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I was charged for two months on my first bill, which stated this was a one-time issue, and that all future charges would occur each month. However, in May I had two months deducted from my credit card account again...then had another charge to my account in June. WHY AM I BEING DOUBLE-BILLED AGAIN, AFTER BEING ASSURED THAT THIS WAS ONLY A ONE-TIME ISSUE?? THEN HAVING CHARGES DEDUCTED FROM MY ACCOUNT AGAIN FOR JUNE??? I've never been credited for the $90.00 in cash that I paid to the outside-contractors that installed my equipment...the first installer arrived with only one receiver and no HD cable (stating this was our responsibility, which was NEVER communicated to us prior to this time...he told me to not tell anyone that he was leaving the installation "as is", as this would get him into trouble, ) and also told me that I must pay $50.00 to have a second dish installed on the cottage on our property, since the buildings were too far apart (I had made it clear to the rep that we may require an additional dish for this reason, and paid a deposit up front for this second dish...the installer only brought ONE with him, so was not equipped to do the installation as ordered, requiring me to be home for a second installer the following day, which was EXTREMELY inconvenient!!) When the second installer showed up the next day, he also told me that Dish Network required an additional $100.00 for the second dish!! I told him to forget it, and that I'd like to have my original $50.00 that I had paid to the first installer returned. He offered to sell me one of "his own dishes", which he had in his van, for $40.00, which I agreed to, but neither work order reflects the cash transactions!! (I was told by the representatives that the installers had me speak with on their cell phones that they did not have access to my billing information, so could not charge my credit card...I am set up on an "auto pay" program, so still do not understand why all people I spoke with and saw were wearing the Dish Network logo, driving vans with Dish Network logos on the side, and the reps over the phone told me they represented Dish Network.) Since this is the case, I expect Dish Network to resolve this issue immediately, or I will seek legal retribution...also, I paid $318.00 as a deposit for ALL equipment, even though I was supposed to receive TWO receivers for free (as advertised on the website)...I had to pay for the second receiver (as it was not HD like the other one), AND had to pay these additional cash fees for the additional dish. This was NOT represented to me by the person taking my order over the phone, and would appear to be a fraudulent practice.<br />
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Two weeks later, I received a letter stating that due to my poor credit history, I was no longer eligible for any of the specials I had signed up for at the time I placed my order...however, this is why I was required to pay the $318.00 deposit, as well as being required to be set up as an "auto pay" customer. Unfortunately, this "auto pay" system is taking liberties with my money, which is unauthorized and illegal.<br />
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I expect to see credits made to my account immediately. I am also reporting Dish Network to a Complaints website, as I have noted that there are hundreds more people like me that are very dissatisfied with the "bait and switch" tactics and over-charging that is taking place. For Dish Network to respond with forwarding information of the retailer that is in my area is NOT acceptable...I began placing my order by going to the Dish Network's main website. If I was forwarded to a retailer/outside contractor, it was without my knowledge, and they are not supporting the advertised services that Dish Network publishes on their corporate website.<br />
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VERY, VERY BAD FORM, DISH NETWORK...I suggest you contact your retailers and the outside contractors you have representing your logo, as they are conducting fraudulent practices, and I will take this to court if necessary.<br />
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Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter. Please note, this is the third attempt to have these issues resolved, and there will be NO MORE opportunities for Dish Network to refund my money...that will be a court-0rder if I am not satisfied within the next billing cycle.

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  • Da
      May 12, 2011

    There is no bait and switch. Sounds like you didn't pass the credit check and the equipment is NOT Free and you'll need to pay for any work that is performed above the scope of the standard installaton.

    Instead of posting your ramblings here, why don't you contact customer service and write a letter to them, as the address is on your bill.

    It would be better you just pay the addtiional charges, then waste your time suing them, because you will not get anyting accomplished.

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