 penny for a year for cinemax. I was told that I too would receive $300.00 in food or gas card. During my conversation with this company representing Dish I ask some specific questions: Like, are there any other charges that I don't know about? What will be my actual bill for the first 6 months, and after that? I wanted dollars and cents and I wanted exact. I explained that I am on a tight budget and was allocating funds for this Dish. When they came to my home to install the dish I was told that to get the movie channel for a penny I had to have bill pay; thus giving them access to my bank account. I even had to sign a 2 year contract with them. Believing that people tell the truth, I gave them what they asked for.
    One and a half years later, endless phone calls, pulling of hair I have gotten nothing promised me at all. When I never got the $300.00-Dish laughed at me and said " Do you really think we'd give you$300.00 to join Dish?" The other company that is representing Dish said that they never had a promotion like that during the months I got Dish. My Bill Pay from Dish was always over $50.00 or $60.00 dollars a month. That's roughly $40.00 or so dollars over what I was told. Not to mention all the other charges they have put on me. I have told Dish on several occasions to come and get there Dish and there DVR's etc before I stick it someplace where the sun doesn't sine. They informed me that they have access to my checking account and they will charge me over $200.00 + for canceling my contract. This was 3 months ago. I have thus stopped Auto pay and am considering canceling Dish anyway. If they charge me $200.00 it's still cheaper than the Dish itself. Besides, your right, it's all shopping networks, ppv, infomercials and a whole lotta crap. I was wondering- Since I made a contract with a company Dish says does not represent them and they do not have to go along with what they promote. Than my contract is not with Dish but with a fraudulent online company misrepresenting the Dish Network. I know that's bull, but I'm willing to try it at this point.
    Dish and all these other companies when they knowingly misrepresent themselves are guilty of fraud, and theft. Last time I looked at the law books, these things are illegal and punishable.
    DO THE CRIME-DO THE TIME. In my case I believe I deserve a refund from Dish, and monies from their so called non representative online company. Anyway, thats my story so far on this Dish Mess. They lie, they cheat, they steal, than they laugh and humiliate you while they talk down to you as if your head was full of dust.
    Sorry for the ranting-=this was=-is my first written complaint on this sight.

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