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Dish Network / local channels access canceled

1 Charlottesville, VA, United States

We have been customers of Dish Network for approximately 3 years and until this past Friday, have been satisifed with Dish Network although package options have definite room for improvement. Dish Network is also pleased with us being a very good customer.

Our problem began when I contacted Dish Network to submit a move transfer to our new address. First, move transfers have to be submitted within 30 days of relocation. I submitted our transfer request and was informed that our new location did not qualify for local networks. My husband and I were not happy with this bit of news but after researching we decided we would be able to add a separate outdoor antennae for the local channels. Our transfer to new address was scheduled for August 28, 27 days from date of transfer request. Upon arriving home later on Friday, August 1, we discovered we had no local channels. I contacted Dish Network support and I was surprised when the automated system identified our home phone number to the new street address located in another area with a difference area code. At the prompt, I stated "No" for "Is this the correct phone number?" and was put on hold for next available technician. After explaining problem, the tech put me on hold where I remained for approximately 5 minutes. The tech confirmed with the supervisor the most absurd explanation I have ever heard. Because we had submitted our transfer request to our new location that does NOT have local channel service, which once again, the transfer does not take place for another 27 days, Dish Network canceled our existing local channel service at our current address. They could provide no logical explanation other than the new address for the upcoming transfer is keyed into the system and the system then recognizes there is no local channel service at the new address and in turn turns off the feature, meaning we can not receive local channel service at our current address. In order to reactivate local channel service at our existing address we would have to cancel our transfer request. The huge downside to this option is we would have to wait until the actual move to schedule the transfer and then be at THEIR mercy to available days for installation at the new address. We wanted to schedule ahead to insure we could have the work completed just prior to our big move day, the one day we would be able to be there. We have planned to take 2 days for a five-day long holiday weekend to get everything done (phones, DSL, water/gas/electric/and cable.)

We are really pissed about this and made it very clear to Dish Network that if we call back to reschedule the transfer and we can not get OUR preferred installation then they will be losing another GOOD customer.

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