Dish Network / charged for returned equipment

Kalispell, MT, United States

Summer 2013 I used my credit card so my daughter could get hooked up with DISH, guy told me ONE TIME CHARGE on card. June or July 2013 my credit card get's billed $297.50 & $750.00-WTF!! Im on the blower making no headway, so I cancell DISH-get equipment return box's from them & sent it back-FEDEX or UPS. Called my credit union Card Services & disputed the charges, on August 30, 2013 my dispute was resolved in my favor-great I got justice! On 2014 Dish throw's me under the bus for a debt I dont owe - then [protected] my credit rating take's a hit so I get my report from Experian and guess what?In December 2014 Dish turn's me into STELLAR RECOVERY INC. KALISPELL, MT 59901, for a $609.00 debt. So check this out they get their stuff back in box's they sent & labeled-they try to screw me via my credit card for $297.50 & $750.00 then they think Im gona toss out $609.00 to these ####'s for ZIP. Plus they are screwing up my one time great credit rating. Where's the justice???? My dispute was done by Pat Zinzi-Security Specialist--Card Services-[protected] x562 Letter received October 21, 2013 Thanks Alan G. Winquist

Jan 26, 2017

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